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Announcement The Most Club Club (14.03-20.03)

Good day, dear partners!

Week in the Club turned out quite active: we continue to earn in the field of sports betting, develop a sporting direction. It is very pleasant to see in practice that you can earn in the right approach in many niches. We also want to note with gratitude the activity of our subscribers. Let's talk about everything in order ...


Today, the Club ...

List TheMostHYIPs This week, replenished one promising middling, there is an iron insayd. Now in the section there are 7 projects, which please us with a stable profit. The general trend remains the same - there are a lot of projects, administrators launch new beautiful sites - it is unclear what they hope for in the conditions of a recession of investor activity, the giants' bench and fierce competition. Several TOP projects are also working on the finish line ... In such conditions, investors have to be especially cautious. We constantly monitor the market and advise each subscriber personally on any issues in the HYIP industry. Join us.


In section Offline Schemes our partner, the owner of the blog - Anton Prokopenko, published a long article with personal experience of organizing an IT business from scratch. The material turned out to be very lively and interesting. "Business from scratch starts with friends" - the name itself says a lot. Many thanks to Anton - the Club was originally conceived as a platform for the exchange of experience between adequate people, and we are very pleased to see the activity from a partner that is extremely useful for the entire community. Our respect and respect.


В Must Secrets Added exhaustive material on the proper use of bank cards. The relevance of the article is difficult to overestimate - every modern person constantly uses plastic. We explained in detail how to do this in the most efficient and profitable way.


В betting Chat we note excellent activity - thank you to the initiative members of the Club. Organized automatic mailing of forecasts to the mail of our partners - now each of our subscribers can get free forecasts of four cappers. The usual cost of their subscription is from 49 $ to 199 $ per month each.

Concerning the results - most of our subscribers recorded a profit this week according to forecasts. This is very pleasing to us, it is diversification and a decent income in different topics - our main priority and goal.

Let's go to the sports reports. Our tennis capper spent quite a drowsy week - just 8 bets, though with an excellent result)

Fix a pleasant profit + 1191 $ for the week.

Eventually, Since the beginning of announcements on betting - we have in our work bank 13037 $ (+ 3537 $)


Very soon:

In haypahs, as we have already said, the situation is complicated, investors are advised to be as cautious as possible. We continue consultations, with the addition of new projects we will not hurry.

In betting we will continue to work on tennis capper and betting with partners in a general subscription. We consider this direction to be very promising, unlike HYIPs - the niche is legal and with the right strategy and bankroll management - there is less variance and risks in it.

In the sphere of bekings this week, Vlad will publish the second part of the practical material, we will test the niche.

Join the Club and earn with us!

3 reviews for "Announcement of The Most Club Club (14.03-20.03)"

  1. avatar photos Konstan:

    I join Evgeny's words, the majority of your site's audience is most interested in HYIP projects ... Therefore, it would be nice to organize access for less than $ 50 price access only to MostHYIPs ...

  2. avatar photos bona:

    Good afternoon. Thanks for the feedback, in the near future we do not plan to enter test scans and trial packs.

  3. avatar photos Eugene:

    The idea with the club is very interesting, but the prices ... in principle, the price should be normal, if you give quality material. But still, yours is clearly not small. Don't you think to do some kind of partial viewing of information, different access packages? I think this is correct, that is, access exclusively to the HYIP INFE, etc. At this stage, I am only interested in the HYIP section most of all, but I consider it a bit too much to pay only 50 dollars a month for this.