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Overview of the project Investments in diamonds from 17% to 31% per month.

Activity at the best without modesty investment portal Profit Hunters starts to increase even more at the end of summer, and today within the framework of the review we want to tell you about the investment attractiveness of the medium-profit project, posted on the portal in the VIP format. The project includes a thought-out perpetual marketing with a monthly return of 17% to 31%, depending on the value of the package you bought. The fund has been operating for more than 100 days, the dynamics of development is gradually growing, therefore, despite the long-term plans, we recommend to look at this project. (Project Start: May 10 2017 years).  SCAM

According to the legend Solis is a business club of professional experts in the jewelry industry. The company's specialists work in various countries: South Africa, India, USA, Australia, Belgium and others. The staff includes all the necessary specialists engaged in the search, extraction, processing of precious stones, the purchase or sale of finished products. The "diamond" legend has already been a little ousted from the industry, so you can't call it hackneyed now, but on the whole, everything is described quite plausibly.

Design Project corresponds to the thematic content on jewelry production. The variety of jewelry on the pages of the site is excessive, which emphasizes the subtlety of the idea conceived. Externally, the site catches a solid look and original information. A resource with one English language was started, then with a periodicity of about a month French and Russian versions of the site translation were added. The main page is informative, traditionally there are prepared tariff plans with a profit calculator, and a qualitative two-minute video presentation is also mounted. The design of the site has an adaptive look and adapts itself to different widths of the screen.

Investment Plans divided into three groups of packages with a yield of 17% to 31% per month on an unlimited basis, the body of the deposit is not returned. Interest is calculated daily on weekdays in accordance with the selected tariff, payments are made only on Fridays. Participation in the program is available from just $ 1 - the nominal value of the minimum package, the number of packages on each tariff is limited.

1. Fast start
0.77% per day (17% per month) with a deposit of $ 1 - $ 25 (1-25 packages of $ 1)
0.82% per day (18% per month) with a deposit of $ 5 - $ 50 (1-10 packages of $ 5)
0.86% per day (19% per month) with a deposit of $ 10 - $ 100 (1-10 packages of $ 10)
0.91% per day (20% per month) with a deposit of $ 25 - $ 250 (1-10 packages of $ 25)
0.95% per day (21% per month) with a deposit of $ 50 - $ 500 (1-10 packages of $ 50)

2. Base
1.0% per day (22% per month) with a deposit of $ 100 - $ 1000 (1-10 packages of $ 100)
1.05% per day (23% per month) with a deposit of $ 250 - $ 2500 (1-10 packages of $ 250)
1.10% per day (24% per month) with a deposit of $ 500 - $ 5000 (1-10 packages of $ 500)
1.14% per day (25% per month) with a deposit of $ 1000 - $ 10000 (1-10 packages of $ 1000)
1.18% per day (26% per month) with a deposit of $ 2500 - $ 25000 (1-10 packages of $ 2500)

3. Professional
1.23% per day (27% per month) with a deposit of $ 5000 - $ 50000 (1-10 packages of $ 5000)
1.27% per day (28% per month) with a deposit of $ 10000 - $ 100000 (1-10 packages of $ 10000)
1.32% per day (29% per month) with a deposit of $ 25000 - $ 100000 (1-4 packages of $ 25000 each)
1.36% per day (30% per month) with a deposit of $ 50000 - $ 100000 (1-2 packages of $ 50000 each)
1.41% per day (31% per month) with the deposit $ 100000 (1 package for 100000 $)

New plans:

PROFIT 315% (from 10 $): 3.5% per day on 90 working days
PROFIT 280% (from 1000 $): 7% per day on 40 working days
PROFIT 240% (from 3000 $): 12% per day on 20 working days
PROFIT 255% (from 10000 $): 17% per day on 15 working days
PROFIT 220% (from 20000 $): 22% per day on 10 working days
Deposit refund at the end of the deposit period.

Each user profile has two internal balances:
- the general balance - 70% of the accrued profit goes to it to withdraw funds or to buy a new package (at its own discretion);
- balance for reinvestment - 30% of profit is deducted here for the purchase of new packages without the possibility of withdrawal.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain purchased on 5 years
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection Ovh Sas
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique multi-language design.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Discussion of the project on MMGP:

Payment systems: Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, NixMoney.
payment type: Hand (up 24 hours).
The minimum amount for withdrawal - 1 $, commission for withdrawal no.

Standard Affiliate Program: 8% of the deposits of all your personally invited partners.

Leader's affiliate program (14-tiurovnevaya): 8% -1% -1% -1% -2% -2.5% -3% -3.5% -3% -2.5% -2% -1.5% -2% -1.5% of your partner's deposits in the structure.

To activate the levels in depth, you need to obtain certain statuses / qualifications. To increase personal qualifications, it is necessary to attract the necessary amount of investments in the structure and fulfill the conditions. For each new status you will receive a reward in the form of a partnership bonus.

Form of feedback, online support, social networks Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Conclusion: An interesting investment project-middling in an unusual domain zone and on a script. The project is managed by an experienced team of administrators who have good management skills and competent promotion in the hayp market. Marketing has unlimited plans with a long payback period of deposits from 3 to 6 months. Perhaps this fact frightens off the lion's share of investors, but the project is already running 3.5 months and its potential, in our view, is just beginning to unfold. For investment, a system of lots with a fixed cost for 15 nominal prices has been designed, starting from just 1 $. Also included is a non-standard accrual system with different balances. For active partners, there is an excellent niche for career growth and increasing personal earnings through a progressive partnership program. The site itself has a beautiful foundation, reliable technical protection and a quiet pace of development, we all recommend it. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until 1 February 2018 year with the fund from 500 $. To our partners, we offer a refund of 10% from your deposit.

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13 reviews for the "Review of the project in diamonds from 17% to 31% per month."

  1. Avatar photo Albinich:

    The project no longer pays! SCAM !!!

  2. Yesterday, as expected on Friday, I put $ 14 on withdrawal. A day passed. Status - "WAIT". (((

  3. Avatar photo Sergei:

    Plans for Solis are updated. Contributed 44 dollars to the plan 315%. At the portal, payment of the reflex is unshakable. I received 2,2 dollars. Thank you.