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Eristica is an exciting platform for taking part in challenges, bets and competitions.

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Arguing is fun, but recently it didn't make any sense, now everything has changed! The revolutionary P2P platform has already attracted over 1,2 million users from all over the world. application Eristica raises any bet on a new level. Make a bet, earn achievements, place bets and tell everyone about your victory with a super app Eristica. The platform provides project participants with the opportunity to offer and receive opportunities, make video clips as evidence of the implementation of the dispute and earn a rating from the results. Participants in Eristica have a chance to do all kinds of Challenges, thereby making the project unique. The program is special in its privileges in choosing the number and composition of participants. Pari can be concluded between two people, and between unlimited groups of participants. What is very important for users!

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Financial Achievements

Eristica - This is a mobile video platform where people create and share video clips and can earn money on this. Eristica fixes a single bet for all types of wagers, contests and competitions in the amount of 3%, which attracted the flow of a large number of clients from other projects. The tariff standard has every chance to become one in the sphere of entertainment in the future.
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The synergetic effect is obtained as a result of the ecosystem of Eristica, it creates a platform for the interaction of various participants. The young team of Eristica, who has never before faced with crypto currency, in the field of the project, gets a unique chance to taste the crypto industry. Due to this, many new users will go, the process of adapting the crypto currency in the masses will accelerate. A young audience is one of the main advantages of the Eristica project.


Crypto currency Eristica

Eristica wants to create a full-fledged crypto-economy in the entertainment sector of the market, in which tokens play the role of the main tool for all interactions within the digital ecosystem. Eristica wants to use tokens to liberalize the FunTech (Financial Technology) economy, creating challenge outcomes, participation and rewards that are efficient, fair and affordable. The most powerful platform is of course the Ethereum blockchain for smart contract development.


Challenger Foundation - ecosystem development

Using the experience accumulated by the industry, the Eristica project will create its own challenge fund, the purpose of which will be to promote, adapt and grow the platform ecosystem. 10% of all issued tokens will be reserved for the activities of the challenge fund. The Challenge Fund will ensure a fair distribution of rewards using a methodology, factors such as activity, time spent on the platform, attracting new members and other activities are applied. The awards will be transparent, controllable and reliable.

Issue of Eristica and ICO

The beginning of ICO (pre-sale of tokens) occurred 1 September 2017year, and the start of the main ICO was 7 December 2017. The initial price of the token is 1ERT = 0,02 USD. The completion of ICO Eristica is scheduled for 7 February 2018.

Eristica Tokens are a universal currency for creating a Challenge, a prize pool and a reward for the winner. The amount of tokens is limited by the initial task. Tokens, paid as a commission, will flow into the cash purse of the project. Participants will be able to purchase tokens from the reserve at a fixed price corresponding to the increasing value of the token.



So ... in 2017, the launch of Eristica version 1.0 was planned, 1.100 users from the CIS countries and 000 countries of Southeast Asia were registered. The passage of the program became an accelerator of MOX and SOSV Investment in Singapore and Taiwan. Successful completion of the PRE-ICO and of course Eristica will be ranked 100nd in the <app of the Day>. The start was made with great success.

In 2018, Eristica was naminated for the crypto product of the Product Hunt year. Developed in the same way in 2018, the global scale of Eristica app 1.0 pre-installation for smartphones in Southeast Asia and India and of course the introduction of a smart contract. Listing on stock exchanges was achieved.

The next step was the launch of the Eristica app 2.0 with the integrated ERT purse, the concept of world Challenges was created, the Ericica WCP 1.0 Meetup was developed with game developers and the ecosystem of ERT tokens was developed.

Further release Eristica WCP 1.0 SDK for UNITI Engine and selected game platforms. Huge growth of users !! more 4500 000 in the countries of South-East Asia and India in the Eristica app 2.0. Eristica app 2.0 launch in the US market.

In 2019, there will be the launch of Eristica WCP 2.0, release of administration tools for game publishers, ERT payments and the beginning of integration with game publishers.


We learned that the project started in 2015 year. A year later, the working version of became available for download to iTunes and Google Play. The project has reached huge heights and surprised with its development of active users. Ahead of the project, many new achievements.



The Eristica team is the most experienced in the fantasy sector in Russia and Asia. They achieved tremendous results, built a wonderful project with over a million users without marketing costs.
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