Do simple actions and get good money from your blog.
We process reports once a week, every Tuesday. Convenient forms for reports - download below (we recommend Excel!).
The reports do not need to indicate links to posts - only the number.
With deception, there will be no payments at all.
We send all questions and reports to: telegrams @PH_Bounty or mail

Report forms (Recommended Excel - calculates the amount automatically).




Rules of participation

Only accounts with avatars and at least 20 subscribers / friends can participate.

One project = One comment per day (for each social network / aggregator).

Commentary is a STRICT payment from the project, or a deposit into the project.

Your deposit must be made via the PH blog link.

At the end of each comment you need to write in a free form that you invest with the blog

For example (just examples, wording at your discretion):

The project pays instant, everything is super!

21: 40 25.08.19
Receive 277360330 U20379009
Just Investing Online - JIO + 11.00
Received Payment 11.00 USD from account U20379009.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.
Withdraw to TheInvestor from JUST INVESTING ONLINE.

I invest with the blog - contribution under the "Protection" :)


I made a deposit in the project at the link

11: 03 21.08.19
Transfer 276791823 U20984402
betcitycompany -201.00 1.00
Sent Payment 200.00 USD to account U20984402.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Account replenishment through PerfectMoney by TheInvestor user on 200.00 USD.
Payment ID: 1000
Refbek from the blog received, thanks.