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The period of the New Year holidays was a test for some projects, but not for a foreign broker called The temporary lull in the industry did not affect this hype in any way and he confidently continues to work, consistently and without haste, connecting advertising resources. What can already be said about the work of the foundation and what future prospects it has - let's look at this review. We noticed right from the start of November 22 and added it to our portfolio at the forefront of investors. Nevertheless, the rush with such a project was completely useless, because the conditions of cooperation with investors at this HYIP are very restrained and, undoubtedly, are workers. At the moment, the situation has not changed - the admin does not force events in promotion, there are no fiat payments yet: it is safe to say that the project has not reached the transition to active mode and this looks promising for us as investors.  

Those who are not familiar with, briefly describe the features of this investment fund. The first thing that catches the eye is a foreign-made HYIP, the administration behaves very well and has developed a marketing fund for work, not for collecting cash. At, you will not see sky-high percentages, but the administration has tried to make the tariffs optimal for all depositors, regardless of the size of their wallet. The project has five plans designed for indefinite work with an interest rate. from 1,5% per day. Such moderate conditions allowed the project not only to interest investors who understand the work haip, but also successfully survive the unstable winter vacation season.

We noticed a certain perspective in from the start, because in many respects the project looked at the level. Now that the fund has already shown its solvency, we can single out the main advantages that will allow it to continue to maintain a stable job:

  • The project is in no hurry to advertise and consistently connects blogs and monitoring. At the moment, it cannot be said that the number of such resources is large - has where to draw a working resource from.
  • The development of the project is carried out not only in the Russian segment of the HYIP industry, moreover, one can even say that the CIS countries are not the main vector of development for the HYIP. International distribution is always a very good indicator and not all admins are able to develop their fund on a large scale. In the case of, the stars have come together and it seems that the governe has a clear plan to spread its offspring in the interethnic plane.
  • accepts investments through a large number of cryptocurrencies, but neither dollars nor rubles are connected to the project. And since a sufficiently small number of investors are investing in the crypt, the main flow of investments for this site is still to be done in the future.
  • Despite the fact that marketing is laborious and restrained in interest rates, it still seems attractive to investors due to perpetual charges.
  • At, a generous affiliate program is enough that networkers pay attention to the project. It is possible that with the advent of Fiat, they will begin to actively swing the fund.
  • Technically, HYIP is prepared at the level, so no force majeure in the work of the site can interfere with its operation. is consistently paying and at the moment it can be fixed that we managed to return 73,5% from the deposit amount. Our partners had the opportunity to increase this profitability due to the bonus from Profit-Hunters in the amount of 12%, therefore their profit has already reached 85,5% - very soon going to breakeven, and then - unlimited profit!

There is every reason to believe that the project will give money, because there are objective reasons for this: is in no hurry to unwind, there is no Fiat yet, the fund is focused on the international market, and interest rates are completely adequate. In this situation, you can get a good game, because a serious test in the form of a New Year's scampade HYIP withstood flawlessly and proved its stability. To those investors who also consider this fund not to be deprived of prospects, we are reminded not only of a smart refback in the amount of 12%but that is under the “Deposit Protection” to 01.02.2019 with a foundation from 500$. We all wish profit investment with!

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