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Announcement The Most Club Club (11.04-24.04)

Hello, dear investors and partners.

As we said, the high-yield investment market is cyclical, and there is always a white band behind a decrease in activity / drawdowns. According to our estimates, investment activity is now growing. Many top admins prepare high-quality projects in which you can and should earn money. Unfortunately, against the background of the rise in HYIPs, we have to fix the drawdown in betting. Let's talk about everything in order ...

2 added a new excellent project with an insider to the list TheMostHYIPs. Serious admins wake up, and we will definitely expand our portfolio. For 2 weeks - not a single bench, all 9 list projects are pleased with a stable profit. Moreover, several projects are expected from top administrators, which are currently under development. We will keep you informed.

Still from the news section - made a second Skype chat on interests, a chat for the Hyper. In it we share insider "not for everyone", we analyze projects, we answer all questions of respected subscribers. Now it's a little easier to work with the Club)

In section Betting There is, as they say, good and bad news. Let's start with a good one. Anton Prokopenko (owner of the blog agreed to become a partner of the Club, and now officially oversees the direction of sports betting. Thank him very much, very glad to see in our team such an adequate professional with a system of analytical thinking (which is very important in the rates). We are confident that the direction of sports bets will receive a new impulse and together with Anton we will form a qualitative and profitable portfolio of capers.

The bad news is content with subjective - the forecaster raised the highs on the rates and flew into a tight tailspin, fairly losing the profit "stuffed" from the beginning of the year. I'm glad that the professional does not lose his head and does not rush to recoup - but it's not very consoling. Here are the results:

At the beginning of the week, the tennis capper raised the amount for us from 540 $ to 800 $. The first week could be closed in a slight plus: 7 rates and + 120 $...


... But on the second week, 7 out of 8 bets missed, 1 bet is a return. Perceptible hard drawdown on -4800 $

In the amount for the period 15 rates and -4680 $

As a result, From the beginning of announcements on betting - we have in our work bank 11235 $ (+ 1735 $)

There can be only one conclusion from such a situation - the law of diversification is universal, relevant in sports betting too. If we kept the bank in several large capers, the drawdown of the bank would not be so significant. But we have what we have, with faith in the professionalism of the forecaster working further.

Finally launched Club hotline, Now every partner or person interested in earning can call to 8-800-350-11-31 for free and we will answer all your questions.

Next week we will organize a traditional drawing of prizes from the Club - do not miss the chance to become a little richer without making an effort)

Join now and start earning with us!

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