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The next replenishment of the blog was a well-prepared HYIP with highly profitable marketing - The project developers paid great attention not only to the technical configuration of the resource, but also presented investors with a range of various tariff plans for every taste. The fund was positively received in the investment environment and began a consistent distribution on the network, having established itself as a hype with a mindset for work and development. On our portal Exparvest is "Under protection", also for partners there is an autorefback of 8%. (Project Start: January 14 2019 years) SCAM!

Legend The project states that Exparvest is a fund that makes money from an online exchanger. Such a legend could be considered trivial, but the real work of the company is confirmed by the presence of exchange functionality. Directly inside the project, there is an exchanger with favorable rates, which is fully working and anyone can exchange in the right direction. For justice, it’s worth saying that conversion rates are really more profitable than those of many Runet exchangers. Additionally, there is an official registration in the UK (No. 11760876 from 10.01.2019) and a memorandum of association.

К design the project has no complaints, the site looks high quality and modern, all the buttons and links in their places. The color combinations are harmonious, the main page presents all information of interest to the investor, and all the details can be found in numerous sections of the site. At the moment there are three language versions (Russian, English and German), it is very likely that other languages ​​will be added in the future.

Tariffs from Exparvest deserve special attention, as the creators of the project offer investors to earn on a variety of conditions. In total there are 8 plans, of which 7 accept a fixed amount of the deposit and one plan is a piggy bank with an arbitrary contribution. In this assortment, even the most sophisticated investor will be able to find a profitable rate for himself, but as an additional bonus, all the money in the participant’s account will automatically begin to generate income under the terms of the piggy bank plan.


  • 120 7% of the days
  • Charges: 60% every 84 hours
  • Investment amount: 15$
  • Deposit: Included in charges
  • Profit: 3$


  • 120 10% of the days
  • Charges: 2% per day
  • Deposit Amount: 50$
  • Deposit: at the end of
  • Profit: 10$


  • 130 15% of the days
  • Charges: 1,44% every 4 hours (8,64% per day)
  • Deposit Amount: 100$
  • Deposit: included in payments
  • Investor reaches breakeven on 12 day
  • Profit: 30$


  • 150 20% of the days
  • Charges: 3,75 every 12 hours (7,5% per day)
  • Deposit Amount: 250$
  • Deposit: included in payments
  • Breakeven come on 14 day
  • Profit: 125$


  • 170 25% of the days
  • Charges: 17% every 60 hours
  • Deposit Amount: 500$
  • Deposit: included in payments
  • Breakeven will be reached in 15 days
  • Profit: 350$


  • 204 30% of the days
  • Accruals: 34% times in 5 days
  • Investment amount: 1000$
  • Deposit: included in charges
  • The breakeven point occurs in 15 days
  • Profit: 1040$


  • 160 22% for the day
  • Charges: 0.114% per hour (2,736% per day)
  • Deposit Amount: 5000$
  • Deposit: at the end of
  • Profit: 3000$

Mega Money Box

  • 0.1% per hour unlimited (2,4% per day)
  • Amount: from 15$ to 10000$
  • Deposit: can be withdrawn at any time without penalty

Technical part:

Samopisny script;
The design is unique, in three language versions;
SSLencryption from COMODO (per year);
DDoS-protection from Cloudflare;
Verified PM account;
There is an internal exchanger.

Additional information about the progress of the project on monitoring is presented here:

You can view the dynamics of deposits at the link:

Detailed technical analysis and project status on blogs and monitors:

Discussion of the project on the forum MUMP:

Payment systems: AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer, VISA / MC / WORLD cards, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

type of payment: instantly (instantly), with force majeure a delay of up to 4 hours is possible.

The minimum amount of withdrawal from the project is: 1 $, 200 rub. (for 400 rub cards.), 0.001 VTS, 0.02 ETH, 0.1 LTC.

Partnership program: There are six levels of 6% -1% -0.6% -0.4% -0.3% -0.2%. Remuneration is not paid from deposits at the Mega-Money Bank rate.

Bounty program: Allows you to earn money for simple actions to those who have an active deposit:

  • Review on the site - from 0.1 $ to 0.2 $;
  • The signature on the forums - from 2.5 $ to 20 $;
  • Post in a social network - from 2.5 $ to 15 $;
  • Post in Telegram - from 3 $ to 25 $;
  • Publishing a video review on YouTube - from 3 $ to 40 $;
  • Review on the site / blog - from 4 $ to 40 $.

Contacts: Telegram channel, support in Telegram, mail address, feedback form, round-the-clock support service on the site.

Hack and predictor Aviator: is a well-developed high-income professional with diverse marketing. The project is very well prepared for fast and has the confirmation of the legend in the form of a valid online exchanger. The administration paid due attention to trifles and it can be assumed that it has experience in creating HYIPs. At the moment, the foundation behaves correctly, one can see the desire of the organizers to develop their project - according to all data, there is a working attitude. As for marketing, it includes tariffs for every taste and investors with different deposits will find the best option for themselves. Separately, I would like to note the plan-piggy bank, which pays an hourly income and allows you to withdraw deposits at any time without fees. Even if you just have money on Exparvest's balance sheet, they automatically begin to generate income under the terms of this tariff! Not only the affiliate program, but also a generous bounty program will provide additional returns.

The project has many advantages and it looks very confident, so there is every reason to believe that you can expect good work from this fast. Therefore, we look closely at the project and do not forget that it is “Under Protection” before 05.02.2019, and all partners receive an autorefack in the amount of 8% of the contribution.

Do not forget about the new winter Seasonal stocks from the portal.

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  1. Avatar photo msKompas:

    Received compensation
    Received Payment 3.00 USD from account U12287794. Memo: Exparvest losses compensation from the portal

  2. Avatar photo msKompas:

    received compensation
    Received Payment 3.00 USD from account U12287794. Memo: Exparvest losses compensation from the portal

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    Compensation came SCAM Exparvest.

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    15 deposit, autobone received

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    Someone could withdraw the depot already?

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    Error in the description: Moneybox 0,1% per hour, not 1% per hour

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    Deposit 15 $.
    Received avtorefbek 1.2 $!

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    Received Payment 1.4 USD from account U17619459 to account U15933823. Batch: 243915437. Memo: API Payment. user_id354a1.40000000.

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    Deposited 50 $. Thanks for 4 $ autorefback!