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Good day, dear partners.

In this article I want to talk about DDoS attacks and how to address the problems associated with them.

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Highly profitable investment - quite dirty niche competitors (among administrators, and among bloggers) often try to prevent the opponents, often using rather crude methods. In addition to libel, breaking mails, Skype blocking, personal data publications mudslinging in chat rooms - more often as an argument in the arguments used by DDoS attacks.

From Wikipedia:

DoS (from Engl. Denial of Service - denial of service) - hacking on a computer system in order to bring it to failure, that is, the creation of conditions under which conscientious users of the system cannot access the provided system resources (servers), or this access is difficult. Failure of an "enemy" system can also be a step towards mastering the system (if in an emergency situation the software gives out any critical information - for example, a version, a part of the program code, etc.). But more often it is a measure of economic pressure: the loss of a simple service that generates income, bills from the provider, and measures to avoid an attack significantly hit the target.[1] Currently, DoS and DDoS-attacks are the most popular because they allow you to bring to the failure of virtually any system, leaving no legally relevant evidence.


In principle, each more or less serious blog and monitor, as well as on a successful high-yield investment program meets the DDoS attacks. And everyone deals with them in his own way - admins often bribes from serious blackmailers, or invested in defense, often throwing out hundreds of dollars per month.

There is a misconception that the DDoS attack - it is always expensive, and if you just wait - the attacker himself will fall off when he has run out of money. Unfortunately, it is not. Many experienced professionals have at their disposal their own botnets and attack on your website with proper approach them virtually worthless. Even if you buy services DDoSer - they can always agree on a reasonable price, as the competition is quite high in this niche.

Personally, my experience - during the past year with a frequency of one or two times a month the site of the portal has been steadily attacked. Since there were no threats, and we never quarrel with clients, it was written off to the machinations of competitors. With the help of the administrator I managed to beat off small attacks until they took me seriously - the main Skype skype was blocked with abuses, for a few days they put the site of a powerful combined DDOS attack. Due to the huge load on the server, my permanent hosting provider politely asked me to give up his services. I had to seriously deal with the problem.

On the recommendation of a friend asked for help in support of - specialists helped to quickly move the site, within a few hours, repulsed the attack and raised the portal. In the process, the security specialist commented on his actions, he was constantly in touch. The first positive impression was not spoiled and in the future - my site overloaded with banners on the new hosting simply "flies", stopped disturbing the temporary "dark spots" in the accessibility of the site, the support is constantly on communication and not only not irritated by constant DDOS attacks, but also helps operatively Them to fight off. Separately, I want to note - all these pluses we got for less money, Coverddos is much more affordable than analogues. As a result, we moved the sites of all our services to hosting - and are really very satisfied.

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Naturally, the owner of a blog about fishing do not need such protection. But any serious finance professionals: administrators, bloggers and the monitor - it is essential.

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