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Bitaqua - Scam! Compensation for partners.

100% + bonuses paid compensation.

The admin wrote to me several times: I have a top project! Where are your investors? Where are the results?
I look into the cockpit: Listing fought back with contributions,
80% of reviews and unsubscriptions from our guys on hyiplogs / forums.
The admin did not develop the project. There were few news / updates.
Technically, too, a project, let's say - inexpensive.

Well, what should I answer him?
A good blog doesn't make choices for the team, only supports.
The choice is made by the investors themselves. And it is true.
If your project is not chosen by investors, you need to think what is wrong with the project.

The result is natural. Submit your applications, we'll close a good%.

The project stopped paying.
The current fund amount is $ 500 + VIP fund for deposits from $ 500.
Waiting for reports, send via the new bot @Bender_PHbot (very convenient)
or a special form for compensation:

PS: Attention, question.
What do you think, if you invested in Bitaqua not 1000 $ turnover,
and $ 5000 - would the admin continue to work? 
And if not $ 5000, but $ 20000 + as in Bitperfect? 🙂

3 review for "Bitaqua - Scam! Compensation for partners."

  1. avatar photos Lyu:

    Thanks for the payment Received Payment 18.5 USD from account U12287794 to account U28357160. Batch: 368077066. Memo: Bitaqua compensation from the portal

  2. avatar photos Anna74M:

    thanks for the 110% compensation! 10.02.21 23:06 Receive Received Payment 22.6 USD from account U12287794 to account U26484162. Batch: 368076893. Memo: Bitaqua compensation from the portal

  3. avatar photos hyipdirectionmali:

    The bitaqua project scam did not surprise me at all, the project created doubts among us investors since the start of the project the site was inaccessible ... We thank every day for the effort it has made provides for us investors .. thanks

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