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Let's shed some light on the investment platform, which has already been brought to the attention of the news headings of the portal more than once. In addition, they made a detailed review of it, where they talked about all the key features and expressed their own opinion regarding the prospects of the project. If you haven’t heard of Elizion yet or are simply doubtful about its capabilities, it’s time to reconsider your views and expand your investment portfolio. In the article, we will go through the latest events, because the site is constantly developing and introducing new functionality, recall the "fabulous" marketing and tell you how our team makes money here with zero risk.

Elizion continued the trend of investment programs that appeared on the basis of the safest Telegram messenger. And if the general statistics of such projects were turned to the decline, then Elizion broke this line and turned it in the opposite direction. Please note that the project started at the beginning of November last year - 03.11.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX, and all this time, the admin skillfully and smoothly brings the program to perfection, not giving a single reason to doubt the effectiveness of the work. Although initially ordinary investors had doubts unambiguously, proceeding from simple considerations about the approaching New Year holidays and a sharp decrease in activity. Now the general picture has become clearer, from which it can be concluded how professionally the manager acts, controlling every step in his actions.

Let us now dwell briefly on the chronology of development and added innovations. Many people remember that the debut version of the site was not as informational as it is now, and was only of a presentation nature. This is understandable, because the entire investment process was carried out only through the Telegram menu, while the resource itself performed secondary functions. Today the site is a full-fledged web-platform with sections, rules, round-the-clock online support and personal accounts, which, by the way, were integrated just a couple of weeks ago. Gradually, the EPS list is expanding, only Bitcoin was immediately available, later they added AdvancedCash and Payeer, in January they connected the rare cryptocurrency Etherium in HYIPs, but now everyone is waiting for the replenishment of this list with the most popular payment system PerfectMoney. The resource is also growing on a global scale, users from 50 countries are taking part in the project, new localizations are being added - Russian, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese. French, German, Hindi should also appear soon, possibly other languages. We completed a number of legal procedures for registering a company in Hong Kong, all documentation was published on the website, and a video presentation is also at the stage of completion. In general, you can see for yourself how the service is progressing.

As for marketing, expected and earned profits, let's estimate. In total, the term of the deposit is 60 calendar days, i.e. 60 automatic charges for 3.33% of the deposit amount. The project has been running for 105 days, in a couple of weeks the second round of investments for the first participants will close, and this will surely happen, which will lead to another doubling of the deposit or 200% in 120 days. By the end of this week, our partners will also achieve a return on investment and start fixing net profit, the result will not be long in coming. In total, the Profit-Hunters structure invested more than $ 11000, the number of people in the team is 270, and continues to grow.

Clearly display the condition investment plan, The same for all users of the program:

3.33 60% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 10000
Deposit is included in the payment
The total percentage of charges: 199.8%
Going through the breakeven 30 days

Do you want to earn more? Participate in adequate contests, especially since Elizion provides such an opportunity. Record a detailed review of the platform on the video, tell us about your results with it, share your experience and impressions. The better and in more detail you write down the material, the higher the chances of winning, shooting your personal account and your face in the frame will be taken into account when summing up the results. Video feedback must be posted on your YouTube channel, the link must be sent to e-mail:, indicating in the title of the topic "Video feedback Elizion", and in the message your login on the site or Telegram ID for identification. The prize pool of $ 1500 will be split among the top 10 winners of the best video reviews. The competition will last until February 17 inclusive, the winners will be determined by February 20 by the decision of the administration.

Based on the foregoing and the amount of innovation that is planned to be realized, Elizion simply has to become a new industry giant. That's why we chose it in the winter campaign on the portal for deposit insurance of our partners at 100%. In the end, they created such conditions, which every investor dreams about. It is enough to devote a few minutes of personal time to register and create a deposit, further your presence is not necessary. Begin to live freely, just enjoy daily automatic payments and do not worry about your investments, because they are protected by Profit-Hunters.