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Arbidex is a platform that unites crypto-exchange exchanges.

Unique project Arbidex for the first time launched automated arbitrage on stock exchanges crypto-currency. Arbidex platform will allow you to make the most profitable purchases and sales of Crypto-currency, and also earn on the difference. With the project Arbidex you will have the opportunity from one platform to carry out transactions with all types of cryptoactive assets from different exchanges. The best exchange rate will be found automatically, and the commission will be lower than any currently available. The project is currently working with Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, WEX, Kraken and GDAX. On one arbitrage trade, you can earn up to 2 - 3%, which is pretty good, given that you can carry out a large number of such operations.

For the holders of the tokens, it is possible to vote on the development of the platform and the listing of new coins on the domestic stock exchange. This platform will be not only for traders, in terms of a single interface for automatic arbitration, but there will also be the opportunity to vote for the listing of new coins. The project will have its own exchange with the community, which in the future plans to actively and successfully develop, where it will be possible to steal new tokens and quickly add liquidity to them. The company's goals are to become something bigger than just a product in the field of arbitration services.

Market Challenges

  • Low liquidity
  • No regulation and transparency
  • Complexity of integration
  • Complexity of access to trading the right asset
  • Unprofessional approach
  • Extremely high market volatility

Solution of the company

  • Liquidity Aggregation
  • Creating a transparent adjustable broker
  • Development of technical solutions
  • Integration of significant exchanges into one terminal
  • Introduction of professional tools
  • Complete solution of the above difficulties

Such actions are unresolved from the beginning of the formation of cryptology, which we feel on ourselves when we work on it. There are rational offers of the company Arbidex, which has a lot of experience in the markets for institutional investors and kriptornke. A platform was created to solve these problems at the expense of its structure. The company set a goal, to design a professional product that provides the best service to a trader, as well as solving the problems of the industry along with the opportunities for earnings that users will receive.

How Arbitration Works

Cross-exchange arbitrage is an action based on the divergence of prices of one asset in different markets. The ARBIDEX platform algorithm regularly searches for arbitrage chains between exchanges in order to generate income. Market policy is the number of crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies, the market for arbitrage opportunities will increase and the presence of automated search technology is a good chance of making money on the crypto market.  


The ABX and ICO

The ARBIDEX platform uses its personal token with the name ABX, it represents a tool for the functioning of the platform. Investors of the AVX token receive the opportunity to earn additional income through arbitration processes. The more tokens on the balance sheet of the project, the higher the limits for arbitration and the lower commission.

The number of issued tokens by the company is 25000000mln. In the sale will be released: 17200000mln. The cost of 1ABX = 1 to the dollar. Tokens will be issued immediately after the completion of the ICO. Tokens after the release fall immediately on the domestic stock exchange, which is very convenient for owners.

Pre-ICO Dates: 11.12.2017 - 19.01.2018

ICO Dates: 23.01.2018 - 15.02.2018

The ABX token works on the standard ERC20 protocol.

For the possibility of rapid scaling in an actively growing market, ARBIDEX conducts ICO and collects money using crowdfinding. As a result, the ICO project makes a profit both for investors and directly for the business of the project. The company achieves the development of the project, and investors - the probability of earning instantly, also the token is an access to the opportunities of direct income.

Distribution of tokens

  • 25% on Liquidity.7
  • 18% on the development of the project infrastructure.
  • 12% for the development of the IT part.
  • 30% on Marketing.
  • 10% for obtaining licenses and other legal expenses.
  • 3% on management.
  • 2% staff.


Roadmap  #arbidex 

Develop, recognize the crypto currency market the company began in 2016 year. At the end of this year, from the experience gained, a unique software for automation of arbitration activities was designed.

At the beginning of 2017, the testing of software was completed, an automated helpless system was developed. By the end of the year, an automated arbitratorless arbitration system was launched, and a number of traders were connected. 18 December 2017 release of the prototype platform.

At the beginning of 2018, technical equipment was purchased. In late January, the beginning of the Pre-ICO.

February 15, 2018 - the end of Tokensale, Sale of the function of payment of trading commissions with ABX tokens, release of tokens under the Bounty program

In March we are planning to release a stable version of the platform.

In August, the project will complete the licensing process, access to the business of institutional investors.

At the end of the year, the forthcoming development of the system and effective development of the exchange are planned.


A large team with experienced experts in the Finnish industry.

CEO: Kamilya Arslanova

Head of Business Development: Manuel Rimarachin Diaz Segundo

Director of Marketing: Maria Stankevich

External Developer: Denis Pizhevsky

Bounty program #arbibounty :

Twitter - 15%

Facebook - 15%

Telegram - 15%

Signature & Content - 20%

Translation - 15%


The bottom line:

The project is active, looking at a team of professionals, you can easily say that the future of the project is promising. The company is developing in its field and is rapidly rising. Take part in the bounty program, buy tokens, sign up for the ARBIDEX exchange and be happy.

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    Hocam ben yazılımın tam olarak nasıl çalıştığını anlamadım.
    Benim mesela 2 borsada btc ve tether olsum ve bunun için arbidex üzerinden arbitraj yapacağım.
    Bu durumda ben arbidex yazılımına borsada ki hesabımla ilgili hangi bilgileri vermeliyim? Eğer kullanıcı adı şifre veya al-sat-gönder gibi yetkili bir api vb bişeyse ben bu ürüne nasıl güveneceğim.Bunla ilgili görüşünüz nedir?