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18.10.2013g - Project Overview

18.10You may not agree with me, but it is always psychologically easier for me to invest my funds in projects with official documents and open firms / companies / individual entrepreneurs / LLC. Whatever one may say, an administrator who approaches the project legend so thoughtfully, invests in it and bothers with such a "wrapper" offline, by definition, must have the appropriate experience and skills. And usually such administrators come for a relatively long time - since now, due to investors' distrust of online investment, the trend in the industry is to work offline. In real life, it is much easier to find new partners - the market is larger, and the people are less experienced. I would like to draw your attention to an interesting middle manager, which stands out from the mass of middle percentages precisely by its execution ...

Legend of the project not super-mega-original - trading on the stock market ... but a really open LLC and detailed content on the site makes you take a closer look. The admin thought over the history of the company in some detail, it's nice to see its "confusion". True, information about fake photos of the company's employees surfaced on the forum, like the administrator took photos of left-wing people - I don't know about you, but it never bothers me. It would be much more surprising to see here a real team of brutally professional economists with a ton of graphs and formulas. With experience, I stopped believing in fairy tales and looking for a really working company that consistently brings 30-40% of income per month - therefore I was not upset. Still, the admin opened a real company for the project and is going to open offices in Russia - this news alone means a lot, the project is serious.

Design The site of the company is unique, I can’t say that I am delighted with it - but it is made at a good average level, especially I personally liked the background and banners.

Tehchast the project is executed just fine: a licensed H-script, a dedicated server, SSL from GeoTrust, a greenbar on 2, protection from DDoS attacks. All at a powerful level - Respect admin.

Plans - very interesting for the investor, there is a short time as we all love. Reinvestment and deposit replenishment are available. Return of the deposit body at the end of terms.

1% daily 10 working days
Minimum $ 15 Maximum - $ 10.000

1,3% daily 25 working days
Minimum $ 50 Maximum - $ 50.000

1,8% daily 40 working days
Minimum $ 100 Maximum - $ 100.000

Short plans allow you to "ride" with reduced risk.

Reflection Commission - 5%

Summarizing written - the project is really interesting and well made. The legal base and the powerful technical part are especially captivating - everything is on the level, everything is solid. Of course, much depends on the desire of the administrator to work - but it is clear that the potential of the project is good. We added it to the section "We risk our own."

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