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FCFL: the dream of the fans was realized

“You play not like that!”, “If I were a coach, I would…”, “Who taught them to play at all?” - how often do you repeat these words while sitting in front of the TV screen. It seems to you that the opinion of the fans is not taken into account at all, and the players do not want to play the "necessary" game. Fortunately, an innovative cryptocurrency platform has emerged FCFL - a unique project that allows fans to control the development of the team and its behavior on the playing field.

FCFL - solution

Three years ago, the creators of the project began the process of developing a platform so that fans could control team decisions in any area of ​​the team's life. The first fan-controlled professional sports team, the Screaming Eagles, debuted last year.

Experimental actions in the initially unknown football league with 10 teams attracted thousands of fans from more than 100 countries, caused a storm of emotions in the media and in the best publications, including American ones. Developers have established partnerships with well-known platforms. During the games, the fans proved the value of their decisions: together with them the team came in third place.

Using tokens

Cryptotoxins in FCFL - this is the value by which you can influence the activities of the team in the league. Even the most difficult decisions the coach takes in full agreement with the fans. Customers should be completely interested in obtaining modern tokens. After all, the more a fan of a crypto currency, the more it can control your favorite team.

Fans can earn FAN tokens, watching each game of their favorite team and helping the coach make the right decisions. By their labor they will prove the applicability of their knowledge of tactics, thus competing with other fans. The best and loyal fans of the team can break a decent jackpot from the main prize of the championship, which is constantly growing in its price.

Platform Advantages

  • Interactivity. The project is designed for fans who love digital entertainment. The house of such people is furnished with modern technology, so it is not surprising that they will use the most modern devices to enjoy the game. All the games of the championship are held on a state-of-the-art sports facility, which allows broadcasting to any device anywhere in the world.
  • It is based on the blockade. Using modern Ethereum block diagrams, FCFL offers customers to enjoy fully transparent accounting. Thus, all decisions taken by fans can be traced. This will avoid talking about fraud, make the platform truly democratic.
  • Innovation. None of the modern gaming leagues use cameras built into players' helmets, special biometric scanners of the human body, and unmanned aerial vehicles. This will allow fans to enjoy unique views from the playing field and feel like a real participant of the game.
  • Big plans. The developers in no way want to stop there. The creators of the platform want to develop a unique universe of professional sports, in which will be created completely controlled by the fans of the league for football, cricket, andball. Cryptotoken FAN will ensure the viability of this undertaking, as the price of the token will increase as investment grows.
  • Vote. Each fan can participate in making team decisions. Imagine that you are sitting on the couch, and you receive a message: "You can help the team win." Thus, it is you who can determine the movement of the team and help it to achieve success.
  • Advanced remuneration system. After each game of the season, fans of the winning team who made the right decisions and helped win, will receive FAN-tokens. Thus, there is a direct interest in the positive outcome of games.
  • Discounts. The use of cryptotokens will open the way to obtaining discounts and determining the most beneficial offers.

Game rules of the league

Fans of NFL and college football should understand that games in the project will be conducted in slightly different ways than in the usual sport. The most significant changes in the gameplay are:

  • 1 hour of play with a short 5-minute break.
  • The field has lost half its size and is now surrounded by walls.
  • Now the team is not 11 players, but 7.
  • There are no kick points.

Studio Sand - advanced sports technology

Especially in order to enjoy the gameplay and high-tech products, the developers have created a high-tech arena. It is equipped with innovative equipment, sensors, VR-cameras, as well as other technological equipment.

Thus, there are excellent opportunities for sporting broadcasts, obtaining the right statistical data. Each fan can appear to be in the center of the game events, physically being thousands of kilometers from the place of the game action.

FCFL does not stop in its development. The League invites both start-ups and large corporations to integrate efforts to achieve a unique result.

Project road map

  • 2016 is the beginning of 2017. Development of the alpha and beta versions of the site. Start games according to special rules, taking into account the opinion of the fans. The first broadcast.
  • 3 sq. M. 2017. Official information about FCFL. The acquisition by companies of exclusive rights to broadcast sports events.
  • 4 sq. M. 2017. The final stage of cryptotenes generation, cooperation with media partners, agents. Completion of the public release of FAN tokens.
  • 2 sq. M. 2018. Full integration with media partners, the end of distribution of tokens, the beginning of the construction of an ultramodern arena.


  • Sokrob Farudi, CEO
  • Grant Cohen, Senior Manager of Electronic Applications Development.
  • Ray Austin, football manager.
  • Jan Cronberg, STR.
  • Yury Yakovlev, the creator of system architecture.
  • Bogdan Sviripa, developer of the blockade.


In order to participate in the Crowdsdale tokens, you must register for Online, transfer the necessary amount of funds to the specified address and receive a reward.

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