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Financial services on Kora platform

Kora Is a project that will solve the problems of a huge number of people. Despite the active implementation of financial integration, about 2 billion people around the world cannot use the simplest banking services.

A similar situation is observed in the developing countries of Africa and Asia. This situation arose because of the lack of necessary documents, the remoteness of potential customers from the provider of banking services. The inhabitants of these states do not have access to electricity, the Internet, not to mention the possibility of using a smartphone.

The Kora team believes that existing platforms do not cope with the solution of this problem. The specialists decided to create a low-cost, affordable for all users financial services platform. Access to it can be obtained via the Internet, as well as through USSD and SMS-messages. The service is performed on the basis of Blockchain technology. The Kora network will reduce the costs of the population for maintenance. Therefore, already in a short time residents of developing countries can become equal participants in the world financial market.

Kora Ecosystem

Kora project income is increased by creating a self-sufficient ecosystem. Users of the service play an important role in the formation and further development of the ecosystem. All participants can be divided into the following groups:

  • sellers: enterprises that accept eFiat for the sale of services;
  • users: everyone can join this group. In this case, each participant complies with the regulatory framework in the country in which he lives;
  • service providers: give users access to financial services, they are responsible for clear compliance with regulatory requirements. Providing services in the Kora network can banks, mobile operators;
  • agents: organize the process of issuing funds that are converted between eFiat and cash to levy relying commissions. Agents will form small businesses that accumulate cash.

In the Kora ecosystem, eFiat is used. These are digital analogues of national currencies, which are guaranteed by 100% with cash reserves and are subject to redemption in the ratio 1: 1. EFiat is implemented in order to simplify the actions of users and provide them with a familiar currency.

Kora platform usage options

The Kora network can be used for the following purposes:

  • registration of loans, loan funds;
  • making payments, money transfers;
  • payment for mobile services, subscriptions to paid content;
  • payment of bills, third-party services in the field of energy, micro-insurance.

For the purpose of conducting a humanitarian mission, all users of Kora can be opened an account in the country where the flood occurred, a typhoon passed.

Network of business communities

The Kora service aims to empower existing communities instead of pushing them out of the market. Residents of developing countries can already use financial services through the Commercial Society Network (CVN). Representatives of the following associations can use it:

  • Savings groups: can apply CVN for secure management of funds, pooling of capital in eFiat;
  • farm cooperatives: apply CVN to ensure proper use of funds during the sale, purchase of products, cost sharing;
  • state-level trade organizations: establish a CVN at the local as well as at the national level. This is necessary to ensure operational transparency, to obtain anti-corruption experience.

Kora Network Benefits

The Kora platform has the following positive features:

  • providing users with universal access: SMS messages, mobile phones are still the dominant means of communication in developing countries. To use the service Kora can use the cheapest mobile phones worth 5 dollars. In addition, you can use a special application for the smartphone. The history of each transaction is stored in the Blockchain directory;
  • simplicity of identification: users can work in the Kora system with any personal data that they have. After familiarizing participants of the system will be able to accumulate reputation points. Access to user transactions will expand as additional documents are added;
  • the minimum cost of the services offered: the Kora platform allows you to make the procedure for starting a financial business simple and affordable. The core of the software will function on a decentralized grid. Each participant can configure this software. If necessary, the user can contact another participant to exchange financial services.

Kora Platform Architecture

The Kora network is built on Ethermint. The choice in favor of Ethermint is made because of its support by the developers of the Etherium. Manufacturers will compete among themselves for the right to be selected by users through the publication of their hardware.

The value of Kora tokens (KNT)

Users can use KNT tokens to pay for services within the Kora system (loans, transfers, user service fees). In addition, holders of this crypto currency are entitled to bonuses. The frequency of their accruals depends on the activity of conducting financial transactions. The KNT tokens conform to the ERC-20 standard.

Features of ICO Kora

The public sale of KNT tokens will begin on 23 April and will end on 21 May 2018. For the sale of the total amount of issued crypto currency 339 753 302 1 tokens KNT is intended. The cost of the 0,10 KNT token in the sale process will be $ 2018. To buy the purchased tokens, you can use the BTC, as well as ETH. All KNT tokens, which will not be sold in the course of the crowdsdale, will be destroyed. Tokens KNT will be transferred to depositors in the third quarter of 1. For public sale, the minimum amount of investment is not available. As for the maximum deposit size, for one person the limit is 24 million dollars. Hard Cap for ICO Kora is set at around XNUMX million US dollars. If this amount is collected, it will be possible to launch a full-fledged launch of the Kora network.
The funds that will be collected in the ICO process will be used only for development, research, and further development of the Kora network. The use of funds is controlled by the Council of Consultants.

Distribution of tokens



Thanks to Blockchain technology, developers have been able to create the Kora platform, which can be used by representatives of all segments of the population to conduct operative, safe money transfers. The main priority of the platform is accessibility for everyone.

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