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Fire Lotto: only an honest lottery

Fire Lotto - this is one of the first block-lotteries, acting on the basis of smart contracts Ethereum. The project is characterized by exceptional honesty and responsibility to clients. Before the modern ICO is the following problem: the fact is that 80% of funds collected during croweding are never returned back to customers: neither in the form of benefits, nor in the form of services.

Fire Lotto is a completely designed product, the action of which has already been launched. Today, it brings certain benefits to customers and does everything for the benefit of their own development.

The advantage of the project is that the lottery is based on a completely transparent algorithm of action. This significantly improves the situation when traditional lotteries go into a network mode, lose their honesty and try to cash in on customers. After the audit of such projects, it becomes clear that the systems are completely centralized and constructed in such a way that their creators can use the prize fund for their own purposes.

Fire Lotto bases its action on the Etherium. The project also uses bitkoyn for operations. Using the system is very simple. Unlike most lotteries, which involve complex interfaces that specifically confuse customers, Fire Lotto is easy to use. All necessary operations are performed in a few mouse clicks.

How to participate in the lottery?

In order to participate, you need to purchase a ticket worth $ 2 or 0,007 Ethereum. The system will automatically generate a prize fund worth 3320 ETH, which is more than $ 1. After the draw, all funds are paid to the winners automatically to cryptocurrency wallets.

Benefits of investors

  • During pre-sales, the Free Lotto tokens will be sold at a fixed low price.
  • Holders of tokens will receive a fixed commission from each ticket sold. At the same time, all commissions are protected by smart contacts and provide tokens holders an almost infinite source of income.
  • With the growth of investments and the interest of customers as a result, the cost of Fire Lotto tokens will constantly increase.

Distribution of tokens

  • 77% of tokens will be given to investors.
  • 20% of tokens are intended for the development team.
  • 3% of tokens will be used during the bounty-company.

Development team

  • Demidov Roman, CEO.
  • Shabanov Vladislav, CFO.
  • Karelin Alexander, CMO.
  • Bogdanova Elena, a lawyer.
  • Yanot Anatoly, CTO.
  • Dmitry Polovaykin, specialist in creating protocol architecture.
  • Shniperson Alexander, the main backend-developer.
  • Dobrik Roman, the design of UX / UI.

Referral Program

To take advantage of the referral program is easy. It is enough to be the owner of a well-known Internet resource and post ads about Fire Lotto on your website. The more traffic your site brings to the project, the more money you will earn.

The amount of remuneration will be constantly and uninterruptedly flowing to the specified by you crypto-currency purse. Security will be provided through the use of smart contacts. Developers of Fire Lotto plan to spend 15% of all fees for marketing and platform promotion.


  • 1-2 sq. 2017. Research in the gaming area and project development.
  • 2017. Closed sales.
  • 2017. Running the lottery.
  • 2018. Launch the Fire Lottery. Preliminary sale of tokens.
  • 2018. Crowdsdale tokens. A full-fledged advertising company.

How to participate in ICO?

To do this, it is enough to register on the platform site and transfer the necessary amount of crypto currency to the specified purse number. Be wary of using accounts listed on social networks and third-party sites - this may be a scam trick.

Why should you trust the platform?

  • Famous specialists of the financial sector and the sphere of programming take part in the development of the project. They set the task to simplify the use of the lottery as much as possible.
  • Jackpot lottery will be stored in the relevant smart contract. Everyone can win a jackpot. The developers conducted all necessary tests and found out that the use of smart contracts significantly simplifies the work of the lottery.
  • Use of blockade. Modern technologies not only allow to simplify the operation of the project, but also to ensure its full-fledged safety.
  • Presence of a clear plan. Developers have a clearly defined development plan. In the event that during the ICO all the necessary amount of money will be collected, new types of lotteries will be launched. This will make the product really unique.


To increase awareness of your project and attract new specialists, developers platform will hold a bounty company. You can earn a certain number of tokens, posting posts and putting likes in social networks and media. The amount of compensation depends on the nature of your activity.

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Whitepaper -
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3 feedback to "Fire Lotto: just an honest lottery"

  1. Avatar photo Basil:

    The implementation of the token was initially wrong, people wanted to help, wrote to administrators what to do, but they know better. Now they have sat down in this pit, where tokens are cheaper than on ICO, no one does anything and wait. All significant investors and gamblers fled, because they suspected the project in the scum. Now it is clear that they were right and all 100 contributors and 20 players are no longer playing, but the admins are trying hard to maintain everything at the same level. Themselves buy tickets and from several people write in chats that everything is in order.

  2. Avatar photo Alexey:

    If a person has nothing to hide, he gladly tells people who invest money about his project. In FireLotto, all that the organizers are capable of is to close the discussion, calling all scammers.

  3. Avatar photo Alexander:

    “Btv, in the whitepaper they wrote that“ The first distribution of commissions to token holders
    will occur after the end of the ICO within 2 days since the defrost of the tokens.
    Commission funds will be credited on the air to all token holders. " It turns out that the lottery is working and launched today, therefore .. I have a question, where and to whom, the heck, 10% of the funds received from the sale of tickets pledged under the commission go? "