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Budbo is a platform for the development of the cannabis industry

Budbo Is the first platform dedicated to the development of the industrial cultivation of hemp or cannabis. Her work is based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts. The development team created the Budbo project with the aim of bringing together producers, traders, cultivators and laboratory representatives for fruitful cooperation. Thanks to a competent approach, the manufacture and sale of cannabis becomes transparent at all stages.

Blockchain technology, as well as smart contracts, brings together all interested parties in the cannabis industry. With their help, representatives of companies and industries solve their problems in a more qualitative and efficient manner. On the Budbo platform, goals and priorities are determined in real time. Due to this, users are provided with greater flexibility, freedom. The basis of this service is a special mechanism. With its help, participants can choose products that fully meet their requirements.

Benefits of using Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a new, modern way for enterprises, industry representatives, and governments to validate business process optimization operations. Thanks to this, participants can save significant money, as well as reduce the likelihood of fraud to a minimum. Blockchain is a single data structure that is used to create a digital transaction. Thus, there is a distribution between a distributed type computer network.

Thanks to Blockchain it is possible to organize an open, transparent platform that will change the work of users, representatives of laboratories, couriers. Using the platform Budbo, based on Blockchain technology, provide virtually unlimited opportunities for social interaction, growth of participants. The convenience of the platform extends to the procedure for selling the product, making payments, as well as on the efficiency of the supply chain, inventory management.

Participants in the Budbo platform

The Budbo platform can be useful for the following participants:

  • representatives of dispensaries: available inventory management, preparation of places for storage of products;
  • logistics companies: confirmation of the delivery process, the possibility of receiving invoices;
  • producers: thanks to the service, this group of participants can purchase equipment, post-harvest products.

Reasons for Budbo platform choice

One can single out the following reasons why users choose the Budbo platform:

  • convenience: Budbo's service is easy to set up, use;
  • Timely delivery of important information: API users ensure the delivery of the most accurate data in a short time;
  • the ability to track GPS in real time: using a free mobile application driver, you can track GPS (the location of the truck);
  • the possibility of obtaining analytical reports: the analytical reporting of the dashboard allows participants to rely on reliable data and make the right business decisions.

All documentation with which private traders work on the Budbo platform are promptly saved and sorted in a separate cloud. Legal compliance is another indisputable plus. This makes it much easier for Budbo ICO participants to comply with strict federal, state, and local laws.

Budbo v1.0 application

Service Budbo offers a revolutionary set of products that can transform the cannabis industry. In November 2016, the leading specialists of Budbo developed an application taking into account all the nuances that may arise in the current market. The program allows each user to enter, check out the assortment of goods and find a variety of available cannabis products. This application has a huge impact on the industry. This was reported in the local news.

Business suite includes an analytical panel. It provides dispensaries, manufacturers and consumers access to important consumer data. On this basis, their participants can take correct, reasonably sound business decisions.

Budbo Trax

Budbo Trax is another development of the Budbo team. It is the most powerful element of logistics, which is designed to closely monitor the entire cannabis supply chain. Participants of the Budbo 2018 ICO project, using Budbo Trax, can track the transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer. Product tracking is carried out in transit via a free GPS driver. It is also important to say that it is supported by a mobile application (it is the most important part of the unified Budbo ecosystem).

Thanks to the blockchain technology, the Budbo Trax service provides the user with a proven invoice, as well as documentary evidence of loading, proof of delivery to the site. Each manufacturer, supplier of products can benefit from efficiency, improving the security of the blockchain through Budbo Trax.

Distribution of tokens

50% - tokens for sale

20% - tokens for pre-sale

15% - cryptocurrency for reserve

10% - tokens for the advisory board

2% - for dispensaries

2% - for rewards

Budbo tokens are digital utilities, they give their owners certain powers. Their purchase, sale will stimulate the ecosystem of the platform. This will have a positive impact on the development of the platform. More opportunities are opening up for the owners of the Budbo cryptocurrency.


In November 2016 year platform Budbo was launched. In March 2017, the Virtual Freight management was organized. Thanks to it, participants can track all movements of goods in real time. In June 2017 year tokens Budbo were released, additional studies were conducted for its successful sale. In January, 2018 hosted the international Blockchain Summit Dubai. This month also launched the sale of Launch tokens. For February 2018, Budbo 2.0 is planned to be launched in accordance with the global Cannabis Blockchain. In May 2018 the presentation of BUDBO 2,0 will be held.


Rick Barnett - Executive Director

Luke Patterson - President, Co-Founder

Jacob Patterson - Technical Director

Gary Hates - COO, Co-Founder

Nick Haldert - CMO, Co-Founder

To create a resource Budbo a team of experienced specialists worked. They tried to take into account all the peculiarities in the field of growing, selling and buying hemp. Ultimately, the developers got a transparent, easy-to-use platform. Its advantages have already been appreciated by many participants who are the most important links in the chain. Service support, demonstration of transparency of relations between participants is carried out through a full exchange of information, conducting "clean" transactions.

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