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Overview of the project. Investments in the new CLX crypto currency with a yield of up to 45% per month.

We will analyze today a powerful investment project on our own engine, which we will accompany throughout its term of service. On the blog, the platform is added in the VIP format section with improved conditions for all our partners. The project may seem difficult to master it on its own, but that's why we issue reviews to speak all the details on the points and reveal its advantages and disadvantages. The idea of ​​the project is to create a new CryptoLux (CLX) payment system based on Blockchain and conduct its ICO. The project is long-term and provides for low profitability. For most investors, the only plan with a daily interest rate of ~ 1.16% per day will be the basis of marketing, which will operate until the total profit reaches 150% of the deposit. For active partners, the investment conditions may differ, in the internal part of the review we will touch on these points, we recommend that you finish reading if the project interests you. (Project Start: March 28 2018 years).

According to the legend The CryptoLux project was created with the aim of holding an ICO and promoting its own cryptocurrency CLX, which is a decentralized autonomous network created on the basis of blockchain technologies and aimed at making fast and secure payments. The preliminary sale of coins was carried out on March 28, 2018 at the Pre-ICO stage. The cost of one token at that time was $ 0.5. As of today, 1 CLX = 4 $, which proves the prospects of the coin, which will only grow in the future. The company "CryptoLux LTD" has officially secured its activities with registration in the UK, which is confirmed by a certificate dated August 30, 2017 (registration number: 10937639).

Design site was created in a thematic style and in the original performance. There is a lot of information on the site, not all of them are posted on the main page, so if you want to seriously study the project, you will have to walk through all sections. In a detailed form all the data are published in WhitePaper, in a personal office you can download a pdf-file in the language you need. The resource is multilingual, only on the site of 14 variants of the transfer to different countries, which indicates the global objectives of the project on an international scale. The excellent internal interface and functionality allows participants to feel comfortable and be the masters of their earnings, see for yourself.

Marketing is includes several ways to make money on investments, one of which provides for daily accrual of profit from 1.16% to 1.49% per day. The percentage actually depends on your rank in the system at the time of activation of the contribution. The investment will work until the total accrued profit reaches 150% of the originally deposited amount. Since the body of the deposit is conditionally included in payments, the net profit at any of the ranks is 50%. The difference between the ranks with regard to this tariff is the earliest possible return on recoupment and the receipt of the final profit by increasing the daily interest rate. Immediately after registration, only the "Bronze" status is available, according to which the accrual will be 1.16% per day for 129 days.

Charges: 1.16% -1.49% daily
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 50000
Deposit is included in the payment
Total accruals - 150%

1. Bronze: 1.16% daily for 129 days (break-even in 86 days)
2. Silver: 1.25% daily for 120 days (break-even in 80 days)
3. Gold: 1.31% daily for 114 days (break-even in 76 days)
4. Platinum: 1.35% daily for 111 days (break-even in 74 days)
5. Sapphire: 1.39% daily for 108 days (break-even in 72 days)
6. Emerald: 1.42% daily for 105 days (break-even in 70 days)
7. Ruby: 1.45% daily for 103 days (break-even in 69 days)
8. Diamond: 1.49% daily for 101 days (break-even in 67 days)

second method investment is called "Cold Storage". This method consists in transferring funds with a deposit freeze for 365 days (1 year). Accruals are also daily from 3.84% to 4.52%, depending on the status. Dividends are accrued in CLX, the more there are in the account, the higher the yield. CLX is the internal currency of the fund, which is now at the rate of 1 CLX = 4 USD. You can take profit in the form of CLX only after 90 days by sending a request to the administration.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Ddos-protection from Cloud Flare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 6 months)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique multi-language design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Detailed statistics of deposits and detailed technical analysis can be found here:

Discussion of the project on MMGP:

Payment systems: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Ripple, Tether, Monero, Lisk, Dash, Advcash, Perfect Money.
payment type: Hand. Commission for the withdrawal is missing.
Minimum withdrawal amount * - 10 $ or equivalent in cryptocurrency.
* Applications for withdrawal are submitted every Wednesday and processed until the nearest Friday.

Affiliate program (up to 10-level levels in depth): from 8% to 20.8% of the contributions of referrals in your structure.

Statuses and bonuses:
1. Bronze: 8% -3% -2% -1% -1% -1% (assigned after registration).
2. Silver: 8% -3% -2% -2% -1% -1% (personal contribution - $ 50, turnover - $ 1000, bonus - $ 50).
3. Gold: 8% -3% -2% -2% -1% -1% -0.5% (personal contribution - $ 50, turnover - $ 5000, bonus - $ 200).
4. Platinum: 8% -3% -2% -2% -2% -1% -1% (personal contribution - $ 250, turnover - $ 30000, bonus - $ 1000).
5. Sapphire: 8% -3% -2% -2% -2% -1% -1% (personal contribution - 1000 $, turnover - 100000 $, 2 Platinum levels in the 1st line, bonus - 5000 $).
6. Emerald: 8% -3% -2% -2% -2% -1% -1% -0.5% -0.3% (personal contribution - $ 2500, turnover - $ 250000, 2 Sapphire levels in the 1st line, bonus - 15000 $).
7. Ruby: 8% -3% -2% -2% -2% -1% -1% -05% -0.3% -0.2% (personal contribution - $ 10000, turnover - $ 750000, 2 Emerald levels in the 1st line, bonus - $ 45000).
8. Diamond: 8% -3% -2% -2% -2% -1% -1% -1% -0.5% -0.3% (personal contribution - $ 20000, turnover - $ 1500000, 2 Ruby levels in the 1st line, bonus - $ 80000 + 1% of the company's turnover on each first day of a new month).

Ticket system, online support, telegram-chat, telegram-channel, telegram-bot, social networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Conclusion: the platform is developed in the style of an ICO project with a full-fledged WhitePaper and its own cryptocurrency CryptoLux (CLX). The project is made as realistic as possible, there is a lot of information in different languages, the organizers took care to release a high-quality product and, in my opinion, they did it great. There are many different ways prepared for investors, but only one offer with a yield of 1.16% per day applies to workers. The effect of the deposit is calculated for the period until the total profit reaches 150%, for this tariff this will happen in about 129 days. The rest of the plans are designed for active program participants, i.e. for referrals, because basically the increase in the rank depends on the increase in turnover, and, consequently, the increase in the interest rate. You can also increase your profits by trading CLX currencies, transferring funds to "cold storage", participating in gambling and so on. The project is based on a self-written script, the offices have rich functionality, the opportunities here are very promising for long-term investments, but you still need to treat it as a high-risk source of income. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until October 1, 2018 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 9% of your deposit.

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