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Overview of the project Qualitative middle manager on a samopis script with a yield of 1,5% per day

In this review, we will look at the features of the new investment fund, which has been added to the blog in VIP-format. A well-prepared project looks promising in all respects, works on a samopisny script and boasts a well-designed design. Of particular note is the marketing from, which includes several existing plans, as well as closed tariffs, which will be activated during the operation of the fund. It is not necessary to wait for the opening of new conditions, because even now investors are offered various and in their own way attractive plans. started literally the other day, the spread of the industry is just beginning, and now is the time to pay attention to this site. (Project Start: January 20 2019 years) SCAM!

From the legend it follows that the investment project is owned by Cyber ​​Trade LTD, officially registered in the UK (No. 11741334 from 23.12.2018). The company conducts its business in the trading markets, using special information processing methods for successful transactions. The mining analysis system continuously processes data obtained from thousands of Internet sources and, based on the data obtained, operations are performed. More information about the legend of the fund can be found on its website, the certificate of registration is also presented there.

Design deserves special praise, as it is made at a high level and makes cooperation with the project not only simple, but also pleasant. In addition to the aesthetic advantage, the HYIP site has functionality and ease of navigation. You can find the sections you need without problems, and the main page allows you to find out all the information the investor needs. At the moment, the resource is available in three languages ​​- Russian, English and Chinese.

Marketing is the project is profitable, with the administration presenting several options for cooperation with various conditions to investors. Currently there are four tariffs, but there are also closed plans that will open as the fund operates. Of the active tariffs, plans with regular charges are of particular interest, and a plan with a deposit included in payments can be considered the safest.

Active fares:


  • 1,5% per day for 10 days
  • Deposit Size: from 10$ to 75$
  • Deposit body: refundable at maturity
  • Profit for the term: 15%


  • 120 10% over days
  • Deposit Amount: 25$ to 150$
  • Deposit and profit at the end of the term
  • Profit for the term: 20%


  • 8,7% per day for 15 days
  • Deposit amount: from 50$ to 350$
  • Deposit is included in the payment
  • Breakeven on 12 day
  • Profit for the term: 30%


  • 7,2% per day for 20 days
  • Deposit amount: from 100$ to 700$
  • Deposit is included in the payment
  • Breakeven on 14 day
  • Profit for the term: 44%

Currently unavailable plans:


  • 21,5% every 3 of the day
  • Investment Term: 21 day
  • Deposit Amount: 250$ to 1000$
  • Deposit is included in the payment
  • Breakeven after 15 days
  • Profit for the term: 50%


  • 52% once a week
  • Investment Term: 21 day
  • Deposit amount: from 500$ to 1500$
  • Deposit is included in the payment
  • Breakeven on 14 day
  • Profit for the term: 56%

The project has a limit: an investor can create no more than a 1 deposit for each tariff per day.

Technical part:

Samopisny script;
SSL- encryption from CloudFlare (for a year);
Unique design (three language versions: English, Russian and Chinese);
DDoS Cloudflare Protection;
Verified PM account.

Information on the monitors on which the fund is represented can be viewed here:

You can familiarize yourself with the dynamics of deposits and the status of the project at:

Detailed technical analysis of is available here:

The theme of the project and its discussion at the IEMP:

Payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.

Output type: Instant (instantly on request).

Minimal on output: 0.1 $, 0.03 ETH, 0.001 BTC.

Partnership program: three level - 5% -2% -1%.

Contacts: technical support service on the site.

our deposit: 300 $.

Hack and predictor Aviator: is a middle-income project with high-quality preparation and profitable marketing. This fund definitely deserves our attention, because it has its own interesting features and in general looks efficient. The site started the other day, you can see that there is no active advertising, which means that the administration has a competent approach to the promotion. It can be seen that the project was created for work, this is confirmed not only by a moderate advertising campaign, but also by limits on the amount of entry and the number of deposits. As for marketing, now there are four tariffs, special attention should be paid to plans with daily payments. As the fund works, two more high-yield plans will be opened, which are not yet available to investors. This will allow investors to stimulate interest in the project at different stages of its work, which means it will have a positive effect on the duration of the HYIP. On the blog is under "Deposit Protection" to 03.02.2019 with an increased fund of 500 $. Additionally, our partners receive a bonus in the amount of 6% from the deposit.

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    Received Payment 14.1 USD from account U12287794. Memo: Cybertrade loss compensation from the portal
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