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Overview of the project. Welcome from the Pope in the amount of 20% per day for a week.

Visiting the portal is an excellent hourly service from the factory administrator, known on the web as "Papa" or "Smith". The project itself belongs to the category of fasts with a net income of 40% in just a week. Accruals are made in live format, i.e. every second, the withdrawal of profit is carried out instantly from 10 cents on the balance sheet. By technical standards, the project is equipped with modern software, based on a self-written script. To create deposits, a full complex of payment systems is connected with the ability to place them in any currency. (Project start: October 15 2017 years). SCAM!

According to the legend The Good from the Pope project is a private research organization that invests in the development of social society, as well as in the development of medicine and pharmaceutical companies with the aim of improving health and living conditions. It is unlikely that this direction can bring such a profit, which is offered by the organizers of the project, but there is a legend and we have to voice it as part of the review. The Good from Dad project has been officially registered as the British company Dobro Father Limited since October 13, 2017 (registration number: 11011902).

Design the site is an exact copy of the spring project "Making Good", in fact, as well as all the content is pulled from there. The admin could only go through the texts and replace some words to suit his needs, which he did. For serious investors, such negligence in preparation is unacceptable, but this project is designed more for vk players and fans of high-yield offers. If we disregard the used template, then the whole resource looks fresh and friendly, so to speak kindly. The site is multilingual and has more than 10 different languages, including a Russian version. We have worked with adaptability for mobile devices, so it will be convenient to use the investment platform wherever you are.

investment plan is promising and offers investors high-speed accrual of profit in a second-time format with an outgoing yield of 140% for 7 calendar days. The daily amount of profit will be 20% of the deposit, and since the deposit is included in payments on the marketing condition, the net yield reaches 40% at the end of the term. The minimum contribution is only 1 dollar.

20% daily for 7 calendar days (0.83% per hour)
Minimal deposit: 1 USD, 62 RUB, 0,0003 BTC or 0.0035 ETH
Periodicity of charges: every second
Deposit is included in the payment
Total yield - 140%
Going through the breakeven 5 days

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Dedicated server
- Hosting: OOO Freenet Group
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- RM-Verified Account
- Non-unique design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Discussion of the project on MMGP:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Qiwi, YandexMoney.
payment type: Instant. Commission for withdrawal no.
The minimum amount per output: 0.1 $, 10 rubles, 0.0003 BTC, 0.0035 ETH.

Affiliate Program (four-level): 7% -2% -1% -1% on your partner contributions.
7% of partner contributions 1-level
2% of partner contributions 2-level
1% of partner contributions 3-level
1% of partner contributions 4-level

In order to receive an increased referral reward to 10% of the partners' deposits in the 1 line, it is necessary to increase the turnover of the attracted investments in its team.

The address, the form of feedback, online support, news telegram-channel, telegram-chat, the official group in the social network Vkontakte.

Conclusion: with advertising, the admin does not hurry, it's true, but we do not advise you to think long, or to stop by now, or not to go at all, because daily income for 20% of the deposit does not have a long life. In defense of zakidona admin went public with a used design, but technically provided the project with an excellent build, even spent on processing documents. Marketing here is really fat and affordable for everyone with a minimum of 1 $, profit on the balance grows every second, and payments are made in an instant-mode. The payback of the deposit is 5 days, display the profit more often and report the conclusions to mmgp, tk. admin is generous to posters and in case of losses is ready to compensate losses for active participants. In turn, we will also provide you with financial support if you register through our affiliate link. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 27 January 2018 year with the fund from 500 $. We offer our partners a refund of 8% from your deposit.

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44 review of the " project overview.Good from the Pope in the amount of 20% per day for a week."

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    Refback, project:
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    No. its skam

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    Does this program pay?