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bitpaction - innovative trading platform

It is clear to recognize that not every new exchange becomes Binance ... but on the other hand a year ago, no one could think that Binance will become the number one in the world. So we should look on Bitpaction for several reasons.

First, it is new-it was launched just a couple of months ago. It is developing very dynamically-the number of users is growing, new coins are added. Secondly, the exchange has its own token - BPS, which is $ 0.17 today - and it is not so expensive. But we remember the same Binance, where their token BNB-started with 0.50 $

And after half a year it rose to $ 25. Those times the market was different but none-the-less. The BPS token holder is entitled to various bonuses. They are not yet many, but promise to add.

The Commission is 0.1 per cent. But the exchange returns part of the Commission. The coins that are added here for trading are quite interesting, you may don't see frankly bad yet. Let's see what happens next. And I want to add that Bitpaction held constant promotions and airdrops. And even now, all users can earn a couple of tokens in just two clicks ... Many projects that have just recently completed their ICO consider this exchange as the main one for their listing and promotion.

All trading operations and funds on the accounts of the participants are provided with reliable protection through real-time verification. All manipulations associated with the documents of the wallet are strictly controlled by the internal system. The wallet key is self-contained and stored in a special place, and is controlled by multitasking. When the transaction is completed, it becomes cold and the transaction Fund is saved in an independent chilled wallet. A specialized 64-bit double-key performs encryption. Decryption takes place on the basis of unique algorithm with dynamic decryption. Therefore, the degree of security is much higher than that of any banks and other financial institutions. All this effectively protects investors' funds and prevents any risks, both external and internal.
The security server of the exchange BitPaction has a unique distribution system. Therefore, fully protected from Ddos attacks + WAF + Nginx. The user gets stability, as well as full safe operation. The speed of coordination of orders is extremely high and the exchange guarantees it. Therefore, there is no delay. The whole platform and encryption are based on the basis of all financial and engineering standards.
The trading platform qualitatively tests network traffic and load settings. This avoids weak points that affect the stability and speed of data exchange. The distribution of network resources, where the technology of packaging packets (CDN) is used, is also cleverly constructed, providing quick access to the demand of depositors.

In General, the exchange. Bitpaction young, interesting and growing. Added interesting projects and coins. There are no problems with authorization; the support service is constantly working. You can place minimum orders to buy or sell and what is interesting is permanent shares, where you can get free tokens to your balance. Register and participate in trading and promotion. Successful investment!

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