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The main mistakes of investors in hype projects

People tend to make mistakes, but in hypes every miscalculation can lead to a loss of money. And if you think that only beginners suffer from this, then in fact many experienced investors make mistakes. In this article, we propose to discuss the main mistakes when investing in HYIPs and how to avoid them.

Believe admin words

In HYIPs, you can not trust anyone, and even more so admins. Their imagination is rich in fiction and stably generates intricate legends, excuses in case of scam and other fables. Therefore, you should be skeptical about all the information received from the hype administration. Even if it is broadcast from the lips of a blogger or a popular leader. Unfortunately, in 99% of cases, the “British company” is not so foreign, and cryptocurrency mining exists only on the About Us project page.

But this does not mean that you do not need to cooperate with hype, which did not provide irrefutable proofs. For successful earnings with the fund it is not at all necessary that “experienced specialists are engaged in trading” or “bettors are betting on sports”. Even with a project that does not hide that it works on the principle of Ponza, you can successfully earn for years. The bottom line is different - do not think that any next project that talks beautifully about itself is something radically new, will break stereotypes and make it possible for everyone and everyone. All hypes have one essence, sooner or later scam comes and someone will be in the red anyway.

“Put all your eggs in one basket”

A lot has already been said about the diversification of risks, and yet the number of those who neglect it does not decrease. As soon as a super / top / legendary project appears on the horizon, investors, in a fit of emotion, give back the last money, go all-in and play big. It is impossible to trust hyps so much, no matter how experienced the administrator is at the helm - scams happen even where they are not waiting.

Even if your entire bank is 50-100 $, then you do not need to merge the entire amount into one hype. Most funds accept 10 $ deposits, and you can safely cut money into several deposits and go into different projects.

Invest in non-working tariffs

It's no secret that not all tariffs offered by HYIP are working. Some of them are simply created for quantity or as a trap for pinocchio. As a rule, these plans simply exist for themselves, and no one ever deposits them. Therefore, do not try to hack into the system and act differently - you do not need to invest in plans that offer 5000% in 100 days when depositing in 10000 $. Do not rely on luck and do not expect the admin to pay you a profit.

Most likely, after such a contribution, the project will close in no time, in some cases it can work for several weeks or months, but the fate of your deposit is predetermined even at the moment when you made the wrong choice.  

Break the rules of the project

There are individual investors who consider themselves smarter than others and think that no one will notice if dozens of accounts are created in the project, and even register them one under the other. Of course, such "wise men" quickly figure out the admins and successfully block all accounts with money. If the admin is not a student, then he will carefully monitor where the money flows from the cash desk, and such frauds will definitely not pass his attention.

Is it worth the risk for a penny profit and create multi-accounts? Of course not, because losses, in case of blocking, you will incur more serious. It just so happened that in hypes the investor joins the game according to the rules of their creators, so you should not try to outwit the system - only you will suffer from it.

Do not think about account security

Registration in HYIPs has become a routine for many investors, so not everyone bothers to come up with a strong password or how to save it. And if the problem is with too simple passwords like "QWERTY123 ”is not so bad, the use of the same registration data in all projects is already the top of carelessness. Of course, it’s very convenient to have a universal password that you will never forget, but do not forget that besides you, such a password will be known to at least the fund owner.

Another point that I would like to draw attention to is verification. In some particularly respectable high-techs, one may be faced with the need to confirm one's identity. Many investors are led to such a provocation and provide copies of their documents, thinking that they are dealing with a real company. This is unsafe since you cannot know for what purposes your docks will be used in the future. Perhaps someone will issue a loan for you or you will become the next drop on which you will register a hype.

Continuously reinvest profits

Reinvest tactics are not popular, but many experienced (and not so) investors use it. Sometimes she justifies herself, sometimes not. As a rule, several factors immediately affect it: from the quality of projects to the greed of the investor himself.

No one disputes that in many cool hype on reinvest you can raise a chic profit, but this does not mean that you need to grab onto such a project and throw deposits into it right up to the scam. A competent approach to reinvest determines that investing in a project is worth it when you have returned your deposit and it is completely safe. Your money is already in your wallet, they are not in danger - it is at this moment that you can invest in the fund what came as a profit. Thus, you will earn absolutely no risk.  

If the depositor, without repulsing the deposit, begins to throw back all payments into the project, then the risks are very high. Unreasonably risking and newcomers, investors, who for some reason decide to save profits on the balance sheet, and not withdraw it to the wallet. Here we also include those investors who, due to excitement or greed, cannot stop and make endless reinvests, even when a scam starts to smell around a hype. All these actions have unjustified risks and it is better to lose profit than to lose a deposit.

Panic on the forums

Investor activity in forums has a positive effect on projects and the industry as a whole, but this does not always happen. A clear negative attitude to the fund, especially if it concerns its solvency, can cause panic among investors, and this in most cases leads to scam. Therefore, any posts that “the project does not pay”, “delays in payments”, etc. should be committed only if you are completely sure that the hype has violated the rules and has been choked.

For example, often investors begin to negate topics not when the time allotted for the withdrawal rules has expired, but simply because hype paid today later than yesterday. The project may have different force majeure, and if the admin doesn’t transfer money to you in the first half hour during manual withdrawal before 24 hours, then there is nothing criminal in it. This is not a reason to panic, and even more so not a reason to throw mud at a project on forums. It’s better if you have any concerns, write about this to the administrator, tech support or your invitation.

Do not participate in affiliate program

Each hype has an affiliate program, but not all participants take advantage of it. Those who ignore her believe that this is not such a substantial income or suggest that referrals are not a noble cause, but in any case they lose potential profit. Sometimes the conditions of the referral program can be so profitable that it will allow you to receive much more profit than tariff plans.

In addition, the big plus of affiliate programs in HYIPs is that it often extends to several referral levels in depth, and by inviting several referrals, you can also receive passive profit from their partners. Once it’s worth building at least a small structure and this will make it possible to receive passive income, even without personal contribution.

Use other people's money

Perhaps one of the main mistakes of many investors is that they use other people's money for investments. Indeed, there are those who take a loan to invest in another hype or borrow money from a neighbor, and then not only lose this very deposit, but also remain in debt that must be repaid. In such risky investment instruments as hype, you should invest only your personal funds, which are not afraid to lose.

Otherwise, you will remain after the scam not only with the feeling that you were deceived and everything was lost, but also with serious financial problems that will have to be solved somehow. Believe me, hype is not the best way to improve your financial situation, if you are at the bottom and your future depends on the created deposit.

Rely on luck, excitement or greed

And among beginners, and among experienced investors, there are many who begin to flirt with hyps. Having made some successful investments, the investor may suddenly wake up excitement, which sometimes leads too far. Success is spinning like champagne, and the investor, at full steam, rushes to make regular deposits. At the same time, he is not afraid to throw in large sums, he forgets about diversification and even an elementary analysis of the project. The hype industry does not forgive such impulsive decisions, and the result of a rash act can result in significant financial loss.

To avoid becoming a victim of personal ambition, approach a cold-headed investment. Do not think that you are a minion of fate and you will certainly be lucky the next time. Hype industry is already a very risky environment for making money, so you should try to minimize the chances of failure when investing, and not act at random. Your money is at stake, not the neighbors.

Both beginners and experienced investors can make mistakes - no one is safe from this. The main thing is to draw conclusions from them and develop your own earnings strategies that will help you successfully earn money in investment projects.