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Where and how to buy bitcoin - the most popular ways

The main cryptocurrency continues to excite the crypto community and slowly penetrate the offline world. The period of rejection of the digital coin is far behind, and now everyone wants to have it in their wallet. But in order to become the rightful owner of cue ball, most often, you have to buy them - such value does not lie on the road today. We will talk in this article about where it is possible to acquire the main cryptocurrency and how to do it most profitably.

Where can I buy bitcoin?

Modern Internet users do not need to explain the meaning of the word "Bitcoin"- for many people it has long been associated with money. The first of the coins awarded many millions of states and continues its active growth in value. Today, statements made a year ago, in which we enthusiastically exclaimed about the movement of the rate of the coin "to the Moon", seem simply ridiculous - bitcoin has risen in price during this time more than a dozen times. And who would have thought that 1000$ per year can turn almost into 20000 $?

The demand for bitcoins grows with the rate of the Crypto currency. The more users learn about a coin, the more they are introduced Blocktechnology in our life, the more there are those who want to have bitcoins. Therefore, it is not surprising that even people far from IT-technology and finance are wondering - how to buy bitcoin? In the network, you can find many different tips on how to buy cue tins through brokers and someone else there, but do not bother. The main ways to purchase coins are two - through the exchange and the exchanger - these are the simplest and most profitable options, so do not invent a bicycle.

At the same time, there are a lot of swindlers among the exchangers, and the stock exchange is different. So, if you are willing to fill your bitcoin-wallet with coins, then read the article further.

How to buy bitcoin cheap?

If you are one of those who think that there are secret places in which the cues are distributed to the cheap, then we hasten to assure you that there are no such places. Each of the Crypto-currency has its own market rate, and it can only slightly differ on different exchanges or in different exchangers. If you are offered to buy bitcoin cheap, then be ready to fall for the bait of intruders. So do not rely on the fact that you can save a couple of thousand dollars somewhere - this is the direct way to losing your funds. But here to buy coins more profitable for several tens, and even a hundred dollars is quite real. To do this, it is enough to price the price of crypto currency on different exchanges and buy on a more generous of them. For example, at the time of writing the article, the bitcoin price for Bitfinex and GDAX has a difference more than in 110$ - when buying a large amount in cryptocurrency, this difference can be very significant.

Buy Bitcoin - Currency Exchange Service

With the advent of demand for bitcoin, the network began to acquire a variety of services, which they volunteered to work with crypto currency. Exchanges, which today exist a huge number, have not become an exception. If you choose among this set of decent service, then you can get along well, because exchangers have their advantages:

  • There is no need for a lengthy procedure for registration, verification and other actions that issue personal information. In the exchanger, and at all you can not register - created an application and performed an operation.
  • For those who are still registered, in many exchangers a loyalty program operates. This means that with regular exchanges you will be able to receive a certain percentage of the discount, which, most often, is funded.
  • The exchangers working with bitcoin are very numerous and the user can choose the service to their taste.
  • In the arsenal of exchangers a large number of payment methods.
  • In addition to direct exchange, you can earn with the exchanger through an affiliate program. Although there are also affiliate programs on the exchanges, it is much easier to attract the user to the exchange than to trade.

It remains only to choose a worthy service that is ready to serve its customers faithfully and truthfully. The list of tried-and-trusted exchange offices can be found at BestChange Monitoring. You only need to choose a resource with a favorable exchange rate, the largest reserve and working conditions that are acceptable to you. Please note that most exchangers convert Fiat into bitcoins manually, and some even charge an additional commission.

Buy bitcoin on the exchange

Active conversion of fiat funds into bitcoins is conducted on stock exchanges. It is not necessary to use the exchange for trading - many users register on such resources only in order to make a profitable exchange for them. In certain cases, it is really advantageous and convenient, for example, when the user wants to convert a substantial amount and can not trust the exchanger. In this case, a large, authoritative exchange quite suitable. But if you have the task to exchange 10$ in bitcoins, then there is no sense in driving such a miserable amount to the stock exchange.

Advantages of exchanges for buying bitcoins:

  • As a rule, on exchanges you can find the most profitable course.
  • The exchanges have high reliability and protection of personal data.
  • A large number of currencies and crypto-currencies, which can be exchanged for bitcoins.
  • Most exchanges have rather large limits.

If you do not set a goal to trade on the exchange, and only need exchange, then choose a trading platform that does not require verification and displays funds as quickly as possible. An excellent option for the commission of such an operation will be the exchange Binance, which allows you to output up to 2 PTS per day to all registered participants. Nevertheless, any large exchange can be used - all of them are exchanged in the direction of bitcoin. Here you should already look at the original currency and the amount of commission for the operations that the exchange takes.

