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CoinLion: Trade in pleasure

Modern trade is a complex mechanism, for the normal functioning of which we need qualitatively new technologies. Developers of the CoinLion platform have thought about creating an original trading platform that will work on the basis of the blockbuster and use the crypt.

The project involves a whole toolkit, through which it will be possible to execute orders for double blockage, and generate tokens. CoinLion uses the technology of smart contracts from the Etherium. Users can jointly earn tokens and spend them, create joint portfolios, develop strategies, determine the progress of research and project content.

LION Is a token that will serve as the main payment unit on the platform and will ensure the functioning of the ecosystem. With its help, users will be able to earn money and effectively manage their digital assets.


The digital currency is a promising direction of the modern financial market. With its help, you can profitably place investments, exchange values ​​and store savings. However, even at the present stage, the management of digital assets is a complex activity that requires certain skills and responsible decisions, even from experienced market players.


CoinLion provides an opportunity to use a platform for managing digital assets. You will get simple and at the same time powerful tools that will simplify your activity and make it more efficient.

No long training, long and tedious lectures, complex operations on volume. Only competent management of a crypto currency and a minimum of expenditure of forces. Developers are well aware of the problems and difficulties that arise when dealing with exchangers and special programs. Existing methods of asset management are difficult for both beginners and advanced users.

CoinLion will help the market to function in the right direction with the help of block technology. The market will be able to accommodate trillions of dollars and unite the efforts of millions of traders. For this, only one unique platform is enough.

What you can do with the platform

The project provides powerful and effective tools for managing your own portfolio.

The double blockage system allows to establish effective protection of financial assets and information.

On the platform, each user will find a universal set of promotional tools, which you can use to achieve your own goals.

By means of CoinLion the client will be able to quickly and accurately assess the value of digital assets, conduct competent analytics of ICO, conduct research.

Despite all the software's power of the system, the user interface is not complicated, but it's amazing with its simplicity.

Customers will be able to cooperate to jointly create a portfolio, conduct market research, and develop strategies together with other users.

Users will be able to use the advice of specialists and information from research conducted by professionals regarding the current state of crypto-currency assets.

Users will be given the opportunity to communicate with advertisers and interact effectively with them to achieve greater business efficiency.


  1. 2017. Development of the concept of the system.
  2. 2017. Formation of a full-fledged development team.
  3. 2017. Development of a system of smart contracts. Testing of the block, checking the functioning and suitability of the token.
  4. 2017. Develop a website and user interface.
  5. 2017. Launching the CoinLion website.
  6. 2017. Start of the CoinLion system's crypto currency sales.
  7. 2018. The final phase of the sale of tokens.
  8. 2018. Launch of the trading platform.
  9. 2018. Develop a platform and add new features.


Josh Devitt. CEO, co-founder of the system, who has rich experience in trading and market analysis.

Caleb Weldhouse, COO, co-founder. Worked in the field of security and public administration analytics.

Justus Lyuty, CTO, co-founder. The developer of system software with 25-year experience.

Zach Neugebauer, CMO. He has extensive experience in managing companies with a profit of tens of millions of dollars.

Nathan Pitz, CFO. A professional in business administration.

Kia Adams, creative director. A professional in the field of digital and printed design, developed web applications for famous American companies.


In order to participate in the crowdsdale, you must visit the official website of the company and transfer a certain amount of the crypto currency to the account indicated on the electronic resource.


The creators of the system conduct an active bounty company to attract new employees, as well as disseminate information about the project. The amount of remuneration depends on the user activity in social networks and media.

More information about the project you will learn from the following links:

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