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Gilgamesh - social service for knowledge sharing

Service Gilgamesh is intended for convenient dissemination of useful information and knowledge. The platform is based on IPFS blockchain technology. It helps unite writers, readers, critics, and service sellers. Its participants can become more educated and informed. The Gilgamesh platform is a resource for useful information seekers. It allows you to combine data, create an easy-to-work space.

Project ICO Gilgamesh 2018 helps to make reading information, its distribution convenient and most effective. For development and full-fledged work is used its own token GIL, which has the basis of ERC20. Participants are rewarded with tokens Gilgamesh (GIL). This takes into account the activity of users, as well as their contribution to the development of the platform. If necessary, the received crypto currency can be spent on paid services, various goods. Some participants put GIL tokens into the development of the platform, making profit in the future.

Through the use of the Ethereum network, the Gilgamesh platform stores sensitive user data securely. GIL tokens provide users with platform control. The Gilgamesh Project acts as an open marketplace for the acquisition, search and profitable acquisition of books. Thus, the service will have a direct impact on the book, educational industry. Authors will benefit by publishing and posting their own content on the platform. Gilgamesh targets literature lovers and avid readers. The main goal of the developers is to create a complete, reliable connection in a market economy.

The order of the project development

To date, Gilgamesh is in the process of development. The development team uses the most effective technologies in practice to create a promising project. The specialists carry out the following actions:

  • create full-fledged web services;
  • develop databases, tasks;
  • develop tools for reporting;
  • conduct debugging of web pages, implement smart contracts;
  • Develop and implement IOS applications, programs for Android.

Project economics, attracting participants

Depending on its own contribution to development ICO Gilgamesh, users are credited with GIL tokens. To do this, it is enough to write a review of the book, evaluate the review of another participant or make an assessment. Such contributions contribute to the development of the platform. If necessary, the project participants can spend the crypto currency on the purchase of books, and also store tokens to manage the service.

Authors can earn tokens on attracting fans, as well as getting positive feedback on books. It is very important for authors to keep in touch with fans. This is necessary to encourage reviews, profitable sales of books. GIL tokens can be spent by authors for publication, advertisements. Crypto currency can also be used for:

  • attracting editors;
  • payment for the work of designers (development of sketches of books);
  • transfer of payment to copyright lawyers;
  • payment for printing services, distribution of printed material.

The profit on the Gilgamesh platform is formed from several sources. This group includes advertisements of authors, representatives of services, as well as a commission for the necessary work between providers and authors. Commission from the sale of published books, audiobooks, e-books also allows project participants to get a good profit.

GIL token owners can use tokens on the site to vote, voice new ideas. The Gilgamesh platform will eventually work on the basis of voting of the holders of the tokens. The Ethereum block system will allow participants to apply decentralized code, as well as use clever contracts. To create securely protected ERC20 tokens, the technology of smart contracts will be applied.

Advantages of the Gilgamesh platform

The project participants will appreciate the following positive features in the process of working on the platform:

  • simplicity: the service has a clear, clear structure. Thanks to this, the work will be carried out promptly, qualitatively;
  • earning potential: charging GIL tokens for performing certain actions will allow participants to receive a stable income;
  • data security: all information is reliably protected by special cryptographic means, smart contracts of the Etherium;
  • privacy: important information is stored in a decentralized network. Accordingly, the data will not be obtained fraudulently.

The ease of acquiring information is another plus. As you know, useful information has a price. To purchase it, the developers have created a simple, affordable settlement system based on GIL tokens. All interested participants will be able to buy and sell information.

Gilgamesh Service Architecture

The Ethereum and IPFS networks will be used by the platform. GIL tokens will operate on the principle of open source. Applications for Android, as well as social networks IOS, websites will become available to readers, literary critics and authors. Services that are user-centric will use the Services Experience. They are necessary to ensure full social interaction.

The role of the Experience service is that the logic will be transferred from the external application to the service. Accordingly, there will be less logic in the interface. Accordingly, all major operations will be carried out on the side of the service. The services of the project are divided into separate microservices. In other words, these are services of a modular type. They are deployed independently. At the same time, they easily interact with the rest of the microservices.

Apps for iOS

Developers of Gilgamesh collaborate with designers to create prototype applications Gilgamesh, mock-ups. They are necessary for the exchange of useful knowledge, various information. In the final form, the platform will allow the transfer of GIL tokens between service providers and authors. Book designers, distributors, as well as editors, marketers can register on the Gilgamesh website to earn tokens, to acquire useful links for professional development.

Each user has their own profile, which contains the username as well as the member's personal information. The information is protected by blockchain technology. Through the "Profile" page, participants can get access to change, edit data. Published books can also be accessed here.


Mahdi Pedram - service founder

Atefe Mosayebi - manager

Mo Vahedi - Service Manager

Ali Rasekh - Director of Operations Department

Distribution of tokens

30% - tokens for users

25% - tokens for sale

20% - project reserve

20% - tokens for the team

5% - for new members, advisors


At 2018, a sketch is planned, as well as the development of an IOS application, a single database. Before launching the service, the platform is scheduled to run in closed testing for a group of readers and authors. In 2019, after testing, platform evaluation, the Gilgamesh team will release updated versions. With their help, it will be possible to correct mistakes made earlier. In addition, in this case, scalability will be improved, and new useful functions will appear.

Hack and predictor Aviator

Gilgamesh Is a secure platform. It is designed to share useful knowledge. With its help, readers will be able to communicate interactively. Thus, the project will be of great benefit to authors, readers, large and small providers of publishing services.

Skiral Inc. Gilgamesh is developing the service for those people who are looking for information, suppliers, authors for publications, improving the quality of data exchange between the participants. Owners of GIL tokens can gain access to platform management via crypto currency. In the future, the platform will provide all interested authors with the necessary space for protected publications. With their help it will be possible to increase the income received.

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