Buy Bitcoin without commission through LocalBitcoins

In the case of exchangers and exchanges, there are always risks of losing your funds. Services can go to the scam, taking your money, the exchange may for some reason freeze the output, and you will spend a lot of time before you get bitcoins. From these risks, no one is immune, since we are dealing with a party acting always in its own interests. But there is an alternative - in the form of decentralized services.

Recently, exchange services are beginning to emerge actively, which work on the detachment and personal interest in this case is completely excluded (from the direction of the exchange management). Such platforms provide users with the opportunity of P2P-exchanges and do not take large commissions for their services. It is such a service that is LocalBitcoins.

LocalBitcoins originated in 2012 year, that is, back in those days when the crypto currency boom and did not smell. Today the site is in high demand, 1000-2000 users are registered per day, which is given the opportunity to convert into bitcoins different currencies, through various means of payment. Participants from all over the world who wish to carry out the operation with bits are posted on a decentralized resource their ad with an indication of the mode of exchange and course. Moreover, LocalBitcoins offers the possibility of exchanging cash in person. The platform under any option of exchange acts as a guarantor of fairness of the transaction and if any of the parties fails to fulfill their obligations, the operation simply does not happen.

Buy bitcoins for dollars

Exchange dollars for bitcoins will not be difficult - this is one of the most popular directions and ways of sharing a large number. Provide a conversion with dollars ready exchanges, exchangers and even many payment systems. And if everything is clear with the first two cases, then the possibility of sharing in other ways for many users remains unknown.

  • WebMoney. If you are a client of the popular payment system in the CIS, you can buy bitcoins through its functionality. Not many people know that except for ruble and dollar purses, you can open a purse of WMX type on WebMoney, which is the counterpart of the bitcoin of your wallet. Here you can make the exchange of dollars for cue ballots, on the same account you can and keep coins.
  • Broker. The option of buying bitcoins for dollars through Forex broker seems somewhat complicated, but in some cases it is necessary. For example, if you do not want to pass the verification on the exchange or want to use the leverage. It's just worth knowing that there is such an option, although it is for exceptional cases.
  • ATM ATMs. Yes, the crypto industry has already reached the level of evolution that you can buy virtual coins for real money, through a real ATM. True, while their presence is not so extensive - a little more than 2000 around the world, but several pieces across the country can be found.

Buy bitcoins for rubles

The sale of bitcoins for rubles is not as common as in foreign currency, but the methods of acquisition can also be very diverse. In most of their trade exchanges for rubles are traded, but with the exchanges things are somewhat different. Not every site is ready to work with the Russian national currency, many of them are limited to dollars. With rubles, you should choose one of the following sites:

  • Yobit - represents about 500 trading pairs, among which is the opportunity to trade in rubles. As for the withdrawal of funds on the stock exchange, there are low limits, so you should familiarize yourself with them before placing rubles on the stock exchange.
  • Exmo - the exchange is actively working with Fiat, but its turnover is small, and therefore the rate may differ greatly from the cost of bitcoin on larger sites.
  • LiveCoin - Another small exchange, which is ready to accept rubles and will be especially comfortable for users, since it has a Russian version.

In addition to the described methods, you can buy bitcoins for rubles through the card of the Savings Bank - this possibility is provided by some exchanges, and most of the exchangers.

Buy bitcoins for cash

It turns out that in order to acquire bitcoins does not necessarily have to go through registration and verification. If you do not trust exchangers and exchanges, then there is a more cardinal way of buying coins using cash. Of course, it has its risks, but it is not worth erasing it from the list - it does exist and it would not be far-sighted to ignore it. Bitcoins are actively being introduced into our lives and, perhaps very soon, all these online intermediaries in our operations will go to the past.

First of all, you can buy bitcoins through ATM ATMs. There are not many in every city, only about 2030 ATMs and terminals around the world, but if you live near such a curiosity or if you travel through ATM locations, why not protest this know-how? To find out where ATM ATMs are located with the issuance of bitcoins, you can on this site.

As an option, you can buy cash for cash from the hands, but this is a dangerous way if you have to deal with unknown personalities. Therefore for such operations it is necessary to use the intermediary, which can become the service LocalBitcoins. But again, not the fact that in your region there is a person who needs to make such a cash exchange.

There are a lot of ways to buy bitcoins, among them there are more affordable, profitable or even outlandish ones that just enter our life. You just have to choose the best option for yourself and enjoy the acquisition, which very soon will be able to please the active growth of its course.

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