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HOME LOANS is the first platform for real estate acquisition.


Own housing is an actual topic for today. Many people want to live in their home, but are satisfied only with a rented apartment. People turn to banks for help in issuing a mortgage loan, but due to various factors they are refused.

 Mortgage lending (in common parlance "mortgage") is a long-term loan provided to a legal entity or individual by banks secured by real estate: land, industrial and residential buildings, premises.

In order for a bank to approve a mortgage loan, it needs to check the credit history of the borrower and, if suddenly the client has the slightest nuances in the loan business or the borrower has not reached adulthood, the bank has every right to refuse a loan.

To help millions of people without their homes, an international peer-to-peer platform has been created. The developed loan platform on Blocker Ethereum, which uses its own crypto currency HLCoin. Buying real estate, with the lowest percentages, anywhere in the world, the customer will not need a trusted person when making sales transactions, making peer-to-peer P2P transactions. Any participant acquiring HLCoin can call himself an investor. HLCoin Is a strong contribution to loans secured by property. In places where crypto currency is prohibited, the project will transfer money by bank transfers to sellers during the agreement.

To purchase your dream home, where you will enjoy coziness, resting with your whole family you will only need a mobile phone and the HOME LOANS application. Millions of people dream of their own home abroad and many of this dream seems unattainable. Take mortgages in foreign banks, it is almost impossible and very long process. With the world Peer-to-peer platform HOME LOANS, dreams become reality.

HOME LOANS Is a team that includes the most experienced professionals in its structure who have been engaged in real estate for ten years, in the field of real estate loans for more than four years and in IT research for more than five years, decided to create a HOME LOANS platform. The company began its work experience in real estate services and housing loans, aimed at providing satisfactory solutions for participants.

With the unique project of HOME LOANS, customers all over the world can exchange money for the HLCoin crypto currency, tied to their real estate.

How to apply for housing:

  1. A person is required to leave an application for a loan in telephone mode, indicate the amount, type of loan, place of residence and desired object of lending.
  2. The risk assessment system for loans looks at the information of the borrower, and the employees of HOME LOANS check the property for legal purity.
  3. All information is shown on a platform for investors.
  4. The company buys HLCoin at the exchange rate from the investor for the loan and keeps it for several days.




 The project has its own credit rating system, which will determine the necessary information and creditworthiness of the borrower. There are several options for defining customers.

  • How quickly the customer fills in the application fields;
  • How many times the customer changes the amount in the real estate value field;
  • At what time of day the customer fills in the form;
  • How long the customer uses the phone.


There is a loyalty program for customers

  • There are no risks when working with new customers;
  • Loan payment without traditional money;
  • Without extra costs to provide services from organizations;
  • Full storage of information about the client;
  • The customer can earn HLCoin for loan payment.

Benefits from HOME LOANS

  • HOME LOANS for business

The offer from HOME LOANS is very attractive. The goal of the company is to attract as many new customers as possible and to return old customers. Thanks to the mobile application, the client can use the services of the company and get money for it in the form of cashback, part of the amount in HLCoin, which gives undoubted motivation. In this case, business does not need to spend money on advertising organizations to attract customers, there will be a lot of motivational programs for the company.

  • HOME LOANS for customers

First of all, the company provides an opportunity to buy a home, despite the credit history of the client. Due to the personal system that makes the borrower's analysis of the HLCoin earnings in the mobile application HOME LOANS, the client has more opportunity to take out a loan. The company offers its own method of paying for a loan without using ordinary money.

  • HOME LOANS for the community

The company has developed a cryptosystem for depositors and businesses. This system will help increase the customer base. In the future it is planned to consider integration with high-tech products, such as: Everex, Civic, COSMOS.

HLCoin tokens

The total number of 150000000 HLCoin tokens.

120000000 HLCoin has been released for use.

 After the end of ICO, 5934071,21 HLCoin tokens = 5020667,39 dollars were collected. Unsold tokens are burned.

Project road map


The composition of the team HOME LOANS undoubtedly surprises with its selection of the founders, specialists, developers, engineers and directors of this field. Qualified employees annually raise the level of professionalism, the company takes part in all forums of mortgage lending. About the future we can say with confidence about the success of the company.





The bottom line:

The company, which is going to meet people who need housing, is undoubtedly a huge plus. Having considered all the advantages and advantages of the project, you can say with certainty, take a loan for a cozy house abroad, earn with the loyalty program HLCoin and be happy.








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