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Overview of the project. A new investment bot with lucrative plans from 4% per day + Deposit Protection Fund at least $ 1000.

cryptobotThe guest of today's review was a novelty in the image of the CryptoBot, based on the Telegram online messenger. The site is perfectly prepared from all sides, quite informative and functional. The basis of marketing is concluded in two plans with no return on investment with a rate of 4% to 5% per day for 40 days, the total profit is 160% and 200% based on the results of the full circle. The admin has set the bar high for promotion, advertising costs go in decent amounts, which noticeably affects the positive effect and accumulated interest from potential participants. The project settled on the portal in a VIP-format with a good offer for refback and an increased fund for "Protection of deposits" from $ 1000 for all our partners, we recommend. (Project start: November 11 2016 years)  SCAM!

According to the legend an innovative company CryptoBot Innovative Trading LTD is engaged in cryptocurrency trading on world cryptocurrency exchanges. When concluding transactions, new trading technologies are used to quickly respond and identify good moments for buying or selling cryptographic currency. There can be several thousand such transactions per day, in the process of trading the human factor is almost completely excluded, weeding out suspicious contracts. The company strives to be the leading leader in the cryptocurrency trading market, therefore it uses only innovative technologies and the best software in its work. The provision of services to CryptoBot Innovative Trading LTD is supported by an official document in the form of a certificate registered on October 24, 2016 (reg. Number: 10442235).

Design The project is unique, to get acquainted with the details of investing on the site there is everything necessary, including feedback from satisfied investors and professional video presentation in English and Russian. Readability of content is even more expanded, for today the resource is translated into 6 languages, among them Russian and English are standard, and also German, Spanish, Chinese, and French. Judging by the high activity of visitors from Brazil (according to Alexa) there is not enough in the list of the Portuguese translation, perhaps the administration will take note of this point. The whole process of investing is through the Telegram application, it's not difficult to understand, the main thing is to install it on your device or use the web-version. From there you can get to the page of your personal cabinet, where you keep a record of all your financial transactions and partnership activity. By the way, over the advertising materials, the developers have also worked well, their profile is unusually large, which will help you in finding partners.

Investment Plans Oriented both for the majority of users with small capital, and for real professionals with large investments. The difference between them is of course at the starting minimum, and, as is known, the larger the amount, the higher the final yield. Depending on the size of the investment, the accrual rate is 4% and 5% every day. Regardless of the amount, the deposit placement period is set for 40 calendar days, because the deposit body is included in daily charges, then the payback of investments will take place no later than 25 days. You can become an investor with the financing of only 10 $ (the minimum amount to create a deposit).

1. "Normal" plan
4% daily for 40 days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 50000
Deposit is included in the payment
Overall profitability - 160%
Going through the breakeven 25 days

2. VIP plan
5 40% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 5000 - $ 500000
Deposit is included in the payment
Overall profitability - 200%
Going through the breakeven 20 days

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- DDoS protection from CoverDdos
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year) + GreenBar
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique multi-language design
- The project works through Telegram app.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash.
payment type: Instant. The minimum amount and no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program (three-level): 10% -3% -1% on your partner contributions.
10% of partner contributions 1-level
3% of partner contributions 2-level
1% of partner contributions 3-level
Our ID: 137470658

Telegram: @procryptobot
Telegram: @Cryptobotsupport (support)
Address, a news channel in a telegram, chats on 10 different languages ​​and social groups. network VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, on the YouTube channel.

Conclusion: a strong medium-interest project based on Telegram technologies, participation without this messenger is not possible. The latest examples of the current trend have shown themselves not on their best side, however, after a series of black bars, a white one must appear, one would like to hope that CryptoBot is just the very white bar behind which a stable profit spreads. The admin carefully prepared for the launch of the project, provided an excellent business card site with a personal account and perfectly equipped it with technical parameters. The key marketing proposal is a 40-day plan with a daily accrual of a part of the deposit and interest at a rate of 4% every 24 hours, but the admin does not exclude the catch of buratins with deposits of $ 5000 or more, where the interest rate per day is set at 5%. The admin is certainly experienced, in parallel with advertising on specialized resources, he is promoting the project on social networks and national chats. Having weighed all the pros and cons, we added our own money to the listing, which is not a call to invest in any way, but purely our subjective opinion. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until December 20, 2016 with a fund of $ 1000. We offer our partners a refund of 12% of your deposit.

24 reviews to "Review of the project. New investment bot with profitable plans from 4% per day + Fund" Protection of deposits "at least $ 1000."

  1. Avatar photo Yaguar2016:

    Expected, because of this Dept. makes only $ 25, looking at the insurance fund $ 1000, really need to pay tribute to some nerves and iron skamopad bots that every time and spend less and less, stopped by depov in 200 $. Thus reducing the chances of conscious investors at least not to lose their own, it's sad.

  2. Avatar photo said2422:

    Hello everybody. But no one did not expect.

  3. Avatar photo Ramin:

    Vse uje kinuli eti

  4. Avatar photo Vlad52:

    Refbek 3 in the amount of dollars for received. Thank you