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Announcement The Most Club Club (21.03-27.03)

Good evening, dear partners.
The next announcement will tell you about the Club news, the dynamics in various areas of investment. Plus we summarize of March - will distribute the money to our members as part of the monthly drawing, as well as the dignity of man nominating month.

Everything in order ...


Today, the Club ...

No wonder we warned last week to be cautious in the HYIPs ... This week in the skeleton flew just a mass of middles and fasts. It seems that admins mow an unknown disease (skamomalary?), Forcing to stop paying even for promising projects outside. Seriously - the admins simply forgot how to work, and the percentage of inept students among them is obviously very high. The more reasons investors have to join the Club - a week we had a calm, all seven investment projects from the list TheMostHYIPs Quietly pleased with the profit of our subscribers. It's good news, in haypah recently lack of news is good news)

Online Schemes The expert of the Club in the field of poker, the head of the bakery fund, Vlad laid out the second part of the practical material on the baking. The article is unique and very interesting, thank you very much. We will test the niche with our 1000 $, details and results will be posted in the weekly announcements. If we receive a positive response and interest from our subscribers - we will create a separate chat on the Baking. This format of communication has proven itself in sports betting ...

Speaking of Betting. Against the background of massive scams in HYIPs, we once again rejoiced with our partners in the decision to master new earning niches. There are much less risks in betting, each investor is responsible for his own decisions - and this is very promising. In the betting chat, we discuss any issues, many subscribers are already making money on bets.

Now the Club has all the information, so that a person who is not even familiar with the rates for sports has figured out everything and began to earn from scratch. Moreover, at the expense of the Club, subscriptions to prospective cappers are purchased and tested - you do not even need to pay for expensive forecasts! Just join the Club and start earning with us.


The tennis capper showed a good plus this week:

24 rates and + 1307 $ Net profit ... Very pleased with such results.

As a result, From the beginning of announcements on betting - we have in our work bank 14344 $ (+ 4844 $)

Since this week we are putting into operation a new basketball capper, we will include it in the following announcements.


The first month of spring is coming to an end - the time to sum up the results of the The loyalty program of the Club.

Person of the month In March without any doubt becomes Anton Prokopenko (nick investprok), the owner of the blog
The club was originally conceived as a platform for the exchange of experience between adequate investors, so we really appreciate the active position of our partners. Anton in an interesting article described the experience of starting an IT business from scratch. Such materials with personal experience, thoughts and conclusions are the most valuable and useful for investors. We are convinced that if each member of our community tells about their unique experience, no matter in what area, the Club's community will reach a completely new level. In addition to his informational contribution to the life of the Club, Anton actively helps newcomers in the betting chat, with his help they organized the distribution of forecasts to all interested subscribers - thanks to him for this.

In the end, we are happy to assign Anton Man the status of the month of the club The Most Club and to reward our esteemed partner with a bonus of 100 $. Congratulations!


End of month - time for monthly Drawing of prizes «Wheel of Success». We continue to give out money to our esteemed subscribers simply because you are with us!

The prize fund of March was 250$. Let's see the video contest:

Three winners receive 125 $, 75 $ and 50 $, respectively. Congratulations to the lucky ones!

Every month we will play cash prizes and encourage active members of the Club. We are waiting for adequate people who are interested in earning money in our community of money lovers.

Join and earn!

2 reviews for "Announcement of The Most Club Club (21.03-27.03)"

  1. Avatar photo oplot:

    Here, not only the matter in the skamomalary Admins, there are still people's incomes fall across the country. Hence the inflow of small into new projects. From an empty pocket you will not pour it.

  2. Avatar photo Lado:

    I received a prize from the club:
    The amount of 125 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1035 *** -> U536 ****. Memo: Prize First place TheMostClub. Date: 13:08 29.03.16/125628205/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX

    Thank you! A surprisingly generous rally!