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Cardstack - a new experience of Internet decentralization

As one of the creators of the first web browser stated, software is consuming the world. Here we mean that a new dangerous “bubble” has emerged in the stock market. As a result, all industries will eventually be driven by software, but they are.

Already today, major market players are demonstrating complete autonomy: Uber revolutionized the transportation sector, Tesla turned the automotive industry into a tablet business, and so on.
A new bubble has emerged on the market today. Looking at the growth charts for Bitcoin and Ethereum over the past three years, it's hard not to wonder if this upward trend can continue at this pace. For continued sustainable and accelerated growth, blockchain must also absorb software. However, it is still unclear whether blockchain applications will go into mass adoption.

The main proposal Cardstack is an innovative model designed to achieve the goals of implementation and material support of the software. According to this model, all software developers will receive compensation in proportion to the work done, and, moreover, the community with all available source codes will be rewarded. The buyer can make a purchase through direct contact through intellectual contracts coordinated by a team of development specialists. Software specialists, as well as cloud providers and application developers with the ability to support tokens are allowed to work. The buyer himself bears all costs, and also covers royalties. The real cost line is divided between software producers, as a reward for the initial contribution, and then for the continuous management of the whole process. This strategy confirms the significant empirical nature of the software and its financial stability. This happens because each client has its own expenses, and the company's resources are not exhausted. Software developers receive a reward through a special service. Of course, this provides further improvement and optimization of it in the following periods of time.
The project is able to create a user experience with the help of its block model. For business applications, companies should occupy a niche in the mass market, overcoming the chasm that has emerged among the blockbuster and cloud technologies. The innovative technological approach of Cardstack makes decentralization a real asset, and shows how a crypto-driven situation supported by current systems can make adjustments.
The company's mission is to create an ecosystem for software that is resistant to changes in economic factors, which, in turn, solves the problem of blocking centralized projects.
The software becomes part of the cloud space, which means that customers are able to interact not only with one of the participants of cloud software, but with several, as a service of SaaS. Then you need to choose the right plan to improve efficiency and optimize the cost of all the necessary functions.
The project creates a software ecosystem where a network of smart contracts coordinates revenue from paying customers and rewards to consumers who have contributed to software and services.

CARD and ICO tokens

Smart contracts operate the Cardstack ecosystem, which are based on project tokens. The project's token alone allows users to pay for all services provided within the platform, and also use hosted software. Tokens also serve as a means of rewarding developers.
Tokens are a utility that allows end customers and enterprises to use applications that interact with multiple structures: blockchain, protocols (decentralized), applications and cloud services when paying for a transaction amount.
Software and services need a predictable price. To get started, the client converts tokens into non-transferable units called software and service coupons that are tied to the US dollar. When using applications, coupons are burned to form transaction histories that help determine the distribution of tokens to reward miners.
The maximum emission of project tokens is 10 billion units. Further, to compensate the miners and participants (those who actively offer new software and their services) during 10 years will be released another 4 billion units.

Distribution of tokens now and in 10 years:

Using the proceeds:

Data about the ICO and the stages of sales, yet.


Ambitious projects deliver one module at a time. This project was aimed at achieving a breakthrough by creating an entire architecture of functions gradually. Creators expect the acceleration and continuation of this process.
Cardstack aims to become one of the most paid platforms for applying decentralization development, namely smart contract code generation, schema-driven data management, distributed version control, messaging, and workflow simplification. In the future, as a result of the work, it is planned to simplify the design, development and deployment of the project experience to other channels with active end users. It is also possible to implement user-controlled automatic learning plugins to help users automate the overall workflow of solutions to increase the speed of interaction across the business network.

The project team

Information about the staff, as well as the main characteristics of the project and its features can be found on the website: or in Whitepaper:

Media channels and social networks:

ANN Bitcointalk:

Outcome of the review

Thus, this is a unique project for those who are ready to offer software development services and its further development. Miners receive a good reward from the creators of the project, thereby strengthening the ecosystem and supporting its functioning. The company needs personnel and is ready to support them. All the software provided on the platform is absolutely safe, thanks to the intellectual contracts, decentralization and technology of the blockade as a whole.

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