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PerfectMonet Epaycore Yandex Money Payeer Okpay Qiwi Payza BTC - 100 days of stable work and over 200% of net profit. Repetition and subtotals.

From the list of Worthy projects on the blog, there are several candidates who claim to be the undisputed leader of the investment portfolio. One of these candidates is a high-quality, highly profitable project-piggy bank BitAeon. As part of the blog, we have known the project for exactly 3 months, during which the profit of our partners could have amounted to more than 230% of the initially invested funds, provided that the asset is constantly working. Does the project have a future and what are the development prospects - let's figure it out.

To understand why BitAeon ready to pay dividends to investors and on what conditions, just go to the main page of the online resource. The main direction is trading on the Forex market, financing young promising startups, as well as active participation in the cryptocurrency field with the prospect of creating your own coin and its further entry into the ICO. For more information about the fund's activities, see the page of the site "About us" There you can also see the company's roadmap and legal package issued by the UK authorities.

Marketing is The project is as simple as possible and at the same time presents a high yield of 18% per week or up to 78% per month. Accruals to the account, of course, daily, on weekdays you will receive 3% of the amount of active investment, on weekends the profit will be 1.5% of deposits. Such conditions are set by the investment program from the start and, apparently, are well received by investors, especially given the constant access to its capital and its possible withdrawal at any time. The minimum investment threshold is 0.005 BTC, the maximum amount has not been set. In most cases, payments are handled by an instanta, sometimes the regulations provide for delays in withdrawing funds up to 24 hours.

Charges: 3% on weekdays, 1.5% on weekends
Min / Max input: 0.005 BTC - no limit
The term of the deposit is unlimited.
Deposit withdrawal at any time
Freezing time - 24 hours
Available reinvestment (0% -100%)
Expected profit - 18% per week or 78% per month

The investment package includes several important features that must also be considered when investing. Firstly, the creation of deposits is possible only using one payment instrument - Bitcoin. Secondly, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC. Thirdly, the charges here are unlimited, you can receive interest exactly as much as the project itself will work. And, perhaps, the most important point in project marketing is complete freedom to manage your own investments. The body of the deposit is not subject to freezing (except for 24 hours), and the withdrawal is available at any time. In this case, it is worth considering the commission for the return of the deposit in the amount of 10% of the ordered amount. As you understand, early withdrawal up to 4 days after the creation of the deposit is not logical, since all the profit received during these days will be "eaten up" by a penalty.

We propose to briefly touch on external and technical aspects of the BitAeon project. The site design is unique, decorated in bright colors, content filling and its own functionality in a chic design. Initially, the resource started in English, but for the first two months the language panel contained within itself 9 localizations, which is a consequence of global popularity. According to the Alexa schedule, we can see a steady increase in the popularity of the site, and the geography of users and the main audience are far beyond the CIS, which is also a good help for the long-term work of the foundation. The technical training was done on a professional level, the script is used by the author, the site is located on a dedicated server, the domain was purchased for 4 years in advance, Ddos-Guard is provided by Ddos-Guard, and Comodo is responsible for the security and protection of user data for the provision of 1 services for a year . - a profitable investment piggy bank with ambitious development goals, which are accompanied by a roadmap for the whole of 2019. If we omit the details of the declared legend, then all the attention falls on marketing with a single perpetual plan, daily charges up to 3% per day and the possibility of early withdrawal of the body of the deposit at any time with a commission of 10%. The tariff is very stable and shows excellent investment dynamics. Many, after an early exit, return to the project again, because it is a shame to miss such a profit while the resource has been developing with dignity for more than three months, easily overcame the New Year period and continues to gain momentum with advertising. Undoubtedly, the project still has a rich margin of safety, it is managed by experienced managers and professionals in their field. The popularity of the resource has gone far beyond the CIS and Europe, the attendance is growing, so the chances of a long continuation are high, and the final decision is up to you. We wish you success and profitable investments!

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