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We took the project "Under protection".

Before 12.02.18g.


20 $ -500 $: 0.8% per day for 20 business days;
501 $ -3000 $: 0.9% per day for 40 business days;
3001 $ -20k $: 1.1% per day on 80 working days (Agreement with the company for a deposit);
20001 $ -1kk $: 1.2% per day on 100 working days (Agreement with the company for a deposit);

The deposit is returned at the end of the deposit term.
The accrual of profit occurs all at a time in 00.00 according to the time of the project.

The minimum withdrawal to payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash is 1 $.
Other payment systems: 10 $ USA.

How unusual? A powerful new middler on the script.
Excellent technology, registration in Australia, an agreement for serious investors.
Publications in the media, work with bank cards - All we recommend!

Accepts: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, QIWI, Yandex Money, Visa / Mastercard

our deposit: 300 $

return refkomissii: 6% of your deposit!

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  1. Avatar photo Lynn:

    cockroaches in the public catering

  2. We did a great job and in January I also went a little bit. I made a profit. But you know - since they started, it didn't suit me right away. It's just that when I began to draw a conclusion, I barely figured out how and what. That was, the interface to the output was not very important. Then immediately the system did not allow withdrawing the entire amount of profit (for the first time). I began to write in support, only the second time they answered from their email. what and write a pier in those support at this address. those can be said with grief, in half answered. that and you just order a withdrawal by 1 cent less and the system will release your money. That is, I spent several days trying to figure it out. It is clear that they were just starting, not everything was debugged, but guys, after such movements, what kind of trust can there be in you? Who knows you - maybe you run your project at a minimum and that's it. But it turned out that they drove to the maximum. It's a shame, of course, that he earned so much profit, but he did not lose it. You are already there who launches such projects, take into account at least what opinion about you will be formed initially - after all, such time many projects simply burn without really starting. Therefore, no one wants to risk in vain! And therefore you lose clients in turn. Good luck!))

  3. Avatar photo alex:

    The exact copy of the Maccau Group same tariff plans the same interest rates

  4. Avatar photo Cezi83:

    Rashid, do you think that people here do not invest their money? You are mistaken! Or do you think that they do not pay? Too mistaken. I'm ready to argue (to prove it easily).
    PS Since the screenshot cannot be attached, I give a direct link to my screenshot with the permission of the Profit-Hunters administration -

  5. Avatar photo Rashid:

    Show your screenshots of attachments, otherwise I can also say that I have invested 1 million dollars ???

  6. Avatar photo Botan:

    Everything is great, people pay money. The deposit is already open, interest is accrued. With 1000 $ comes a very decent amount. Personally, I recommend Australianinv, and you yourself think.

  7. Avatar photo radic:

    Hello, I'm new, please explain to me how to invest what actions I need to do how to get a card shorter than the whole sequence of actions

  8. Avatar photo Jorka:

    Everything is simple and honest. Put on 40 days 600 $, and every day I get on 5.4 $, which corresponds to the declared 0.9%.

  9. Avatar photo Maxim Rog:

    It's a pleasure to work with a company that is honest with its investors. Powerfully entered, powerfully continue to walk. I withdrawn money a couple of times - quickly. I will work further, naturally.

  10. Avatar photo ewq.kop:

    Refback on the project received.