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News HYIP-industry (23.03-29.03.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
There is another weekly news broadcast on the air with a review of significant events that have occurred in the hyip industry market over the past 7 days. Traditionally, we will start the release with new products and continue with its standard sections, in which we touch upon projects that have completed their work and consider updates on existing investment sites. Actually, there are much more offers for investing; you don’t cover everything, therefore we will broadcast about the main thing in the opinion of the blog. Subscribe to the channel, participate in the bounty-program, for all questions write in PM or in the comments.

New projects: is a newly minted middleman that launched earlier this week, starting with our blog. Visually and technically, the project does not claim to be TOP, nevertheless, with a competent approach, it is quite possible to implement high-quality work. Marketing consists of 4 plans with daily charges from 1% to 2.3% for 15-120 calendar days. The interest rate and investment period depend on the amount invested. The minimum deposit is $ 30, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. The BlitzScript engine was chosen as the basis of the functional part, the CloudFlare company is engaged in DDoS protection and encryption of user data. You can make a deposit in any amount using the three most popular payment systems on the market. The admin started with a quiet PR campaign, the popularity is low, we are starting to cooperate within the framework of the basic advertising package. is an interesting investment project based on a self-written script with long-term marketing, where your investments can bring income up to 5 years. The developers invite potential investors to participate in the development of the hemp business legally. A total of 4 tariffs are offered, the shortest for 90 days with a yield of 35% to 65% for the term, minimum wage - 50 €, return of the deposit and profit at the end of the term. For all other plans, the minimum contribution is available from 2000 € for a period of 3 to 5 years, the frequency of accruals is every 3-6 months. Deposits are accepted through European banks, as well as in BTC and ETH at the euro exchange rate. In the CIS market, and even more so among the HYIP community, no one knows about the project, you will find it only on our blog. In the near future we will prepare a detailed review, stay tuned. is an interesting newcomer to the market with good visuals and a smooth start. Marketing is made up of 4 investment plans, where it is worth taking a closer look at only the first offer with 1.5% charges on weekdays within 12 working days. The minimum deposit is from $ 20, payments - from $ 1. Technically, the project is poorly assembled, based on a script from H-script (it seems like without a license), the domain was registered a year ago for 2 years, DDoS protection from Cloudns, ssl from Sectigo for a period of 3 months. An extensive list of payment systems is available for investment. There are bonuses for registration, bounty and reinvestment. Attention is attracted by quiet promotion, it may well give a profit for a short plan, let's see the development.

bench: - 29 days, given the specifics of marketing, worked terribly. The admin turned out to be a good storyteller, praised himself and spoke beautifully about prospects and long development. After such songs, even the placement of the banner on the site was paid to him from personal funds. As you can see, the admin is balabol and quick camera. By the way, I have already launched a new toy money-birds_biz, go around it. We have paid compensation to our partners, check it out. - 2 months of stable profit with a high charge rate of up to 3% per day. The project was posted on the blog for almost 50 days and brought our partners about 120% of net profit. Without being greedy, it was possible for a long time to double the investments and fix the income. The admin worked smartly even during the financial crisis, we are looking forward to new projects from him.

Events: - remind you that for safety from hacking and saving funds on the site, you can use one of 5 protection methods or activate several at once: confirmation by E-mail or SMS, two-factor authentication, setting a payment password and restricting IP access. Also, especially for those who, for whatever reason, could not get acquainted with the video interview from the General Director Janis Latsis, a text version of comprehensive answers to important questions was prepared. - in connection with the events taking place all over the world, the company's employees were transferred to remote work, while the work of the data centers continues to function normally. The company still assumes responsibility for the stable operation and preservation of your funds and is ready for any changes in the development of the market. Additional capacities will be used if necessary. - changed the percentage of the bonus in the "Race of Leaders" section, making it the same for the 7, 30 and 365 days categories. The earnings bonus for leaders is 10% -7% -5% -3% -1%. All unnecessary elements were removed from the main page of the online resource and blocks for quick registration, the latest replenishment and payments were added. We also expanded the project chat functionality, improved the loading speed, added many new emoticons and much more. - launched a new investment product HexBank, 20% of which is owned by HexLand. In total, 20000 shares with a par value of $ 50 each were launched into the public domain. To become a co-founder, you need to purchase at least 20 shares, after which you will receive 2% of the amount daily + 0.04% of each new purchase in the project for 365+ days. Also, HexBank has opened a short-term deposit program with a yield of 1.9% and 2.2% per day for 15 and 36 calendar days. In the first option, the body of the deposit is returned at the end of the term, in the second tariff, in addition to the percentage of profit, a part of the deposit is charged in the amount of 2.77% per day. At the moment, a series of webinars dedicated to the opening of a new bank, platform improvements and upcoming events have already been launched. Also, in the coming month, everyone will have access to an application for mobile devices based on ios and Android. - the results of the fourth week within the "Top partners" bonus program have been announced. In addition, all the information on the site is now provided in Chinese as well, with the development of new versions of the translation will gradually appear. - launched their first promotion, according to which the cost of capacity for each algorithm is reduced by 5%. A good moment for those who were going to enter the project, because for the same amount you can now buy more hashrate. Hurry up, the time of the action is limited.

News of the website:

1) In the next 3 months on the Profit Hunters blog, new spring promotions will be available for each of our users:

- Spring insurance auctions (during the draw in the telegram chat, order a deposit for a larger amount and get a fixed insurance);
- Doubled refbacks on the blog (every fifth request for refbek in the general queue will be doubled);
- Secret promotions (subscribe to the telegram channel, invest on the blog links and get 3 secret gifts this spring).

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 23.03.20, under protection - until 09.04.20). (On the site - from 25.03.20/05.04.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On ​​the site - from 27.03.20/01.08.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX).

3) published a draft review:

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 40% of losses paid (more than $ 300).
* Bounty participants have 75% loss closed. - 70% of losses paid (more than $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 100% loss closed. - 25% of losses paid (more than $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed.

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