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Overview of the Helium Rent projectToday we have planned a second tour of the investment features of the medium-profitable HeliumRent project. Let's briefly go over the benefits of the fund, talk about marketing and analyze what's new since our last discussion in the review. By the way, the project is on the blog from the start and added in a VIP format, so the entry point was good. Now the opinion has not changed, the site still remains promising for investment, take a closer look.

Helium Rent project launched at the very beginning of the year, and what is remarkable, on the very first day featured on Profit Hunters in one of the top categories. With advertising, the admin works calmly, occasionally connects new resources for monitoring, controlling the smooth development in the investment market. To date, the site has been working for a little over three weeks, payments are coming steadily, the amount of profit received has reached from 25% to 44%, depending on the chosen tariff.

Overview of the Helium Rent project

The main direction of the company is cloud mining, and HeliumRent is considered a reliable provider in this area and offers all its customers access points for mining for rent. At the moment, access points are located in more than 80 countries, their number exceeds 450 thousand, which allows you to make helium mining (the popular HNT cryptocurrency) stable and be among the best cloud mining products for 2022.

Investment proposals declared in three tariffs with daily accrual of dividends for 180 days. If the validity period of the plans is the same, then the percentage of income differs from 1.13% to 1.92% per day, based on the amount of the contribution. Deposits here are with a fixed denomination, the minimum wage is $49. To increase the rate, you need to deposit $535 to your account, the maximum deposit is available in the amount of $1635. Despite the restrictions on the size of investments, the number of deposits created does not matter. The body of the deposit is included in payments, the payback period is from 53 to 89 days.

Investment plans of the Helium Rent project

1. Shared Hotspot Plan
1.13 180% daily for days
Min / max contribution - 49 $
Deposit is included in the payment
The total profit - 203.4%
Going through the breakeven 89 days

2. Bobcat Hotspot Plan
1.63 180% daily for days
Min / max contribution - 535 $
Deposit is included in the payment
The total profit - 293.4%
Exit to breakeven over 62 days

3 Bobcat Cluster Plan
1.92 180% daily for days
Min / max contribution - 1635 $
Deposit is included in the payment
The total profit - 345.6%
Exit to breakeven over 53 days

Refill possible through popular cryptocurrency payments Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, USD Coin and Dai. Everything withdrawal requests will be processed manually, but with a small schedule within 24 hours. Minimum available to order from 10 dollars, also take into account the commission of 2 USD when withdrawing to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Now the HeliumRent investment program has not yet entered the active phase of development, advertising is being targeted on foreign PR sites, new articles periodically appear on various information resources. In general, I think this path was chosen correctly, in principle, there is no need to hurry with the current marketing. Also, the Helium Rent management began to cooperate with the Association of Radio Network (ARN), the CEO of which kindly agreed to an interview, the contents of which can be found at Online.

Development of the Helium Rent project

Conclusion: the founders of the fund face great challenges to popularize and reach a mass audience, but the first steps have already been taken and are confidently moving on. Helium mining is significantly different from classical mining with the help of special equipment, thereby facilitating the process of accumulating coins that can be sold or held to increase the exchange rate. By the way, Helium (HNT) is traded on all known exchanges at a rate of around $27 per 1 token. The project itself was developed on an individual script, the functional part is non-standard and interesting, it is convenient to use the site. Participation as an investor is allowed with a minimum amount of $49, from which you will receive 1.13% per day for six months. At the end of the full term, the amount of funds paid out should be double the amount of the initial investment. Payments in the project are fast, there is also a three-level affiliate program to increase income, and given the smooth pace of work, we get a good chance for the final profit. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until April 20, 2022 with a fund of $500. We offer our partners a refund of 7% of your deposit.

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