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Make purchases online and return the money through the CashBag service

CashBag Is a digital platform that allows you to save money on various purchases on the Internet. By using this service, buyers will be able to receive a certain percentage of their purchases. The accrued funds will go back to the wallet.

CashBag is used as an auxiliary service by many online stores.

Features of the CashBag platform

CashBag Is a service that provides an opportunity for all those who wish to conduct micropayments. In this case, the report on the performed operations is stored in the system memory. The returned funds are transferred to the electronic account specified by the user during registration. The terms for crediting funds can be from 24 hours to 1,5 months. It will not be possible to speed up this procedure. After all, the timing determines the features of the system, as well as its focus on maximum security. Today CashBag works effectively in numerous international markets. The developers of the project have made a list, which includes more than 150 advertisers. They also plan to develop further, gradually expand the project. By the second quarter of 2018 the number of partners will be 2500 of the trader companies.

All customers who used the CashBag platform, in the process of virtual shopping, will appreciate the following advantages of the service:

  • in case of purchase, a part of the funds spent is returned;
  • funds can be credited to the account very quickly (if a bank card was used);
  • with regular purchases through the Internet, the user will be able to save decent monetary amounts;
  • users can make payments (non-cash). This ensures maximum market transparency.

In addition, the application can be downloaded via Android. If necessary, users can use Firefox Safari Chrome - a special program to keep the device stable. It will be especially useful if purchases are made from tablets as well as from mobile phones. Users can download applications that can be used to reserve cash for the ultimate online shopping experience. The specialists will soon complete work on the iOS application.

Role of Blockchain

Integrating the main CashBag purse in Blockchain, experts create a mechanism for accelerating the calculation of cashback, stimulating all project participants. The goal is to allocate CashBag, offering participants easy to use, as well as the most convenient crypto currency asset. The remuneration token will be actively promoted.

Participants will earn Cyclic Currency CBC in addition to cashback. In doing so, the path for mass adaptation will be paved. Consumers will have the opportunity to earn tokens, simply making purchases from partners. Crypto currency provides attraction of new clients. Specialists make every effort to ensure that the participants are registered, carried out actions to obtain the relying funds. This will lead to higher incomes, a sufficient profitability of the project. CBC tokens will be used by advertisers to create advertising, as well as to stimulate customers through the CashBag platform.

CBC Token

The CBC token is an essential element that is powered by Ethereum. Ethereum is an open source distribution platform. It targets smart contracts. CBC tokens comply with the ERC20 standard. After the distribution of the initial token issue, no other cryptocurrency will be created. The CashBag system will pay its members additional funds for active work on the platform. This will use a 10: 1 incentive ratio. The remuneration is financed from the amount of profit received. Users purchase CBC tokens on the open market.

The interaction between the electronic purse and the linked bank accounts is carried out through the unique technology of the CashBag purse. All transactions involving the use of fiat funds are subject to the AML and KYC legislative procedures. Cyclic currency CBC can be used as follows:

  • to pay for advertising on the CashBag platform: advertisers, as well as trading companies that offer services, products on this site, can pay advertising fees using CBC tokens. As the price of the crypto currency is increased, the returns are valued at current market prices;
  • to pay for awards: participants can receive CBC CRO for exchanging quality, specially selected content, products, videos. On the platform, each user can get undeniable advantages from viewing, as well as from attracting quality material;
  • for trading tokens: Cyclic currency CBC can be traded. If necessary, it can be quickly exchanged. Trading tokens will be carried out on several exchanges. CBC tokens can be stored in any wallet (must be compatible).

Adding a VISA / Mastercard (debit card) allows participants to carry out transactions in different countries of the world. Tokens can be used to purchase advertising inventory by arranging payments through the advertiser interface. Token in this case is transferred through a clever contract in exchange for advertising services.

Terms of ICO CashBag

The main round of CBC sales of CBC started 12 in March, it will end on 9 April 2018. During this period, it is planned to sell 120 million. In the course of the crypto currency crisis CBC has a fixed rate. The price of the 1 token is ETH = 6000 CBC. At this stage ICO bonuses are not awarded to buyers. As soon as the ICO is over, the value of the tokens will be determined by the demand, as well as the offer in the open market. It should be noted that tokens can not be considered securities. This crypto currency is used exclusively for payment of services and purchase of goods.

To buy CBC tokens, CashBag members can only use ETH. This is the only acceptable currency. In this case, the user must have an Erhereum purse to participate in the initial sale. In the event that the buyer has Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, it can be exchanged for ETH to participate in the crowdsdale. It is not recommended to send coins from the stock exchange (there is a high probability that the owner will simply lose them).

Distribution of tokens



CashBag Is a promising project that was created in the South African region. It aims to bring back more cash to customers. Today, the platform unites 150 advertisers, as well as 135 participants from various countries. By launching the CBC token sale, the developers hope to continue spreading the project around the world. CBC tokens will be used as the main payment tool for services on the site.

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