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Safe business on the Internet will become a reality thanks to Opporty.


Today, doing business on the Internet is a very real practice, whereas more recently, computerization has partially affected this segment. Since the world wide web is an accumulation of a huge amount of information and a huge number of users, respectively, it is not possible to completely level the risks. But we all know that blockbuster technologies come to the rescue and, with the help of decentralization, help to secure the business and its operations. Doing business in certain areas involves communicating with customers and suppliers, as well as negotiating the terms of contracts, etc. Development Opporty involves the use of smart contracts that can not be changed or faked. This innovation ensures transparency of transactions.

The platform takes care of some marketing activities and includes legal issues for companies focused on the B2B market.

This ecosystem can be used by freelancers, contractors, suppliers, small businesses, etc. It also acts as an aggregator for collecting responses when searching for any services, providing the best solution. Everything is very transparent and accessible.

The advantage is also that users of the ecosystem should not invest their own money to receive the relevant services. This means that the company will not have to increase its costs, and it will be able to save funds without directing them to a specific line of expenditure.

The platform also acts as a kind of forum where users share information, and this or that service gains a reputation for itself - good or bad. This aspect allows you to reduce the time spent on finding the best solution. Reputation is money, because the more people know about you, the more they want to do business with you, and you, in turn, get tokens for their wallets. Opporty, like any business system, involves the placement of advertisements and advertisements.

Interest in the project is growing, which means that its profitability is growing. The number of users is increasing every day. Do not miss your chance and invest in a thriving project.

Terms ICO


Token pre-sale began on February 10th. For early participants, a bonus of 5% and 24% is expected. If the purchase was made in the first 20 hours, then the bonus will be 2%, 4-15 days - 5%, 9-12 days - 10%, 14-10 days - 15%, 19-8 days - 20%, 24-5 days - 25%, 28-0 days - XNUMX%, respectively.

Selling tokens

25% of coins will be distributed during the first phase;

40% is blocked in 1 year contracts for the second phase;

30% long-term incentive company;

5% bounty and team reward.

The standart of contracts corresponds to ERC-20, the token is equal to 0.0002 of the Etherium, the issue of coins will be 15 million dollars.

Use of received funds

 35% of the funds received will go to development (25% - localization, 75% - infrastructure);

20% of funds - business and development;

10% - community remuneration;

10% - operating expenses;

10% - remuneration of the team and advisors;

15% is directed to marketing, namely: 15% - expert acquisition, 35% - acquisition of service providers, 50% - customer acquisition.

Project road map

The first phase, namely the public alpha version includes the following stages:

August 2017 - development of core functionality, suggestions, blog, feedback, etc.

December 2017 - Gamification and release in the UK and Canada;

January 2018 - development of the exchange;

February 2018 - the ability to work in all languages ​​of the world, localization, the beginning of the presale;

April 2018 - decentralization, escrow with a voting mechanism for the exchange platform;

June 2018 - Initial implementation of the Proof of Expertise Protocol (alpha version);

August 2018 - user interface of the artificial intelligence system - a virtual interlocutor;

November 2018 - the second phase: scaling, promotion, expansion;

Phase 2: implementation of organizational infrastructure, in-depth, niche-oriented development of the Opporty platform, software development and integration with third-party applications, integration and testing of AI and artificial intelligence as a virtual interlocutor on the project platform.

The project team

The functioning and implementation of legal development, based on blockbuster technologies, is a number of specialists in its kind of activities:

Sergey Gribnyak - founder of Opporty;

Alex Bilichenko - co-founder;

Kateryna Sukhenko - Software Product Manager;

Emil Dudnuk - developer;

Vadim Khuza - developer;

Nikita Lakisov - developer;

Ilya Lakisov - developer;

Vlad Bilous - developer;

Sergey Gerasimchuk - developer;

Sergey Silin - development and operation integration specialist;

Vladimir Kovalchuk - developer;

Mikhail Khvostyak - Software Testing Engineer;

Ivan Likhov - Software Testing Engineer;

Christina Savchuk - SEO Specialist (Search Engine Optimizer);

Vladislav Velev - search engine optimization specialist;

Evgeny Avedov - Search Engine Optimization Specialist;

Irma Nanovskaya - SMM specialist (social media marketing);

Maria Shinkaruk - social media marketer;

Andriy Khakhariev - copywriter;

Evgenia Galich - copywriter;

Michel Matte - editor;

Denis Maluga - designer;

Yuri Ivankov - specialist in contextual advertising;

Maryana Andrievskaya - Administrative Support Manager.

The site has the opportunity to contact each of the team members on the social networks LinkedIn, Facebook and Angel. Contacts of advisers and advisers are also presented on the official development site.


If you want to get more information about any of the items and the project as a whole, then go to the official website of Opporty:

The English-language Whitepaper is available under the link:

You can also contact the project representatives in social networks, such as:




Google Plus:

YouTube channel:


Telegram channel:


ANN Bitcointalk:




Directly contact representatives of the development possible through the official website.

Outcome of the review

Business on the Internet has long been a reality. Business safety comes first for every founder and co-founder. The latest innovative technologies allow you to secure your business without any problems. Decentralization of the blockchain is an advanced thing of the 21st century, with the help of which not a single aggregator platform functions. Opporty will allow you to conduct advertising campaigns, marketing events, as well as resolve a number of legal disputes. All this is already possible and absolutely safe. Are you still thinking? This project is exactly for you. Good luck!

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