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BitPerfect Project OverviewI welcome you dear partners!
The reason for today's article is the excellent work of the admin of the fast investment platform BitPerfect. For a short period, the first investors have already more than recaptured their investments and are now receiving net profit with a daily rate of 7% of the deposit. As part of the review, we will remind you about the marketing of the project and its features, as well as voice the fund's prospects for the near future.

BitPerfect Project was launched at the end of last year, literally a couple of days before the main holiday, and was one of the first to enter the blog, so our partners are mostly already in the black. We previously worked with the admin, last time the majority doubled their deposits, for which the project automatically got into the "Personal choice" of the blog. As you can see for yourself, the admin did not disappoint even now, it is probably difficult to manage capital with such complex marketing, but he copes, which testifies to the administrator's professionalism in the field of highly profitable investments.

A little about marketing… There are 7 tariff plans in total in the line with the interest rate increase from 7% to 28% daily. The increase in profitability depends on the amount of the deposit, respectively, the greater it is, the higher the percentage of charges. The starting rate is available from $ 10 at 7% per day. The next threshold starts from 1000 USD with a yield of 9% per day. You can familiarize yourself with the rest of the tariffs yourself, but we strongly recommend playing on the minimum plan, avoiding large deposits. All charges for plans in the project are unlimited, the body of the deposit is included in the payments.

Investment plans of the BitPerfect project

from 7% to 28% per day indefinitely
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 1000000
Deposit is included in the payment
Expected profit - from 49% to 196% per week
Exit to breakeven within 15 days

7% per day with a contribution of $ 10 - $ 999
9% per day with a deposit of $ 1000 - 4999
12% per day with a deposit of $ 5000 - 9999
16% per day with a deposit of $ 10000 - 49999
20% per day with a deposit of $ 50000 - 99999
24% per day with a deposit of $ 100000 - 199999
28% per day with a deposit of $ 200000 - 1000000

Investment project is working both with the Perfect Money fiat payment system, and with various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Payments for each request are processed by an instant, of course, to receive coins, you need to wait for the network to confirm. The minimum order for withdrawal is possible from only $ 0.5 per perfect, to receive payment for Bitcoin and Ether, you need to have at least $ 10 on your account, for other cryptocurrencies it is enough to have a positive balance of 5 usd.

BitPerfect payment systems

I hope they helped refresh your knowledge of the investment part of the project, and if you are also an active partner, then it is worth noting the presence of a two-level referral program with the accrual of 5% of the deposits of the first line referrals and 1% on the second line.

To conclude the review we want to note the worthy work of the admin. It doesn't matter how he does it, the main thing is that he generously rewards profit for the second project in a row. In the past, it gave more than 200% profit, besides, marketing there was more aggressive, perhaps here we will also expect similar results. At the moment, the project has worked for a full 18 days, for the starting players, which include our partners, the profit has reached 126%, respectively, the invested funds have paid off, and the net profit has gone. For convenience, we accept calculations at the first rate with a yield of 7% per day, we do not pay attention to the rest. The launch time and operating mode were chosen correctly, the administrator initially showed a desire and desire to work, which effectively reflected on the result and on the general opinion about the platform. It is not known how long the admin will be able to wait, the risks are already much higher than at the start, so the final decision is only yours. For our part, we offer all our partners a delicious refback in the amount of 7% of deposits on an ongoing basis.

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