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News HYIP-industry (08.01-16.01.2018)

I welcome you dear partners!
In today's news digest, similar to the results of the past week, during which there were a lot of events in the field of hyip-investing, which we would like to notify you as part of the current review. The industry is gradually reviving after the holidays, the investment portfolio of the portal has significantly replenished from high-quality new products, with which we will definitely have time to share with you. However, as the saying goes: “the family has its black sheep” - this is actually about recent scams. Continue to visit the portal to always be aware of the latest developments not only in the field of HYIPs, but also in the cryptocurrency environment.

New projects: is a new bright representative of "mid-hype" with a well-prepared storyline. The project is designed on the portal in a premium format from the start, has good external and technical characteristics and is Australian registered. For large investors, it is possible to conclude an agreement. Marketing is designed for 20-100 working days with charges from 0.8% to 1.2%, no interest is charged on weekends. The minimum deposit is from $ 20. The development of the project is gradually gaining momentum, has already been added by many and bloggers and is becoming popular on the network. - one of the first and best projects of the current week and of course already on our portal in the context of VIP-listing + added personal funds for the deposit. The project belongs to the category of middlemen, immediately interested investors and quite actively in demand. Marketing is made up of four work plans with a deposit included in payments (6% -9% for 28-14 days) and one plan with a one-time refund of 110% in 7 days. Technically, the resource is designed in a script, the site is located on a dedicated server and is protected by Ddos-Guard, ssl-encryption from Comodo. Be sure to take a closer look at the site and choose the appropriate fare for yourself, we recommend. - we took on the portal an interesting average percentage on a self-written script, the investment program of which is represented by three plans with a gradation in amount and terms from 35 to 40 days, where charges are made every day from 3% to 4%. The minimum allowed to make a contribution of $ 10, for each tariff, the body of the deposit is included in payments. A wide range of payment systems will help you make a choice, and we, in turn, are ready to provide financial support under the "Deposit Protection" program from the portal. See our full project overview for even more details.

bench: - 4 days, the project did not go at all. If someone managed to cheat in connection with the possibility of early withdrawal of a deposit with a commission, then the rest of the participants received losses. The admin turned out to be a fast camera, there are no payments, the site does not open. Our partners, as often happens on Profit-Hunters, received a full refund to breakeven and a consolation bonus from the portal. - 33 days, of which 21 days on the portal. Considering the piggy bank marketing and the ability to withdraw your deposit any day, you understand that there was enough time to fix the profit. In any case, someone managed to jump out, and for those who are caught, they will be paid compensation from the portal (meaning only our referrals). We are waiting for your applications in the form within two days, then we will check, calculate the total losses and make payments., - they never woke up after the holidays. If the first one was still away from drinking for several days, they even managed to transfer him to the work section, because the administration announced the resumption of work + payments went to investors, but not for long. According to the administrator, the number of applications for payments exceeded the amount of new receipts 10 times, then everything is clear. The second project could not be remembered, it did not recover within the promised time frame. - 25 days, a similar situation, the project did not leave the holidays within the stated timeframe. Actually, the admin himself announced a scam, since the bulk of the funds in bitcoins were stuck in the network and even after 3-4 weeks the transactions did not reach. In general, there is nothing to pay, the project is bankrupt, i.e. scam.

Events: - the project is developing very well, all tariff plans have successfully shown themselves at a distance. Our partners also went through one small circle from the moment they were posted on the portal and earned 16.5% profit. We continue to participate and observe the work of the investment fund. The administration added a video presentation for the English and Russian versions of the site to the main page. - added transparent statistics of all investment processes of the fund, displaying the latest deposits / payments, the best partners and investors. We also prepared a Russian-language video presentation of the project and implemented two-factor authentication to protect accounts. - opened a new direction of the platform - "distributed lending in cryptocurrency", which is the issuance of microloans to users in bitcoins and ethereums. There is a separate video about this from the head of the company on the project website. Also, the project will very soon celebrate a year of development in the network, therefore, for all new deposits with the insurance option made from 10.01.18/20.01.18/5 to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX, half of the first insurance will be a gift, i.e. only XNUMX% of the invested amount. - working to improve platform performance and hardware optimization. In addition, we moved to a new server with an increased margin of power, which may have caused some users to experience difficulties when working with the site. - summed up the results of the trading period for July-December 2017, which for the first time in the entire period of operation of the remote control brought a negative profitability of -26.74%. In this regard, the administration describes in more detail in the news section on the site, be sure to read the information, because the amount of deposits on the account before January 20, 2018 can be reduced in the corresponding order, and ways to restore the original amount are also presented. is one of the few resources that has returned after the New Year holidays. Charges for all tariffs are fully activated, investors continue to receive their payments steadily. In addition, the administration has prepared a new group of plans, see review. - due to high commissions and long transactions, the withdrawal of funds to Bitcoin was suspended, instead it is proposed to choose AdvCash, Payeer or PerfectMoney. Acceptance of deposits in BTC is still open. In the process of investing, carefully look at the current tariffs, because daily payments are not present everywhere, in the review it is written in detail about this. Also pay attention to the status of the admin on the network (upper right corner). Withdrawal of funds will be quick if the admin is online (green indicator), otherwise you will have to rely on the regulations. - each user is assigned an ID, now internal transfers can be made through the participant's ID. They continue to conduct webinars, presentations in cities are planned, and much more.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 08.01.18, under protection - up to 15.02.18). (On the site - with 08.01.18, under protection - up to 12.02.18). (On the site - with 08.01.18, under protection - up to 12.02.18). (On ​​the site - with 09.01.18, under protection - up to 25.01.18). (On ​​the site - with 11.01.18, under protection - up to 05.02.18). (On the site - with 11.01.18, under protection - up to 15.02.18). (On the site - with 11.01.18, under protection - up to 11.02.18). (On the site - with 14.01.18, under protection - up to 28.01.18). (On the site - with 16.01.18, under protection - up to 03.02.18).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) Articles on crypto-currency topics are published:

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5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 110% loss (more than 500 $).

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