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PerfectMonet Epaycore Yandex Money Payeer Okpay Qiwi Payza BTC project overview. 200% profit in 40 days + $ 500 in the "Protection of Deposits" fund.

MacauCauWe took several quality investment sites on the portal, one of which is MacauCau. The project is a system of doubling deposits with a well thought out balanced marketing and elegant conditions for the 14-tiered partner program for an active audience of users. Participants are offered to buy tickets with a face value of 25 $, 50 $, 75 $ or 100 $ and within 40 days to double the amount of their value. The first profit can already be obtained through 5 days, to activate a personal cabinet, it is required to deposit 5 $ in one of the available ways PerfectMoney or Bitcoin. A lot of advertisers from different countries have become interested in the resource, the site is translated into 6 languages, the development is systematic, we will build our structure here. (Project start: June 3 2016 years) SCAM

project MacauCau is a unique game in the style of "Profit Game", which has won the trust of thousands of people from all over the world. The playground does not provide for legends about making money in various sectors of the economy and other industries, just as there are no offices and registration documents. The entire game process is carried out directly between the participants themselves, the funds are not accumulated on the accounts of the site organizers, but are with the players. The strategy of the game is built from the wishes of the participants themselves, either you are an active player or an ordinary user, the degree of your enrichment in the project depends on this.

Design The project has a bright colorful color scheme with an original idea, sometimes it seems that you are on a lottery resource with individual rules of the game. This is partly true, because MacauCau is a playground where you also need to buy tickets. Easy navigation will not mislead you, and the original textual accompaniment is set out as much as possible for a complete understanding of the essence of the gameplay, especially the section "Rules of participation" should be given credit. For a better perception by participants from different countries, all the information on the site is translated in 6 language variations: English, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish.

As the investment plans in MacauCau project presented tickets with a fixed nominal value. Each ticket has a price and is divided into coupons for $ 25. Depending on the purchased ticket system will give you up to 2 8 from these coupons, which will be filled in the amount of $ 1.25 to 5 $ daily (5% of the ticket price). As soon as one of the coupons filled at $ 25 it can be sold to other members of the system by pressing the corresponding button on the LC. Thus, the filling of the coupons will go as long as you do not double your investment. The period during which you get 200 40% of profit is equal to calendar days.

1. Ticket Koi 25:
5% (1.25 $) daily 40 days
Ticket price: $ 25
Number of Coupons: 2
Filling one coupon: every 20 days
The total profit - 200%

2. Ticket Toad 50 $:
5% (2.5 $) daily 40 days
Ticket price: $ 50
Number of Coupons: 4
Filling one coupon: every 10 days
The total profit - 200%

3. Ticket Elephant 75:
5% (3.75 $) daily 40 days
Ticket price: $ 75
Number of Coupons: 6
Filling one coupon: every 6-7 days
The total profit - 200%

4. Ticket Toad 100 $:
5% (5 $) daily 40 days
Ticket price: $ 100
Number of Coupons: 8
Filling one coupon: every 5 days
The total profit - 200%

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- ssl encryption from Comodo (for 11 months)
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique multi-language design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

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Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin.
payment type: Hand (up to 72 hours to find a buyer before 24 + hours on payment).
The minimum amount for withdrawal of $ 25 (coupon rate).
Commission for deposit - 1%, there is no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program (14-tiurovnevaya): to 45% of the amount of your purchases all attracted clients + free coupons as a gift.
Koi: 5% -2% -1% (all subsequent levels) - standard condition;
Toad: 10% -5% -3% -2% -1% (all subsequent levels) - buy tickets for 250 usd;
Elephant: 20% -5% -3% -2% -1% (all subsequent levels) - buy tickets for 500 usd;
Dragon: 20% -10% -3% -2% -1% (all subsequent levels) - buy tickets for 1000 usd.

Bronze: standard condition
Silver: each 15-th coupon as a gift for attracting x 3-1-referrals in the first line and 15-five referrals in the entire structure;
Gold: each 10-th coupon as a gift for attracting 5-five referrals in 1-th line and 30-five referrals in the whole structure.

feedback form, online support, internal chat, social groups. networks.

Conclusion: the project of the international format MacauCau stands out for its innovative approach to investment and organizational preparation. The creators were able to implement a really interesting game where you can increase your investment up to 200% in 40 days, as well as get additional profit thanks to a multi-level affiliate program and a bonus system. The principle of marketing is to buy tickets for an amount that is a multiple of 25 USD (from $ 25 to $ 100), and then sell these tickets for a double amount. We remind you that to activate the account and full access to the functionality, you need to transfer $ 5 to the referral wallet - this is a prerequisite, if you do not fulfill it, you will not be able to participate. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until July 1, 2016 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 10% of your deposit.

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    Yes, that's right)) I didn’t have enough $ 5 to fill out the coupons, I thought it got stuck) everything was filled today ... The interest rate was changed)) Now we need not 40 days, but 56))

  2. Avatar photo reks5555:

    Chat support is said that the rules had changed. Saturday and Sunday weekend. All of calculation and sale of coupons on weekdays. We'll wait until Monday.

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    Thank you for an instant refbek !!!
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    The first ticket sold from 4 .Received Payment 25.00 USD from account U11753996 to account U11951hhh. Batch: 137284957. Memo: API Payment. PAYORDER.

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