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Bob's repair: quality repairs for crypto currency

Everyone who has ever hired an employee for repairs has faced three major problems.

  1. Incorrect information about the repair service. Usually companies openly lie about their specialization and education of specialists.
  2. A complex mechanism for calculating the present cost of services. Most companies simply hide information about the price of works, "including" in the check the hidden cost.
  3. Rising prices. Very often the repair price does not at all correspond to the price of the work.

The solution

The creators of the project together with expert experts and experienced programmers have developed a unique program with the help of which the repair service functions. You pay crypto currency, and for it you are all the necessary work.

Such a system will bring maximum benefit to users. The decentralized application will allow to build a harmonious system of specialists, each of which will strive for the excellent quality of the services provided.

System advantages

  • Clever contracts. The smart contract system protects both users and performers. Each service is paid upon the fact of its fulfillment. Neither the customer nor the performer can deceive each other.
  • Transparency. The service renders services only at a fixed price. No hidden conditions and extra cost.
  • Low price. A decentralized network allows you to exclude all intermediaries from the "consumer - performer" bundle. In this case, each client can see the number of current offers.
  • Blocking. Use of blocking technology allows you to quickly conduct transactions without any commission fees and additional costs. In addition, the decentralized network allows to maintain complete anonymity of information.
  • No advertising. Many resources take the additional cost of advertising themselves among customers. Why pay extra, if this does not affect the quality of services? This is how the developers of the project believe, which significantly reduced the price of repairs due to the refusal of advertisements.

Distribution of tokens

In total, it is planned to release about 360 million tokens. They will be distributed by the developers as follows:

  • 50% is allocated for carrying out scale krauseyla.
  • 20% reserves the team as a reward.
  • 10% is allocated for legal support of the project.
  • 20% is contributed to the reserve system, ensuring its financial stability and high-quality operation.

Приобрести BOB - this is how the system's tokens are called - for bitcoin, etherium, lightcoin, dash, and also the currency of the currency. To purchase tokens, you must register in the system and transfer a certain amount of crypto currency in place of tokens at the address indicated on the site. Be careful and do not trust e-mail addresses located on third-party resources.


  • 2 sq. M. 2014. Accumulation of information about the operation of the system. Analysis of the shortcomings of existing projects in the field of repair.
  • 3 sq. M. 2017. Study of the concept of the project, the creation of the team.
  • 4 sq. M. 2017. Preparing for a presale and a large crowdsdale.
  • January 2018. Conducting pre-sale.
  • 1 sq. 2018. Global crowdsale. The developers have set the bar for the soft cap at Ether 6000, and the hard cap at ETH 30.
  • 2 sq. M. 2018. Platform development. The speed of the platform will depend entirely on the amount of funds collected during the time.
  • 3 sq. M. 2018. Application Development. The project will function using high-quality mobile applications that will allow you to manage the system from your smartphone.
  • 4 sq. M. 2018. Launch of the platform, attracting consumers and investors.

Development team

  • Friederik Prandeckie. Co-founder of the system, CEO.
  • Alexander Prandecký. Co-founder of the system, SOE.
  • Brandon Kite, SRT. Leading software developer.
  • Todd Conley, co-founder, CIO. Management in the field of technology.
  • Eugene Tatarchuk, the main developer. Specialist in the field of API and CRM.
  • Pavel Rubin, developer of blockbuster and software.
  • Alain Shuwers, the main developer of the front-end. Specialist in the field of UX / UI.
  • Roland Erickson. The general counsel of the company. Specialist with 40-year experience.
  • Anna Tiourina, project manager for social networks and communications.


Blocking the solution in this area is an actual innovation that will make it possible to simplify the use of services as much as possible. The lower price, the best service, the quality and proven players of the market - that's what the users are waiting for.

The use of smart contracts allows you to remove all questions regarding the honesty and timeliness of the provision of services. If the performer performs poorly or the user refuses to pay for it, then the smart contract simply does not work.

The project developers conduct a bounty company to attract new employees and specialists, as well as to maximize the dissemination of information about their system in social networks. The amount of compensation in the bounty directly depends on the degree of activity of the participant.

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