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Announcement The Most HYIPs (Opening)

mostlDear partners, in the weekly announcements we will talk about the new pages at the club and share with the plans for the following week.
Since this is our first announcement - respectively, it will be a brief resume to the site added material at the beginning of the club The Most Club

Today the Club

In section The Must HYIPs we have proposed to invest 3 known project administrators who almost always yield good profits go to the investors. "Africa" ​​we experienced not open Hyper - these projects are fairly well known, but the actual data is never enough, right? In the future, HYIP section will be larger and the insider to them will be the most detailed and credible. Again - we do not take the admins with no listings, bonus and other rubbish. Priority - only your profit.

In section The Must Secrets we firmly broached the subject of offshore companies. Also shared "life hacking" and answered the question "How to become a journalist?". And for dessert, we prepared a short article about the psychology of a successful person ... I wonder? Join)

Section Online scheme opened two articles - about earnings on rates and the creation of your blog. Immediately say - introductory materials and, for example, experienced "STAVOChNIK" is nothing new for ourselves is not found in the article about the sport, everything else would be interested. Moreover, we are definitely going to talk about the nuances of each direction.

В schemes Offline at the time of launch presented an introductory article about earnings in the real estate market. Let's delve more into this topic. General section "on the ground" of earnings on the one hand the infinite, on the other hand given the economic situation in the country, and our focus on internet earnings - the most difficult for us. The experience of members in business offline will be very useful.


Very soon…

In the coming weeks 2 launched two projects from the top administrators - will be immediately added to the list The Must HYIPs. Preparing articles about affordable way to obtain a residence permit in Europe and is the second article on the estate, plus a plan to interview a professional in the niche Becking (control in poker) - will be very interesting.

The first drawing of cash prizes bonus Club scheduled for 20e date of February - for the month, club members can significantly increase your chances of winning by sharing personal experiences and useful topics in the atmosphere of our comfort bar "Wall Street. " Naturally, the first prize pool, debut raffle prizes will be significantly increased. Do not miss your chance to get richer)


by administration

A lot of questions received after the announcement of the project. We are responding to the main ones.

Who is the owner of the Club?

The club was founded by a group of partners, the list of people we do not articulate. Co-owners of the project are Ilya (Bona) and Constantine (Versalsky). We are responsible for this project is its reputation.

I - Professional hyper / Capper / trader. Why do I need your profile HYIP / rate / forex?

The club is not limited to one or two topics, and if you will not be interesting to read one section, - in any case in other niches you are sure to find interesting information. Moreover - if you are very well versed in some niche earnings, join the club you will be able to share their experiences with the whole community. And we, in turn, necessarily well thank you for this support.

How do I know what I'm paying my money? Forums also closed ...

Thanks to one of our partners for the idea - we will prepare weekly announcements of the Club, in which we will briefly talk about the new information in the Club; and that we plan to add in the near future.

How are you going to deal with the dissemination of information?

First, check in is only possible after the Club SMS authorization (in the future we plan to link signing in to the SMS passwords). This cuts off the boats and making awkward work of several people on the same account. The club we want to work individually with each partner - direct contact with the manager, personal bonuses for activity and prize drawings. Adequate people themselves realize advantages of this format of work, inadequate and will calculate the block.

How long will share with 50% discount on subscription?

We declared the action for at least 2 months from the date of opening. It is likely that we will extend it in the future - the decision will depend on many factors.


On top 5 issues like answered) Later, as they accumulate, be sure to make a convenient section FAQ.

On behalf of the portal I would like to thank our partners for their interest in Club «The Most Club» immediately after opening. I am confident that the new format of work appeal to many successful people.

Sincerely yours, Ilya

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