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Manual for the beginner in the HYIP industry

If you can learn to practice the basic secrets of working with high-yield investment program, you will be able to significantly increase the chance of polozhitelnyyiskhod in the game. We collected the errors that are most common among novice investors. And so, a few things that need to pay attention, if you choose to work with HYIPs.

1.Planning. It is not uncommon to meet already experienced investors, who often win, but one cannot say that there is a lot of money in their accounts, on the contrary, they are even in the red. This is not due to the wrong choice of the project, they just can not competently manage their capital. Creating your own budget planning system is not that difficult. First you need to transfer all the important points for each project into a single form (you can use Excel). Now you can constantly record your main actions and at the same time analyze the statistics of each HYIP. And only then, after some analysis, you will be able to understand where the funds need to be invested more, and much less, in order to quickly beat off the profit and not burn out.

2. Diversification. Experienced investors in HYIP projects know that it is absolutely impossible to invest money in one project. HYIPs are an extremely unreliable investment, it can work for years, and can close in just a few hours. Therefore, in order to minimize possible losses, it is necessary to organize a portfolio of at least several HYIPs, and only then begin to invest. Also, do not forget to know in advance about the reviews, i.e. If you need to see if a HYIP is paying or not, it will be enough to visit specialized forums, and only then you can start creating a portfolio.

3. Do not overdo it. Remember that online investing is an activity that, like Forex, can drag you out and you can’t stop until you stop without a penny. Do not forget that investing in HYIPs is a very dangerous type of investment and you cannot lose your head.

4. Gained a profit, stop. Many investors, after they have received good money, begin to invest it indifferently in various projects. It is worth staying here and think carefully and if necessary revise your investment plan. Sometimes it is best to take a break or stop altogether and, if necessary, withdraw all the money from some HYIPs.

5. There is such a thing as an investment cycle - this is the period for which your investments must fight back and you will begin to make a profit. But there are cases when these dates do not coincide with the established plans. Therefore, before making a contribution, you can calculate, according to the plan, whether you can recoup money for the period indicated on the project. Try not to choose projects with very long plans, during which it is impossible to withdraw a deposit ahead of time. This applies to short-term plans, the so-called Fast HYIPs. Such projects are created for quick earning of the HYIP administration and its quick collapse. Although some experienced investors manage to make good money on such projects, you still should not even try, since they live from a few hours to several days. Then they are safely sent to Scam.

And so, if you are a beginner, then you need to choose HYIPs with moderate plans and not short terms. It is necessary to invest in HYIP after a little observation, and it is necessary to leave it just in time, after making a profit. Since it is very likely that the project will not complete the second round.

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