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Overview project. Investments in IT-startups to 3% daily, automatic payment.

We will finish this turbulent week on Profit-Hunters with a review on a smartly prepared product for investments called Startup Tour. The project began its existence last year in autumn, during this period the functional and informational part of the resource was constantly improved, and now the administrator more openly announced the project, while observing a fairly quiet pace of development. Marketing is equipped with a popular plan with possible earnings from 2.4% to 3% on any day of the week, the rate changes daily, but at what percentage you enter, it will become fixed for you until you receive 150% -155% of the total profit. The project also has many attractive chips, one of which is the automation of charges and payments without the need to enter the private office, and the rest of the trump card will be revealed in the full version of the review. (Project start: October 26 2016 years)

According to the legend StartupTour platform is founded by an organized team of professional managers, investors, analysts, lawyers, bankers and other professionals with extensive experience in the investment markets of Asia, Europe and America. The main essence of the company’s work is behind investments in IT start-ups, which are either still at the development stage or already ready to enter the market with their offer. The main task is the competent selection of really worthy startups with effective business plans and a full understanding of their further implementation and scaling. These questions are left to the experts of the company, we are also interested in the investment part and its maximum return. In addition to official registration and registration in the UK, StartupTour LTD is also registered in the Russian Federation, offices are opened and a full package of documents has been prepared.

Design The project is unique, decorated cool and compact, so to speak, without excesses. The site easily takes the form of the screen of any mobile gadget, i.e. has full adaptability. Content is developed in two popular languages ​​in the world: in Russian and English. All sections are equally useful, the pages are not overloaded with textual information, but the main attention is focused on the main one. Here are the key features of marketing with a calculator, the current percentage of charges, accounting for recent investments and profitability statistics, affiliate program terms, video reviews of participants, and in general, complete data sets that interest potential investors. My account is quite convenient for work, but literally in a few days the administration plans to carry out updates to personal accounts for more productive and modern ones.

The investment part The startup tour project is enclosed in a single tariff plan with varying interest rates from 2.4% to 3%. Those. depending on the activity of the market, the daily percentage can vary precisely in this range, it does not mean that your investment return will change every day, what percentage you will enter, you will receive such returns during the entire term. Deposit time is not regulated, but when the total profit in the amount of 150% -155% is reached, the deposit will close without returning the initial investment. From this it follows that the deposit is included in the payment. Deposit transactions are possible in rubles and dollars with a minimum investment of 10 $ or equivalent in rubles. Accruals are made 7 days a week, every 24 h after making a deposit.

Charges: 2.4% -3% daily (see the percentage on the site on the day of the deposit)
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 60000
Validity period of the deposit: before receiving 150% -155% profit
Deposit is included in the payment
Net income: 50% -55%
Exit to breakeven no earlier than 34 days and no later than 42 days

For your information: Taking into account the current percentage of charges 2.85% and refback from the portal 15%, the return to payback will occur in exactly one month (30 calendar days).

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Hosting:
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- RM-Verified Account
- Unique design is translated into 2 languages: Russian and English.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

View dynamic contribution to the project here:

Payment systems: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Advcash, Okpay, Bitcoin, Nixmoney, Qiwi, Sberbank, bank transfers, Yandex.Money, visa / mastercard.
payment type: Automatic (with technical work by EPS, there may be delays of up to 24 hours). On Visa / Mastercard, manual payouts (up to 18 hours).
The minimum amount and no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program (three-level): 12% -1% -1% on your partner contributions.
12% of partner contributions 1-level
1% of partner contributions 2-level
1% of partner contributions 3-level

Representative affiliate program (three levels): 15% -1% -1% on your partner contributions.
15% of partner contributions 1-level
1% of partner contributions 2-level
1% of partner contributions 3-level

To obtain representative status, you need to attract investments of at least 500 $.

For UK:
Телефон: +44(345)026-35-70
Schedule: from 11: 00 to 18: 00

For Turkey:
Телефон: +90(352)232-65-95
Schedule: from 10: 00 to 15: 00

For Russia:
Телефон: +8(800)505-67-98
Schedule: from 11: 00 to 18: 00

Телефон: +8(911)966-39-98
Schedule: from 11: 00 to 17: 00
Addresses of offices, feedback form, callback function, social networks Facebook, VKontakte and Youtube.

Conclusion: Considering the current competition in the HYIP industry, the Startup Tour project stands out due to its many features: a complete set of documents with registration in Russia and the UK, offices on the ground with the ability to visit, a samopisny script, the availability of mobile applications for iOS and Android, work marketing with daily included deposits and automatic withdrawal of funds, the mass of payment systems and much more. The admin constantly keeps the participants in good shape, announcing the next attractive news, the development proceeds systematically through various advertising channels, from which the project becomes more recognizable and popular every day. The investment decision is easy to understand, the percentage on the date of entry is fixed at your deposit and will be charged every day until the entire deposit is fully recovered and 50% -55% is above it. Thus, the return on investment will last no more than 42 days. The project is located on our portal under the “Deposit Protection” until March 10 2017, with a foundation of 500 $. For our partners, we offer refund of the refund 15% of your deposit.

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    Thank you for the compensation from the "" portal, after the "Startuptour" project scam.
    The amount of 2 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U2 ****** -> U1 ******. Memo: Compensation for losses in Startuptour from the portal. Date: 23:03 31.01.17/162318032/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.

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    If you are registered under the portal, then apply for compensation in the form, still have time

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    Is there any insurance under this project?

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    On other monitors, the site has been in a scam for a couple of days (

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