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Overview of the project. Service of service of trading groups with profitableness up to 10% per day.

A relatively new investment platform with long plans and floating yields, falling under the criteria of all categories from low-interest to fast, was added to monitoring on the terms of premium listing. Visually, the resource does not stand out as anything special, but it outperforms many peers in terms of functionality and content. The marketing part has a selection of investment offers from third-party providers of trust management services for the attracted capital. In fact, the organizers simply place the safest offers for investors at their site and are not responsible for their stable operations. How this happens, let's analyze. (Project Start: July 20 2017 years). SCAM!

According to the legend Chain Group Escrow serves as an intermediary between investors and trading platforms and selects investment proposals from third-party groups. The service accepts investments for personal purposes only for one investment plan at 0.2% per day for the development and maintenance of the service, improving the technical support, creating professional multimedia materials, conducting marketing research and other services. All independent trading groups posted on the site are not the property of the project and are third-party, which are somehow related to cryptocurrency trading on well-known exchanges, only the methods and strategies for each group are different. The Chain Group Escrow resource does not recommend trading on your own, but offers to take advantage of the lucrative offers of experts in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Design The project is constructively simple and laconic at first glance; such works were popular in the last decade. In fact, the site has professionally immense content and works on a self-written script with excellent functionality. For a start, using the resource is inconvenient due to the lack of Russian-language material, but the online translator does its job perfectly, broadcasting the English layout in Russian. Be sure to go through the sections "Terms of Service" and "FAQ", which are really designed in the most detailed form. For completeness, there is not enough information on the website of the live support service, perhaps over time this will be taken into account.

On Investment program In, investors need to independently choose a trading group for investment, read its offer and transfer funds to management. In total, today the marketing platform provides 5 trading groups with a daily charge from 0.1% to 10% per day for 120-500 calendar days. According to the terms of each trading group, the profitability can be floating or fixed, the refund of the deposit is basically provided at the end of the term, but there is an option with a deposit included in the payment. Also, in a number of cases, it is possible to use the compounding option (0% -50% -100%) and early withdrawal of the deposit with the commission. At the most long-term tariff 500 days, a fixed rate of 0.2% of the amount is charged. The minimum contribution for investment is 5 dollars. Charges are made every day in 00: 00 by UTC (03: 00 by MSC).

1. Chain Trade Group
0.2 500% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 1000000
Return of the deposit at the end of
available compounding
Early withdrawal of the deposit is not possible
Expected profit - 100%

2. TG Thomas
0.1% -1.7% daily 300 days (floating rate)
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 300000
Return of the deposit at the end of
available compounding
Early withdrawal of the deposit with the commission 20%
Average profit percentage - 270%

3. Dragon Foundation
0.1% -6% daily 180 days (floating rate)
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 500000
Return of the deposit at the end of
Compounding is not available
Early withdrawal of the deposit with the commission 50%
Average profit percentage - 530%

4. BitStrong
0.1% -3% daily 250 days (floating rate)
Min / max contribution: $ 5 - $ 500000
Return of the deposit at the end of
available compounding
Early withdrawal of the deposit with the commission 30%
Average profit percentage - 360%

5. CloudShare
0.1% -10% daily 120 days (floating rate)
Min / max contribution: $ 25 - $ 100000
Deposit is included in the payment
available compounding
Early withdrawal of the deposit is not possible
Average profit percentage - 490%

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- The domain is redeemed for 10 years (up to 2026 year)
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 9 months)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Discussion of the project on MMGP:

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies through the CoinPayments service.
payment type: Manual (up to 24 hours), withdrawal commission - 0.5%.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 $ (AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer), 0.01 ETH (Ethereum), 0.001 BTC (Bitcoin).

Affiliate Program: 5% of the amount invested by your referrals.

Telephone: + 1 202 600 82 48
The form of feedback, social networks Twitter and Youtube.

Conclusion: in practice, such projects can live long enough, because the principle of its operation is based on the placement of investment proposals from third-party resource managers that have passed the selection stage. Those. it turns out a system that is popularly voiced as "HYIP in HYIP", and many probably already had to deal with analogues of such a system. Thus, the portfolio of deposit offers can be periodically expanded with new tariffs with a range of flexible charges from 0.1% to 10% per day, but the administration does not give a 100% guarantee for the operation of the existing tariffs. In such cases, a stabilization fund is provided for compensation payments. According to the yield charts, the most favorable rate is the Dragon Foundation. Only for the last week, the profit on it was about 30%, but the percentage at any time can change by 0.1% per day for an indefinite time, which will also be within the framework of the agreement you have adopted - this must be taken into account. The project is definitely worth considering for the future, marketing offers long-term conditions with viable plans, promotion is moderate. The project is also on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until September 1, 2017 with a fund of $ 300. We offer our partners a refund of 6% of your deposit.

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