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Verified staff information on the SpringRole platform

Modern companies pay special attention to the procedure for recruiting staff. Despite this, there are major problems in this industry. For example, the use of the principle of search for specialists leads to the fact that the most experienced and competent candidates remain aloof. This prevents companies from developing, attracting the most promising and talented staff. (Further…)

Management of scientific publications on the Orvium platform

Science now has a special impact on society. It makes no sense to argue with the fact that many scientific achievements are behind the discoveries in the medical and technological sphere. Thanks to them, the living standards of millions of people will grow at a rapid pace. (Further…)

MEDIA Protocol - a promising site for content authors

Social networks play a special role in the process of distributing content. This is not surprising, since they control a large part of the audience. Such platforms combine a huge amount of useful information. The greatest value for companies is the views of consumers, their preferences. (Further…)

Races in real time on the platform CryptoCarz

Almost every man is a born racer, a winner (in his dreams at least). Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that computer games in these genres enjoy special popularity among the medium of the strong half of gamers. (Further…)

The Abyss: a unique platform for electronic distribution

Games are an integral part of modern society. At the same time, it's a great way to enrich yourself and develop your skills in business. Especially for those who play and want to make money on gaming, the platform The Abyss has been created. It will feature games of all genres, including the AAA class.