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GBX: New Opportunities for Effective Exchange

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Despite all the technical equipment, modern trade is significantly complicated by existing regulations, difficulties in exchange, differences in international and local laws.

To help traders comes blockage - a unique system that allows you to significantly accelerate the conduct of financial transactions and transfers. Developers of the project GBX pursue the goal of becoming the world's leading platform for the implementation of cryptotenes, as well as the actions of crypto-currencies.

The project strives to achieve consensus in the crypto-exchange community, create an era of trust, openness and global recognition of the crypto currency.
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Advantages of the crypto currency project


Based on the ideals of public consensus and trust, the developers of the system provide a thorough listing process for GBX. In this way they strive to ensure that the community thrives, protecting participants with the help of AML / KYC, as well as a well-thought-out corporate governance system.

Transparency. The project encourages trust, trust, trust and liquidity for the participants. Formation of a transparent and energetic future for the community.

Availability. The regulatory framework created by the Government of Gibraltar, supports a unique technology. Distributed Ledger. It allows you to effectively operate the international gateway.
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Community model

To ensure clarity and order in the system based on the rules enshrined in the agreement and the consensus of the community, GBX intends to create an international forum with representatives from different sectors of the community to form an original GBX Alliance.

GBX Alliance is the best minds of the crypto industry to collect and form the ideological leadership around the growing industry of tokens. This will create unique conditions for promoting Gibraltar as a center for advanced block-technologies. In addition, the country can become a kind of a link between government agencies and private companies, professionals from the IT industry.

From the GBX Alliance, members are elected to the GBX Alliance Council. It is a council representing community voices working hand in hand with GBX to provide feedback on guidelines and standards for listing and token trading, as well as advice on both content and implementation of the GBX rules. It does not depend on sponsoring firms, which ensures maximum impartiality, a fair evaluation of activities and respect for the participants. The Board also plays an important role in establishing the rules of system behavior and the criteria for applying for bids.

To transfer funds to the GBX fund, the applicant must establish a GBX accredited sponsoring firm. Sponsoring firms are major corporations and key influencers with a wealth of industry knowledge. They are included in the network of trusted project partners on the recommendation of the Alliance Council.

Sponsoring firms are responsible for scrutinizing documentation, conducting consultations, and communicating the candidate for the purchase of tokens and GBX funds throughout the listing process. Sponsoring firms are key to supporting the best projects and ensuring the quality of interaction.

A specially created protocol sets a high bar for getting into the project. This provides quality, security, and transparency in all tokens lists on GBX. The model operates as follows.

01 - To initiate a Token Generation Event (TGE), applicants must first have the funds and proof of practical value for their project in order to enlist the services of a sponsoring firm.

02 - Sponsorship Firm (SF) reviews the application adhering to the principles set by the GBX Alliance. In addition, the innovative sponsor sponsorship mechanism will further enhance the quality assessment of candidates.

03 - GBX will make the final decision after a series of reviews in accordance with the regulatory framework, after which the results of the review will be announced and approved for trading in the secondary market.
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1 stage - crypt-harbor.
Creation of a worldwide platform for selling tokens and Cryptocurrency Exchange.

GBX wants to significantly facilitate the process of selling a crypto currency, similar to operating platforms, but with a better management system. GBX aims to use unique experience, modern technology activities of sponsors and procedures for including customers in the "white list". In addition, various types of services will become a huge package of GBX offers.

GBX will also provide a high-quality exchange of crypto-currencies to ensure acceptable liquidity and quality. In combination with advanced capabilities, multi-level security, 100% proven reserves, insurance protection, the project will represent a real force capable of shaping the future of trading in crypto-currencies.

2 stage - stock exchange.

Companies listed in GBX can get privileged access to the enhanced GSX list. Thus, it will get far more opportunities for a successful start-up to attract capital.

Companies registered with GSX receive unique advantages of their prospectus, as well as potential opportunities for double listing on other EU stock exchanges (and / or the London Stock Exchange).

3 stage is a complex platform for crypto-currency transactions.

In the GBX-GSX ecosystem, it is planned to create a full range of additional services from banking operations and payments to the formation of companies and asset management, and to simplify transactions in the global network of stock exchanges. This is a unique opportunity for the entire crypto-currency market.

Development team

  • Nick Cowan, CEO. The founder of the project, which has 35-year management experience.
  • Philip Young, Marketing Director. 20 years of experience in making investments.
  • William Raleigh, lawyer consultant.
  • Adrian Hogg, Chief Financial Officer.



This is an interesting crypto-currency project, which has great opportunities for implementation. The proposals placed in it are directly beneficial.

GBX: new opportunities for effective exchange.

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