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Yandex Money

Yandex Money  founded in 2002 year, as an additional service to the search engine "Yandex". The system is not a banking organization, although it has recently issued its own cards. Cards from Tinkoff Bank were taken out of use for 2016 year.

Yandex Money cooperates with a large number of services, offering discounts and bonuses when paying by card. Sberbank, as the payment system partners, offers favorable conditions and recharge cards tied to the current account.

The system offers exceptionally purse in Russian rubles, but the opportunity to use are not only citizens of the Russian Federation.

Yandex Money also provides service for online shops and real, so-called MPOS terminals-plus system.

Registration in the system is free of charge and as quickly as possible to those who have e-mail in Yandex or any social network. All that is needed - is to log in and enter a valid phone number.

purse Register using a social network quickly and conveniently.

We show an example of registration on facebook.

Click to create a purse. Select a social network, confirm. Enter e-mail address and telephone number. Get SMS and enter in the box that appears.

All purse ready to go.

Register a new account and does not cause problems. It is necessary to choose your next login, it is also the name of the mail. The main thing is that it was unique and was not in the phone base site. A couple of clicks - and budget at your disposal.

Yandex thoroughly worked the system to maximize the convenience of users.

After registration, the user has access to:

  • Stories of operations;
  • To pay for goods and services;
  • Transfer operations to other purses and bringing to bank cards;
  • Binding of a credit card;
  • Control and receipt of payment;
  • Discounts from partners;
  • Security Settings.

However, it is worth mentioning that recently Yandex has introduced compulsory identification, without which it will not be able to accept payments from other users and to transfer money themselves.

Yandex offers 3 identification level:

  • Anonymous;
  • name;
  • Identified.

Named the most suitable account for the majority of users.

With the identification of problems can occur if you are not a resident of the Russian Federation as to confirm the identity will need to send in the Yandex office notarized copy of the passport or personally to come to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev.



Qiwi - it's popular in the CIS countries, the payment system, which was launched in Moscow in the end of the year 2007. "Kiwi Bank" was incorporated and renamed through 3 years. In the 2012 Visa has partnered with the system, a purse which was renamed Visa Qiwi Wallet.

Qiwi allows you to:

  • To pay for services of mobile operators;
  • Pay services on the Internet;
  • Swapping to a different e-currencies;
  • Paying utility bills;

Special attention should be VisapayWave technology that is available to users even on the phone NFC-technology. This allows you to pay for goods in shops, cafes, etc.

Register at Qiwi takes a couple of minutes.

It is worth noting that the system is not available all over the world, so before signing up on the website specify whether you will be able to fully use all the functionality of the system.

Register at QIWI

Go to the official website of the system

We turn to the creation of a purse, selecting the appropriate button.

Choose a country. This is necessary because the country code is automatically copied in the telephone input. This is key information in the system.

We confirm that not a robot - and click continue.

The system sends the password in sms. We introduce it to a string and confirm.

If you do not make a mistake with the code, you find yourself in a private office.

In your account, you can set up a personal profile, enable notifications, open an account, to issue cards to transfer and receive money from the users of the system.

No further action is required.

Perfect Money

Perfect Money - a global payment system created with the aim of conducting secure non-cash payments on the Internet and making high-yield investments.

The system was presented to the public in the year 2007. Legal registration of the company held in Panama, and the employees and the headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Perfect Money payment system was created as for secure payments in b2b. But despite the small expectations, the system proved to be a great potential. Features of the system turned out to be ideal for businessmen engaged in extremely risky high-yield investment (HYIP).

Wallet payment system Perfect Money is recommended to make all investors, for whatever reason, to conceal their identity and income, since it is independent of the government services of all countries, except for Panama. Blocking of accounts is only available after a local court decision. Over time, while hearing the case, you can safely withdraw money.

On the balance of the account is charged 4% per annum, and at the end of year accounts is assigned to the premium status, opening additional opportunities.

procedure of registration

Join Perfect Money does not last more than 5 minutes. Filling the personal data is not necessary, but is highly recommended. Verify your account is not necessary. Entering actual data is welcome, because if you lose access to your account to recover it without real information will be quite difficult.

