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Cashout is a modern service for cryptocurrency payments

Internet business can not do without a profitable and reliable service for payments. Regardless of whether you are engaged in small-scale trading or have organized a large startup, you need to ensure that clients have safe operations with low commissions. Just such a service is Cashout - a new payment service that allows you to receive cryptocurrency payments with particular comfort. What this system offers and what are its advantages - read further in the review.

What is cashout?

Today, no one will be surprised to receive payments through electronic payment systems and bank cards. The popularity of cryptocurrency is also growing rapidly - if previously only individual cryptoenthusiasts used them, then by December 2018 had over 32 million bitcoin wallets, of which 25 million actively participate when shopping on the Internet! All these users can become potential customers for a wide variety of business projects, but if you do not accept a crypt, then this is not your target audience. Without a reliable, modern and secure payment gateway, you will not be able to attract cryptocurrency buyers.

Cashout is a new generation payment system that will allow owners of various commercial projects to organize the reception of cryptocurrency payments. If you are not yet accepting funds in the crypt, then you lose a huge audience of customers and clients. More and more Internet business owners understand this and are entering the digital industry. Services such as Cashout make this process fast and as painless as possible, even for those customers who know little about cryptocurrencies.

In order to start accepting cryptocurrency payments through the CASHOUT service you need:

1. Register on the site. All you need is to enter your mail and password, after which a confirmation letter will be sent to your mailing address. You confirm your email and you can start using CASHOUT.
2. In your account in the Integrations section you can create payment button using an intuitive designer
3. After setting up the button and saving it in front of you code appears which will need to be placed on your site for receiving cryptocurrency payments
4. As soon as the client clicks on the button to pay with cryptocurrency, in front of him a form of payment appears, where he can choose a cryptocurrency in which he will pay.
5. The client selects the payment currency and goes to the next window, where he is offered to copy the wallet code or scan the QR-code for payment.

As you can see, working with cryptoprocessing will be as simple and convenient as possible for both business customers and their customers. The introduction of payment cryptocurrency with the possibilities of Cashout is available to everyone and this will significantly increase the profitability of any business on the Internet.

Excellent video presentation in Russian:

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What services does the payment service offer?

In addition to the simplicity of setting up payments, Cashout is different in that it offers more favorable terms than competitors. You should not go far for examples - the well-known Visa and PayPal systems take a commission from 3%, which buyers or sellers have to pay. Cashout is limited to a commission of 1%. Currently, it is paid by the business client, but very soon, the clients of the system, if desired, will be able to include a commission in the purchase amount.

Also in the Cashout service, fast and convenient mass payouts functionality is implemented. The API supports automatic withdrawal to partners' wallets; if necessary, you can withdraw funds, for example, to a group of referrals. These benefits have already been appreciated by many affiliate programs and MLM networks.

An additional advantage of Cashout is that it is a multifunctional service. It is not only a payment aggregator, but also a cryptograph for storing cryptocurrencies. Due to this, the clients of the system can not only accept money, but also carry out all the necessary operations with them. Cashout benefits only begin at this point:

  • Payments are accepted in: BitcoinLitecoin Ethereum. In the near future the opportunity to work with Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, EURS, USDT will be added.
  • Registration in Cashout is absolutely free, anyone can become a client, regardless of their country of residence.
  • The funds received through cryptoprocessing are stored in the Cashout wallet, from where they can be withdrawn in 3 minutes. In this case, the output can be carried out on cryptographs. In the future, a withdrawal option will also be added in fiat currency.
  • For Cashout, priority is given to the safety of customers and the protection of their personal data. This information is not passed on to third parties.
  • The system has completely transparent payment statistics, in the personal account the client will be able to view the amounts and statuses of all transactions.
  • Very convenient statistics - the client can receive a statement of all transactions at any time. Also, quickly upload statistics into a convenient report.
  • Technical support works around the clock, seven days a week, and quickly helps clients solve any problems they have.

If you are faced with the problem of connecting cryptocurrency payments to your site, then Cashout will be an excellent solution. The new payment service offers a full range of services to automate the reception of payments, and also allows you to safely store your funds. At the same time, it is very simple to set up the Cashout payment button on your website - it can be done in just a few steps. Despite the fact that the service is young, it offers a high level of security and low commissions, which will allow him to quickly find his niche in the market of crypto processors.

If you are not yet using cryptocurrency to pay, then know that the sphere of digital money is booming, and blockchain technology is already a reality. After a couple of years, payment for cryptocurrency for goods will become commonplace and those companies that earlier than others introduce such a method of accepting payments will be several steps ahead of competitors. Therefore, we advise you to look at such a payment service as Cashout, which offers a truly convenient financial tool for everyone.