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Overview project. Earn up to 150% of the contribution due to effective advertising.

AdsDivisionOn the review we have today a quality investment product, acting under the AdsDivision brand with the possibility of active and passive earnings. With the help of the site you can not only earn up to 150% of profits, but also advertise your sites or HYIP projects, ref. Reference. Marketing is competently thought out and designed to increase activity on the part of the participants due to planned increase in income + activists rely on additional buns. Before you start, do not be intimidated by the difficulty of doing the necessary steps to start the investment process. Observing the recommendations in the review, you can easily start earning with us. (Project start: June 28 2016 years) PROBLEMS

Draft AdsDivision In its specificity is an advertising and investment platform and part-time traffic exchange system, where each participant can advertise their links and banners, browse advertising sites for payment and earn through investment. The main commodity unit on the site is AdPack at an cost of 5 dollars, which in addition to investment features and accruals to buyers gives 250 unique conversions on your link, 300 banner impressions 125 * 125 and 200 banner impressions 468 * 60. The founders of the project are Jeff Martinez (general manager) and Tom Harding (specialist in working with clients). The company's office is located on the Marshall Islands, upon registration there is as yet no information on the site.

Design the project is unique and colorful, assembled from pleasing to the eye color shades. The main language on the site is English. The organizers worked hard to create high-quality and original content, diluting it with fresh graphic elements and professional video presentations. As the popularity of the project increased in different countries, Polish, Russian, Spanish and German versions of translations appeared and in the future this list is likely to grow even more. Of course, the quality of translations leaves much to be desired and requires a lot of work, but for convenience and ease of perception, it will do quite well. The personal account is rich in functionality, at first it will be difficult to figure it out, so below we attach a text instruction, or watch the videos published by the participants on the network on working with the project.

Investment framework Resource is to purchase AdPack ad packs worth 5 $ each. Charges are made at a floating rate daily in the region of 4.5% on average, initially was 2% -2.4% per day. To receive the charge, you need to view 10 AdPack ads per day, otherwise the interest per day will not be credited to your balance. Each AdPack package brings a basic profit from 105%, where net earnings are only 5%. To increase income, you need to join groups or create your own, subject to certain requirements. Thus, depending on the leader group, the minimum profit will be already 110% and as far as development can reach 150%.

Charge: 4.2% -4.8% daily (floating interest)
Cost of one AdPack package - $ 5
Deposit is included in the payment
Total profit percentage: from 105% to 150%

Brief instruction on investing:
1. Fill in all the fields of the registration form and confirm the activation by e-mail;
2. Replenish the balance: tab "Money" -> "Transfer", select a payment system, indicate the amount (multiple of $ 5) and transfer funds;
3. Create an advertising campaign (otherwise the AdPack cannot be purchased): the “Advertise” tab -> “AdPack”, on the opened page, the “New Advertising” tab, fill in all the fields and send them for approval (verification takes no more than an hour);
4. After checking the "Buy AdPacks" tab on the same page, indicate the required number of packages and buy;
5. From this moment, the accrual of profit at the final rate of 105% is in effect, in order to increase the income, again select the "Advertise" -> "AdPack" tab, there the "Groups" tab and select a group with free seats from the list;
6. To receive payments, you need to view 10 advertising sites once a day: "Earn" -> "AdPack".

Each member of the system can create groups to increase earnings through collective investment. When you create a group, you become its leader, anyone can enter it by giving away their packages. Each group has its own color, profitability, minimum investment limit for the leader and the total amount necessary to fill the group. Create a blue group, until the green has worked, it will not work, as well as create a yellow one, until blue works, etc.

- The green group converts 110% of the profit when filled for $ 1000, the minimum contribution for the leader is $ 100 (20 packages);
- The blue group converts 120% of the profit when filled at $ 5000, the minimum contribution for the leader is $ 500 (100 packages);
- The yellow group converts 130% profit when filling in $ 10000, the minimum contribution for the leader is $ 1000 (200 packages);
- The red group converts 140% of the profit when filled at $ 25000, the minimum contribution for the leader is $ 2500 (500 packages);
- Purple group converts 150% profit when filling in $ 50000, the minimum contribution for a leader is $ 5000 (1000 packages);

* Create a blue group, until the green has worked, it will not work, as well as create a yellow one until blue works, etc.

The instruction on earnings without attachments:
1. Log in and go to your account;
2. In the menu, select the "Earn" tab -> "CashLinks";
3. On the page that opens, we see buttons with the inscription "Claim" and the cost for viewing the advertisement;
4. Click on the button, browse the site and get paid.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Dedicated server
- DDoS-protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 6 months)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design, translated into 4 languages: Russian, English, Polish and Spanish.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, Payza.
payment type: Instant. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2, the maximum amount is $ 150 per day, there is no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program (three-level): 7% -2% -1% of the sum of your referrals + 100% of referral revenue when viewing ads.
7% of partner contributions 1-level
2% of partner contributions 2-level
1% of partner contributions 3-level

Feedback form and social networks.

Conclusion: A good opportunity not only to earn from 105% to 150% of the amount spent on the purchase of advertising packages, called AdPack, but also propiarit their sites, getting targeted visitors. Immediately after purchasing packages, join groups or, if you know how to invite partners, create your own. Thus, the minimum income at the initial stage of project development will change from 105% to 110%. After passing the circle, the final profit will gradually increase by about 10% per month, so up to 150%. What to do and where to press above painted, we hope our instructions will help you at the start. Be sure to remember every day to watch ads on 10 sites for profit, otherwise you will not receive a profit for the day. For passive participants who do not want to contribute, there are also offers to earn on viewing advertising sites and the affiliate program. In general, the organizers did a good job creating an original investment and advertising platform with high capabilities and a perspective for mutually beneficial and long-term work. Probably, in the future there will be many more pleasant news and surprises from the administration, gradually known refractors with their structures join here, it should be hot, we recommend. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 5 September 2016 year with the fund from 300 $. We offer our partners a refund of 6% from your deposit.

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  1. Avatar photo Tasha:

    Lara, I congratulate you! You have come under the protection of deposits, the project is approaching the scum, so that you can already learn how to properly order compensation)))

  2. Avatar photo Lara:

    Hello. She ordered a refbe. Today I made a deposit of 5 $ and 10 $. I specify this, because in the form to receive the reflex indicated the amount of 15

  3. Avatar photo Lara:

    Hello. I understand correctly - if you do not answer, then my assumptions are correct?

  4. Avatar photo Lara:

    Good day. Please tell me - can you withdraw money only when the package has worked out? To withdraw only the wallet from which the deposit was made to the payment? THANKS.

  5. Avatar photo Tasha:

    Thanks for the next refback! 08.11.16 18: 58 Account Receive + 0.6 Received Payment 0.6 USD from account U1854268 to account U91 *****. Batch: 142884509. Memo: API Payment. Refback for from the portal