Registration Perfect Money

  1. We enter in the browser line. Go to the wallet creation page. We fill in all the necessary lines, paying special attention to the lines with an asterisk.
  2. The system offers 2 species accounts for the business and for the average user. One option is perfect for companies and entrepreneurs, the second - for all.
  3. Do not forget to take a client agreement and continue with the registration.
  4. Once you confirm the registration data pressing the button, you will be sent to e-mail ID.
  5. Enter the ID on the login page, duplicate the box, come up with a password and fill in the captcha.
  6. It is exerted in a private office.

The account assigned to us available to us about the security level of the information on the account movements, the settings available purses, etc. Perfect Money provides access to the inside of classified mail for conducting secure correspondence.

Score Perfect Money is a set of numbers and letters at the beginning 1. wallet name is automatically assigned, you can not choose.


Payza (formerly Alertpay) was launched in 2005 year in Quebec. The system quickly gained the confidence of investors, especially after the closure of e-gold. This made the system only transnational investment instrument until the appearance of Perfect Money.

May 2012 began a new round of development of the system in which it was renamed Payza.

The system allows registered users from all countries except Belarus and several African.

The main feature of the system - low commission system when paying, the withdrawal of the transfer of funds.

Advantages of the system:

  1. Acceptance of payments on the site;
  2. Internationally recognized status;
  3. Affiliate program;
  4. Great choice of replenishment and withdrawal options.

Registration in the system Payza

When registering in Payza it is desirable to use an email address that you do not you advertise, since he will be your password and account number.

It is also a nice feature of the system, so you can transfer money to partners and friends knowing only their e-mail. If they do not account in the system, they will be notified that someone has transferred money to them and to get, you need to register.

Registration in the system causes no difficulty, though available only to the English version.

Push the button «sing up» on site.

Go to the homepage of the country elections and the choice of the type of account:

  1. Personal - the best option for the majority, offers the possibility to exchange, replenishment and withdrawal of funds at any time convenient for you;
  2. Business - in addition to the functionality of a personal passport, money and information is available in the nomination fees.

Select the country of residence, click select.

On this page, enter your data, e-mail and password. We check and click «Getstarted».

Check e-mail and clicking on links.

The personal account available information on the purse replenishment and withdrawal options with a minimum commission fees.

Payza service is perfect for beginners to experienced investors and businessmen.


PAYEER - a popular payment system, which was established in Georgia at the end of the year 2012. Total of 4 years has evolved from a local into a global means of payment adopted by the investment community safe system, with representative offices in the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom.

MasterCard praised the successes Payeer and agreed to cooperate - the release of co-branded cards platinum level!

The system has broad functionality, allowing classified secure payments on proven Internet sites, within or outside the country without disclosing identity of the sender and the recipient.

Payeer offers owners built purses online exchanger, which allows to exchange and output to other electronic systems, credit cards, bills of mobile operators.

Given the opportunity to order the above-named card and withdraw money with a minimum commission.

The system provides the account in dollars, euros and rubles.

Special attention should be increased security and anonymity.

Payeer receive offers several degrees of protection, something necessarily connected, but something just as desired.

Be sure to connect:

  • The current e-mail. By mail, you get a temporary password by typing which can 1 just log in;
  • PIN-code consisting of numbers and 3 known only to you.

Optional items:

  • Sms-confirmation;
  • Telegram-code (strongly recommended, it is convenient and safe as possible).

We begin registration

Registration takes less than 2-minutes.

First you need to go to the site of the system is available in several languages, among which, besides Russian and Georgian include Spanish, English, Chinese and French.

Click to create a purse and enter the e-mail, and security code.

Open the mailbox, take the code of letters and type in the line appears.

The system will generate the keys, you can either record or edit on your own.

Registration is completed.

Now you have a user account is available, which can be controlled by the presence of certain funds, the state transfers, deposit and withdrawal of cash.

Also available is an internal e-mail and technical support 24 / 7.


OKPAY - Is a popular payment system, which specializes in working P2P and B2C. Okpey provides many services, bonuses, methods of withdrawal and replenishment.

The system quickly became known, helped by omission competitors and principles that guide komapnii stuck.

