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Overview of the project. A crypto currency boom in the elite housing market.

We continue to supplement the Profit-Hunters blog with new reviews of investment projects and this weekend we will start with an interesting BitEstate mounter from a foreign administrator. The project is based on a rare licensed engine, although the scripts from DevQuill have recently appeared more often. Marketing is relevant for investors, because here managers have combined most types of investments, which positively influences the abundance of choice. Based on your preferences, you can earn from 35% to 140% of net profit for one investment cycle, each case will be analyzed within the review. In order to promote gradually add new advertising platforms, we have a blog on the project is also placed in the VIP format, we recommend. (Project Start: March 22 2018 years). PROBLEMS

According to the legend BitEstate has combined two major investment areas in its activities, and now, thanks to global cryptocurrency recognition and the ever-demanded real estate market, there is a good opportunity to receive hundreds of percent per annum, which the company is doing in an enhanced mode. The demand for luxury housing through bitcoin transactions and altcoins has become quite popular, so the company has successfully entered this niche, having many years of experience and creating favorable conditions for real estate trading in various major cities. BitEstate Group Limited has been registered in the UK since November 13, 2017 (registration number: 11060574).

Design project on the right can be called unique, all materials on the site, including textual content and graphic elements, refer to the theme of the fund, which indicates the full immersion of developers in creating their own style. You can read the content in Russian and English. The structure of the resource is not complex, even a beginner can not get lost on the site and find the information that is necessary for himself, which should be a primary task for each design designer. In addition, the site takes the form of a screen of any mobile device due to adaptive layout, so it is always convenient to use it.

Investment Plans Developed in the form of three basic packages with completely different conditions and proposals. In each package, there are three more tariffs with a gradation for the deposit amount, the larger the deposit, the higher the yield. Depending on the chosen group of plans, the investment period is from 10 working to 32 calendar days, the deposit can also be repaid at the end of the term or included in payments. As a matter of fact, the accrual of profit can be either daily or one-off. For a complete understanding, we now disassemble all the plans in detail.

Package 1 - Singapore Tanglin
4.5% -5.5% daily for 32 calendar days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 (0.001 BTC) - $ 10000 (1 BTC)
Deposit is included in the payment
Total return: 144% -176%
Exit to breakeven within 23 days

4.5% daily with a deposit of $ 10 (0.001 BTC) to $ 99 (0.0099 BTC)
5% daily with a deposit of $ 100 (0.01 BTC) to $ 999 (0.099 BTC)
5.5% daily with a deposit of $ 1000 (0.1 BTC) to $ 10000 (1 BTC)

Package 2 - Dubai Marina
3.5% -4.5% for 10 business days
Min / max contribution: $ 100 (0.01 BTC) - $ 15000 (1.5 BTC)
Return of the deposit at the end of
Total return: 135% -145%

3.5% on weekdays with a contribution from $ 100 (0.01 BTC) to $ 499 (0.049 BTC)
4% on weekdays with a contribution from $ 500 (0.05 BTC) to $ 1499 (0.149 BTC)
4.5% on weekdays with a contribution from $ 1500 (0.15 BTC) to $ 15000 (1.5 BTC)

Package 3 - Miami Beach
160% -240% over 20 days
Min / max contribution: $ 500 (0.05 BTC) - $ 20000 (2 BTC)
Return of the deposit and profit at the end of
Total return: 160% -240%

160% with a contribution from $ 500 (0.05 BTC) to $ 1999 (0.199 BTC)
200% with a contribution from $ 2000 (0.2 BTC) to $ 4999 (0.499 BTC)
240% with a contribution from $ 5000 (0.5 BTC) to $ 20000 (2 BTC)

It is important to know:
All deposits in the fiat or any other currency are converted into bitcoins, and all subsequent charges are also made in bitcoins. The rate is fixed: 1 BTC = 10000 USD.

Technical part:
- Licensed script DQScript
- Dedicated server
- Ddos protection from X4B DDoS Protected Announcements
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year) + GreenBar
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique design is translated into 2 languages: Russian and English.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Discussion of the project on MMGP:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin.
payment type: Hand (up 9 hours).
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 $ (0.002 BTC), there is no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program (duplex): 9% -3% of the invited partner contributions.
9% of partner contributions 1-level
3% of partner contributions 2-level

Representation Partner Program (duplex): 12% -6% of the invited partner contributions.
12% of partner contributions 1-level
6% of partner contributions 2-level

To obtain the "Representative" status, you must make a personal contribution of 0.1 BTC and attract at least 10 active partners. After fulfilling these requirements, you need to send a support request to the contacts available on the site.

Telephone: + 44 7700 900827
Phone (for VIP): + 44 1632 960840
The address, the form of feedback, telegram-chat, online support, a group in the social network Vkontakte.

Conclusion: attractive middle manager with excellent marketing solutions. Investments are available for a period from 10 working days to 32 calendar days, and each tariff may differ both in the amount of the deposit and in terms of the return on investment. The main and most demanded plan is the first "Singapore", since the deposit is included in payments from 4.5% per day for 32 days and, accordingly, pays off ahead of schedule, which is very important. If you are interested in shorter plans, then you can consider the investment option for 10 working days, where accruals are made 5 days a week from 3.5% of the amount with the return of the deposit at the end of the term. The third option is not even worth considering, the profitability is higher there, but we never recommend using such plans because of the high probability of not getting anything. Perhaps it will not be superfluous to remind you that all deposits are converted to BTC at a fixed rate, but you can withdraw in fiat as well, consider this point too. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until April 15, 2018 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 10% of your deposit.

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