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Day of aXpire! - or an outspoken story of the Chief Editor ...

Dear readers of the! Today we'll tell you about the interesting Axmore company Axpire -, and in a very exciting way! The Chief Editor of our portal, Alex Nikonov, personally will tell you about how he got acquainted with this company today. Recently, he has full administrative tasks, so he has no opportunity to learn new ICOs ... Next, at the request of the author, the story will be about the Day with aXpire And it will be from the first person

“I will tell you it at the beginning - this story will be presented in the most accessible form, because it has a lot of simple life moments of my working day. But about the information of the hot and successful aXpire project, you will get my evaluation of this project, the main details about it and a short process getting some info about it. I have not been following the new ICO for a very long time, but today, in the morning, I got new message in my telegram. My day with aXpire started and first thing that I am heard about was info about this project from my friend Tom. He threw the link and recommended to read this for an article on our blog.

Thinking not for a long time, I redirected this information to Tatiana, the only one journalist from our team, who was not on vacation at this moment, but she immediately responded to me, that she was seriously ill and it became clear to me - who would be working for the whole department today ...) And I was glad to do old forgotten articles and reviews, which for all time have written a lot .. I begin to explore ... A lot of frivolous projects of potential scams and a bunch of all boring… But then Tatyana asked me to get to know the project «aXpire", Again this name was sounded currently in my head, because AXP coins were bought with great force, and with each passing minute percentages were approaching the coveted" Hard Cap ", that is direct and not very much surprised me. Opening the topic on the forum BTT - I saw the usual presentation of the project, at first glance, with a fuzzy theory about the principle of work.

But as soon as I started to delve into it, I realized that aXpire It is an insanely interesting project. The fact that the business spends money; it helps to reduce the amount of waste and increase profitability. To ensure a greater extent in detail, they provide a smooth management of costs, in real time, using secure blockchain technology. It makes it possible for customers to make intuitively intelligent transactions. It is also recommended to use their internal costs. 

Sorry) I promised you more simple information ...) Generally is a cloud and advanced payment processing company linked to AI. They are a real company, with real incomes. Their business is different from LSG, LLC, the insurance company SaaS, which has a history working with Fortune 500 and home-name customers, such as Nike, Coca Cola and NFL.



They were founded in January 2017, headquartered in Manhattan, New York, with staff in London, India and Australia. Their object-oriented core technology was developed at the request of the first customer - One of the largest hedge funds in the world ($ 24Bn + AUM) [1] - to enable real-time visualization and management of payment processing processes through legal, stock accounting, administration and finance. And really, my friends, they have a fantastic team and great professionals!

When I began to study the company on their website, it turned out that Bounty0x is responsible for controlling this direction! This is a decentralized bonus management platform, allowing start-ups to place bounties and bounty hunters to complete them and get paid. In general, the whole company: the site, information, schedules, team, plans, road map and so on - it looks very good ... And now I see that 76% of the maximum is collected and going to write an article, went to the kitchen to make tea.

When I returned with a mug of a hot herbal drink 84% was already bought… Having updated my personal account, I saw that on my account the number of AXP sharply increased approximately in the equivalent of 1 cue ball! And realizing that the account is in fact our blogger Tatyana, who had to work hard to pick up the cue ball, for some reason decided to put all the means on this project ... But why worry about other people's bitcoins? - I thought, and went to smoke on the balcony. In the silence of the night, I thought about the hard day, the mug of delicious beer in the my lovely bar, and about the rest of the employees ... And about the Axpire like is an excellent product who left a weightier trace in Tatyana's life than just the main article of this fuc * ing long day. " 

ANN Bitcointalk -

80 Broad Street, 
New York, NY. 10004
+ 1-844-7-AXPIRE (297473)

* Our BTT account -;u=1473358;sa=summary