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Overview project. Unique system of earnings growth Bitcoins to 300% per annum.

InternationalReserveSystemWe draw your attention to the appearance on the Profit-Hunters portal of a fresh investment product of the International Reserve System with original marketing and a powerful affiliate program with numerous bonuses for showing activity. The project itself is still on the pre-launch, and only from 21 in August will the official launch of the International Reserve System with a presentation in Israel be announced, but now you can create deposits, invite people and build your structures. Many global network marketing leaders have taken the project into their portfolios, which means only a constant and guaranteed growth of investments and dynamic development. In the future, offices will be opened in different countries, so hurry to take the ranks among the first and start earning. (Project Start: July 13 2016 years).  SCAM!

According to the legend The International Reserve System was created by Israeli developers in order to manipulate the growth of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency rate due to the gradual withdrawal of Bitcoin_s in free circulation, thereby ensuring profit for investors. The model for accelerated appreciation is calculated and economically justified, money is not accumulated on a certain account, but is on the wallets of the participants in the system with a high level of trust and a rank not lower than Camerius. For convenience of settlement, the internal currency Reserve Money (RM) has been created within the system, which will grow in accordance with the growth rate of the world cryptocurrency. International Reserve System LTD is registered in the UK on an official basis, as evidenced by a certificate from 6 July 2016 of the year (reg. Number: 10265009).

Design The project is absolutely unique, or rather its interior, since the site itself is not yet completed and will be presented to the public only after the official launch. The functionality of the resource deserves the most ambitious praise, here each element is worthy of a positive evaluation. From the personal account you can get to the information sections, for beginners this part will be especially necessary. The text layout can change in three languages ​​(English, Chinese and Spanish), unfortunately, the Russian version of the site does not exist yet, but it is only a matter of time, since the main share of investment in such projects is occupied by users with Russian roots. You can get into the office by going through the registration procedure and filling in all the necessary fields, then activating your account by clicking on the link on the mail dedicated to this project.

Investment Plans represented by a line of 5 packages with a fixed price from 100 $ to 7000 $ per package. From the name of the acquired package depends on the further value of receiving bonus reward for attracted partners, but more on that later. So, the amount spent on the purchase of one of the packages is converted into the reserve currency of Reserve Money. To date, the rate is 1RM = 1 $, but after the official start, the rate on Reserve Money will increase daily, providing an increase of about 16.66% -22% per month. After the package is purchased, the currency is frozen for 1 year (365 days), and every day the defrost will be carried out on the 1 / 365 share of the total cost. You can sell unfrozen RM currency once a week, but you can spend it on buying packages to other members of the international system.

1. Bronze Package
Package price - $ 100
Line Bonus: 50% of partner bonus
Team Matrix Bonus: 5%
The period of validity of partner accruals - 45 days
Estimated income: 16.66% -22% per month.

2. Silver Package
Package price - $ 350
Line Bonus: 60% of partner bonus
Team Matrix Bonus: 8%
The validity period of partnership accruals is 3 months
Estimated income: 16.66% -22% per month.

3. Gold Package
Package price - $ 1000
Line Bonus: 80% of partner bonus
Team Matrix Bonus: 10%
The validity period of partner accruals is 6 months
Estimated income: 16.66% -22% per month.

4. Platina Package
Package price - $ 3000
Line Bonus: 100% of partner bonus
Team Matrix Bonus: 11%
The validity period of partner accruals is 9 months
Estimated income: 16.66% -22% per month.

5. Palladium package
Package price - $ 7000
Line Bonus: 110% of partner bonus
Team Matrix Bonus: 12%
The validity period of partner accruals is 12 months
Estimated income: 16.66% -22% per month.

How to purchase the package:
1. We fill in personal data and details in profile settings
2. Select an investment package and click the "Deposit" button
3. In the window that opens, copy the amount and wallet to transfer
4. Next, from your wallet Bitcoin manually transfer to the copied details
5. After the transfer, make a screen to confirm the payment package
6. In the opened window from p. 3 attach the screen by transferring or selecting a file on the computer
7. The "Paid" button appears, click on it
8. Within an hour (usually earlier), the funds will appear on your balance sheet and begin to make a profit.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain purchased at 20 years (2002 years)
- dedicated server
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year) + GreenBar
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design, translated into 3 languages: English, Spanish and Chinese.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Payment systems: Only Bitcoin.
payment type: Manual. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5, there is no commission.

Affiliate program (14 levels): 8%-7%-7%-6%-6%-5%-5%-5%-3%-3%-3%-3%-3%-3% от суммы вкладов ваших партнеров.