Many online stores and services recently began to accept payments directly. Many investors believe it OKPay perfect purse for business and transit point in the exchange of currencies.

Registration OKPay for 5 minutes

Go to the service page, Select "open a new account."

Go to the account opening page and select:

  • The form of ownership;
  • country;
  • Phone number;
  • e-mail;
  • Name;
  • surname;
  • Password and confirmation.

We agree with our policies. Check email and click on a link in the email.

OKPey choose the type of account offers business and personal.

Personal account is perfect for most people who only plan to pay, transfer, and store money.

Business account to accept payments will allow including online stores.

Once you select the account to access all the functionality of the system.

Personal account and informative as possible to adjust to the user's convenience. You will have access to the current exchange rate and all information on the current account.

For binding and a credit card you will need to verify your identity and your phone number.

Payment system like budding and well known to experienced investors. It is the most heavily protected by international laws and investing money, you can be sure that your identity will not be disclosed.


Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is a digital virtual cryptocurrency. It is great for any action on the Internet.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that eliminates mediation between those who send money and those who receive. This removes any commission. Bitcoin does not depend on the value of gold or oil prices.

Cryptocurrency uses the highest possible level of encryption, the currency is not stored in the accounts, which can be frozen or steal. Have no restrictions.

To get started with Bitcoin you need a personal account. This wallet is created in the network, but is stored on a PC.

Bitcoin wallet - two parts: a file that contains Bitcoins, and the client program that performs operations for the withdrawal / receipt.

Also, there is an easier, but less reliable method of storage Bitcoin - online wallet.

For example, we choose blokcheyn.

Register Bitcoin wallet on

Enter the site address and find ourselves on the registration page. Enter the real valid email box, password and confirm it. We agree with the rules of the system and go on the "continue" button.

Purse created. Now available to you the receipt and sending of Bitcoin.

Be sure to save the number of your wallet - you'll need to log in. No it is not informed. Means for making a pass code that is received after pressing the button "Get".

We strongly recommend that you set the maximum protection of your account, including 2-steps verification and installing additional passwords. 2 spend an extra minute to translate better than losing money honestly earned.

Bitcoin - a digital revolution 21 century!

Advanced Cash


AdvancedCash - a multi-purpose gaining popularity the new payment system, introduced in 2014 year. The anonymity and security of your data is guaranteed by the money earned offshore system.

AdvancedCash collaborates with MasterCard, which makes it possible to produce maps, both virtual and premium levels.

The payment system was incorporated in the year 2014, which, however, could not prevent the system to find its niche and develop giant strides.

This success is easy to explain:

  1. The safety and anonymity of the system;
  2. Multi Purse: rubles, pounds, euros, dollars;
  3. Instant exchange within the system;
  4. Applications for mobile phones;
  5. Register for 3 minutes;
  6. A wide range of ways to deposit and withdraw funds;
  7. The issue of international standard card with enhanced functionality;
  8. Internal mail with a high degree of protection;
  9. Hour online support.

Advanced Cash Register purse

Registration is not even the advanced user will take no more than 5 minutes.

Registration begins:

  1. Go to website com. There is a Russian version in which to create your account you need to click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.
  2. On the next page, choose the type of account for business or personal. The system provides a default personal option. Fill in your personal information (real recommended) in Latin characters, a valid e-mail account and a complex password, which you need to choose wisely, and not to forget that it was not too easy. Pass protection against bots and click "register".

Purse is now at your disposal. You do not even need to confirm by mail.

Advanced Cash System will offer at the first input of the purse to increase the level and improve the defense. You only need to pass the verification and configure security.

Verification is 3 degree:

  1. Phone number;
  2. Place of residence;
  3. Personal, including passport data.

Verification will remove the limit 2500 dollars.

The system provides users with 3 purse. Dollars, euros and rubles are available immediately, pounds and hryvnia - create.

the number of purse - is the letter and 12 arbitrary numbers that can not be selected.

Replenishment is available a lot of ways, but the commission differs considerably from the one you chose.

Convenient and cheap to withdraw money to a bank card executed through the system, which in addition to all offers good discounts bonuses available worldwide.