The amount of referral reward directly depends on your current rank in the system and the name of the purchased package. In total, 7 ranks were invented, each of them opens due to its own activity and activity in the structure. Due to obtaining a new rank, more levels are opened in depth (minimum - 2 levels, maximum - 14 levels). As for the purchased packages, here you need to look at the percentage of the bonus for partners (line bonus). If the package indicates 50%, and according to the affiliate program for the 1st level, 8% of the referral bonus is put, then the referrer will receive 4% of the cost of the package he has purchased for the new partner. If you bought a package for $ 3000, where the linear bonus is 100%, then for the purchase of packages by your referrals, you will receive a referral. commission in full.

Conditions for obtaining ranks:
Member - 1 partner attracted by you;
Partner - 3 partners attracted by you and a turnover of investments in the 1st line in the amount of $ 1000;
Magister - 5 partners you attracted and a turnover of investments in the 1st line in the amount of $ 10000 or more;
Camerarius - 7 partners you attracted, turnover of investments in the 1st line in the amount of $ 15000 and the total turnover in the structure in the amount of $ 50000 or more (excluding the largest branch);
Curator - 9 partners you attracted, turnover of investments in the 1st line in the amount of $ 20000 and the total turnover in the structure in the amount of $ 250000 or more (excluding the largest branch);
Praetor - 15 partners attracted by you, investment turnover in the 1st line in the amount of $ 25000 and the total turnover in the structure in the amount of $ 1000000 or more (excluding the largest branch);
Consul - 25 partners you attracted, turnover of investments in the 1st line in the amount of $ 35000 and the total turnover in the structure in the amount of $ 2500000 (excluding the largest branch).

For clarity, let's leave an image that displays the entire qualification scheme of ranks and the percentage of accruals by level:


Additional reward for achieving rank:
Magister - a certificate for the amount of 500 usd for the purchase of office equipment;
Camerarius - 2000 usd to buy valuable jewelry or gold watches;
Curator - 35000 usd to buy a car;
Praetor - up to USD 100000 to buy your own apartment;
Consul - up to 300000 usd for the purchase of luxury real estate.

For active partners there is another type of partnership reward, called command matrix bonus. This bonus is charged after the matrix is ​​closed in the structure according to the scheme 3-9-27. This is when you invited 3-s people, each of them will also invite three, and they in turn should invite another 3 partner, after which the matrix closes and you get a bonus. Thus, it is possible to create matrix schemes unlimited number of times. The percentage of the command matrix bonus (specified in each tariff separately) depends on the package you purchased and the total amount spent on the purchase of packages by your matrix partners.

Feedback form, social networks and YouTube channel.

Conclusion: definitely recommended project, still working in the prelaunch mode, but this does not prevent to evaluate the full power of the internal functionality and take advantage of generous offers on a multi-level affiliate program with a system of ranks and additional bonuses. Marketing is represented by investment packages with a minimum contribution of 100 $, the purchase of a package at this stage is possible only with the help of the Bitcoin payment system. All funds are transferred to the internal currency of Reserve Money for a period of 1 year and due to the growth rate of the domestic rate, on average by 20% monthly, the participants' profits increase. At the same time every day 1 / 365 part of the deposit will be displayed on the account balance. Thus, the less often you will withdraw from the project, the more the profit will accumulate due to the increase in the rate. Before the official start, 21 August, the Reserve Money rate will be unchanged and equal to one dollar. The development of the International Reserve System promises to be productive and long, because this includes serious network leaders, and a deep ranking affiliate will light a fire in each of them, which will lead to activity on a large-scale geographical scale. We recommend to carefully deal with the work of the project and allocate a share of funds for inclusion in the personal portfolio. The project is located on our portal under the “Deposit Protection” until October 1 2016 of the year with a foundation of 300 $. For our partners, we offer refund of the refund 8% of your deposit.

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  1. Avatar photo Friend:

    WHY SCAM? I received a payment from the project

  2. Avatar photo nasty13:

    Last year, after weeks of 3 after registering with the project, they called me, introduced themselves from the company, and asked if I understood everything about earnings in the program. I was even a little confused, because I didn’t immediately remember what kind of site it was. An adult female voice, spoke in Russian, but it was heard that, as if a little with an accent, said that she would send me instructions to the post office. This is the only time I have been called or contacted by a similar project.
    Funny ...

  3. Avatar photo Max:

    Thank! refback in the project
    1M9yt ​​************* vzynKJK 0.0137 BTC

  4. Avatar photo Alexbul:

    borkaplan, prepared a detailed overview of working with the project.

  5. Avatar photo borkaplan:

    I am registered in the INTERNATIONAL RESERVE project and want to register
    How to open a wallet and exchange bitcoen know.
    . I do not understand how to buy packages. Explain in more detail.
    Best regards Boris